Electronic Musical Keyboard – Learn to Use Multi Pads

Electronic Musical Keyboard! Learn how to use Multi Pads and also record your own creations, to add variety to your keyboard performances.


I am sure you may have noticed the series of buttons on a music keyboard named as “Pads”.

If you are not sure of its purpose, read on…

What are Multi Pads?

Multi Pads are a series of buttons on a keyboard that can be used to play a number of short pre-recorded rhythmic and melodic sequences.

Electronic Musical Keyboard, Electronic Musical Keyboards

All the keyboards come with a set of built-in preset Multi Pads that you can use. Entry level keyboards usually have pad phrases that simply play back as programmed.

But in the higher-end keyboards, these pad phrases automatically transpose and follow the chords that you play.

How To Use Multi Pads?

As a beginner, you may not be able to appreciate the importance of Multi Pads. But the fact is that multi-pads can be used to add impact and variety to your keyboard performances, especially if you are performing on-stage.

In addition, they can be useful between performances for introducing the musicians, or to go along with certain announcements

Multi Pads – Important Features

Here are some of the important features associated with multi-pads on Electronic Musical Keyboards.

  • Some pad phrases simply play back as programmed. You can even play two, three or four Multi Pads at the same time.
  • You can also record your own Multi Pad phrases. You can record your phrases in such a way that they automatically transpose and follow the chords that you play, during playback. The keyboards auto accompaniment feature needs to be ON.
  • There are two types of Multi Pad data: some of the data will be played back once and stop when it reaches to the end. Others will be played back repeatedly until you press the [STOP] button.
  • The chord match function has no effect with pads that contain percussion phrases.
  • User-Recordable Multi Pads

    In addition to the preset Multi Pad sets, most keyboards have user-recordable sets that you can use to store your own creations. Using the Metronome function can make your recording sessions much more efficient.

    These original User Multi Pads can be played and used in the same way as the presets. User Multi Pad data can also be saved to and loaded from floppy disks, USB drives.

    Summary – Electronic Musical Keyboards

    If you have started performing on-stage recently, it is time that you have a look at the multi-pads feature of your electronic music keyboard. You can use it to add variety to your keyboard performances and also to play short rhythmic sequences between performances, say for introducing the musicians onstage.

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