Electric Piano Reviews: Checkout the Best Pro Stage Pianos

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Electric Piano Reviews of the best pro stage pianos. Now you can handle anything that the dynamics of the night could throw at you, when doing live shows in a performance mode.

Here we are talking about boards that can not only cost you a few thousand bucks but also can be mean heavy machines. But then if you are a performer, it is the only equipment that you would need in your gear, well almost.

Roland RD-800 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

The Roland RD-800 is Roland’s flagship RD stage piano, and a great performance piano. Besides getting concert quality patches, 88 fully weighted hammer-action keys, you can do many more things. Read more…

Nord 88-Key Stage 2 Hammer Action Piano

The best Piano, Organ and Synthesizer sounds combined with a well thought-out, user friendly interface. Fully weighted 88 key Hammer Action keyboard with powerful classic Analog, FM and Wavetable synthesis. Equipped with the latest Nord Piano/synth/organ technology, piano String Resonance, Dynamic Pedal Noise.
With the external section you can use the Nord Stage 2 as a master keyboard.

Nord 73-Key Stage 2 Semi-Weighted Piano

Similar features to the ones that were mentioned under Nord 88-Key Stage 2 piano, but available with fewer keys.

Synth Pianos

At the high end of the spectrum are performance pianos that have a good layout to assist you while playing onstage. You can program a lot of things, and the effects sections are highly useable on the fly.

Sound is obviously great but then the top ones offer acoustic pianos, fender rhodes, hammond organ, wurlitzer, synth, all in one box, and that too all of them outstanding.

Easy Programming Made

You would also appreciate the fact from a performance perspective that most of these boards have separate independent units to treat the piano, organ, and synth sections, which is really a great thing.

Even otherwise it is best to program the buttons in such a way that you get your favorite gig sounds at the touch of a button. So for instance, you may have your first program on each button to set to your favorite sounds, and the second program to the second best, and so on.

That way you can select your most wanted gig sounds with minimum button touches or rotations of the knobs.

Weighted Keys – Electric Piano Reviews

Since we are talking about pianos with more than 6 keys, you do get lot of options in terms of the number of keys as well as the keyboard touch.

You will find authentic weighted action on some of these, whereas some may offer you imitation ivory finish on the keys.

Few others may provide weighted action that makes it easy to play organs and at the same time feel quite adequate and solid for playing the piano.

Best Possible Sounds

At such a price, you can definitely expect the best sounds. You just plug your board into a pair of studio monitors and a subwoofer and you’ll be amazed to hear the sounds. In fact the pianos would sound as if you’re playing a grand piano. The synth sounds are similar, if not better, to most hardware based sounds and much warmer & versatile than most software pianos / synth sounds.

Note on Electric Piano Reviews: The ones with more programming features would require you to go through a learning curve to get those wonderful sounds.

Recommended Electric Pianos

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