Best portable electronic keyboard reviews: For beginners, including kids

Best portable electronic keyboard reviews. these are lightweight, affordable musical Keyboards to be used at home, perfect for beginners & (some models can be used by intermediate players). Children around 6 years and above can learn music on these electronic musical instruments. Skip to the best portable electronic keyboard on Amazon.

Which Electronic Keyboard to Buy: Piano Keyboard for Various Prices

If you wanted to buy a musical keyboard for your young one, which one should it be?

On the other hand, if your child has been learning to play the keyboards for some time and if the teacher has asked you to get an upgraded keyboard, which one should it be?

Again, you could have multiple options of electronic musical instruments depending on the age of your child or how far he/she has progressed with the piano learning.

Here we are reviewing music keyboards that come with built-in rhythms, also known as styles. These are perfect for beginners looking for their first keyboard and experienced players who have grown up playing electronic keyboards and now wish to upgrade to a better instrument.

We will look at keyboards of various sizes (keys). So we will look at 61 keys, 76 keys and 88 keys keyboards. And for the sake of completeness we will talk about mini keyboards as well (less than 61 keys).

Best Portable Electronic Keyboards for Beginners for Home use

Here are the best portable music keyboards for beginners – a nice mix of features and affordability.

Best High-end (One Light Keyboard): Recently introduced, several smart features.
Best Mid-range (Yamaha EZ-220): Popular model with good sound and features.
Best Inexpensive (Casio CTK-2550): Popular model with good features, but no touch-sensitive keys.

Mini Size Keyboard

If you need a keyboard to introduce your child to the world of electronic music, a mini keyboard can be suitable. Please note that this is more of a toy keyboard and does not have touch sensitive keys.

Casio SA-76 / SA-77 Mini Keyboards for Kids: These have 49 keys (around 4 octaves).

61-Key Electronic Keyboard Reviews

If you child has already been learning on a keyboard that has less than 61 keys, then it is time to upgrade to a 61 key keyboard. Even if your child has not played before, but you see the potential and interest in music, a 61 key touch sensitive keyboard will be apt. Go in for brands like Casio, Yamaha, Rockjam! Most of these keyboards are available for around a couple of hundred bucks. and are perfect for beginners & hobbyists to get started with learning to play the keyboards (Suitable for both – kids as well as adult beginners).

Best 61-keys keyboards for beginners: Includes several Casio and Yamaha keyboards.

76-Keys Electronic Keyboards

Electronic keyboards have gotten cheaper in recent years, and they now pack in a lot of features for the price. You can now even buy 76-key electronic keyboards at entry-level prices. Yes, there are some real value buys in this category. And despite having 76-keys, they are still lightweight because they don’t come with full-weighted keys (most have unweighted or semi-weighted keys). Nevertheless, do consider these keyboards as well if you’re looking for your first electronic keyboard.

Best budget 76-keys keyboards

Mid-Range Music keyboards for Intermediate Level Players

Bit more expensive than the keyboards suggested above, these are mid-range category music keyboards (priced around five hundred dollars). Suitable for intermediate/experienced players, serious learners and hobbyists, these keyboards can be used for songwriting as well because of their variety of built-in styles, to quickly come up with nice sounding tracks.

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Weighted Keys

If your child has been really picking up the piano lessons well and if the teacher has asked you to get a weighted keyboard for your child, then you may consider the full sized 88 key keyboards. These have the same number of keys as on a Piano. Though the digital music piano keyboards with the traditional looks cost more, you do have some affordable options in 88-key musical keyboard instruments.

Best budget 88-Key music Keyboards/pianos (priced around $500)

More Keyboards & Pianos

There’s a wide range of electronic (arranger) keyboards, synthesizers and digital pianos out there. You can checkout them all here.

Best keyboard and pianos for various price ranges

Checkout more arranger keyboards here

More Piano Keyboards

Musical keyboards, especially for kids and growing children
Reviews of the best digital pianos

Popular Brands

Probably you may have expected this; the recommended models are all from Yamaha and Casio. But then they do really dominate this segment and have some excellent products in the home keyboard segment.

Casio Keyboard Reviews

Yamaha Keyboard Reviews

Electronic Keyboard Reviews The keyboards and pianos that are mentioned here are unlike synthesizers and do not give you lots of editing features. These contain more of acoustic instrument sounds and some cool backing accompaniments. I have also listed lots of models that come with just the piano related sounds minus all the accompaniments; suitable for those who are looking for a piano for practicing

The products listed here are for home use, and most come with digital features such as built-in sequencer, midi and headphone connectivity, and can also be connected to external amplifiers.

If you are seeking a portable piano, then you will definitely need a good piano style pedal for better playing. A stand and bench are other accessories that you may consider.

Essential Accessories

Here are some accessories that you may need for your piano keyboard.

Also checkout piano keyboard key stickers that aids in learning the piano notes.

  1. Checkout the various toy pianos & keyboards here
  2. Casio mini keyboards, the SA series
  3. More beginner pianos, for the serious student
  4. Keyboard instruments for various price ranges
  5. Various musical instruments for kids

Electronic Keyboard Reviews

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Portable Electronic Keyboards: Guide

Electronic Keyboards for Kids
I am sure as a parent, you would have read about the various benefits of music on children. The benefits of introducing your kids to music at an early age are well documented. Lot of parents are certain that it’s great for their child to learn a musical instrument but are unsure what instrument it should be.

Unsure because most kids are restless and tend to be easily bored, so parents want to ensure that their kids at stick with an instrument for some time, say for a year at least.

Most of the time it comes down to choosing between a keyboard and a guitar!

And here too, you will find too many opinions. Some find keyboards to be easy to learn, they feel it’s less practice and easier to handle. Whereas I have friends who hated taking piano lessons as a child but now play the guitar.

Though we do not want to suggest an instrument for your child, here’s an article on piano vs guitar that will give you some perspective on this.

Having said that, learning to play keyboards helps your child to learn more about harmony, it provides all the tools to record your own music and also introduces you to digital music production.

So if you are still not sure, I would suggest you go with the musical keyboard Instrument first.

Electronic Keyboards for Adults
A lot of people make the mistake of buying the most expensive high end instruments that they can find because they believe that they will be best.

The reality is they are overwhelming and can actually scare the beginner from playing.

Besides, you want useful features that will help you learn. All the other features are extras that are good to have but may not help you in learning to play.

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