How an Electric Keyboard Organ will Let You Perform in Church as well as Clubs

An electric keyboard organ is a perfect alternative for those who have grown up playing organs. This is your chance to own a keyboard instrument that can create the lovely Hammond sounds and pipe organ sounds of yesteryears.

Clavia Nord Electric Keyboard Organ, Electronic Keyboard Organ

Clavia Nord Combo Organ

Hammond Electric Organ

Hammond Electric Organ

Traditional Organs No Longer Practical

Do you recall seeing the huge pipe organs of yesteryear, maybe in some movie or if you have visited some famous cathedral? Though you may still be able to spot them in some of the churches, most of the churches don’t have them nowadays. And the reason of-course being that not everybody has the space, acoustical environment, and the finances that is required to investment in a pipe organ and maintain it later.

Having said that there are still many who would desire a instrument that will give the best organ sounds with the ability to apply some great effects.

A lot of music lovers have also grown up listening to music with heavy usage of organ sounds, which because of their unique sound still continues to be used in a lot of genres of music.

Why Invest in Electric Keyboard Organ?

Nobody has the appropriate space, environment or finances to buy an acoustic pipe organ but modern day version of these organs are competent enough to produce some mind-blowing songs.

If you are one of those who just can’t resist the organ sounds and want to lay their hands on a keyboard instrument, which offers you the best organs sounds coupled with some cutting edge technology, then you should consider an Electronic Keyboard Organ.

It is an electronic keyboard instrument which is influenced from harmonium, or pipe organ and theatre organ. An electronic piano organ combines all the features that are available on digital keyboards, besides giving you authentic organ sounds.

Besides giving you authentic organ sounds, these piano organs are quite portable. So you can easily carry your electric piano organ to the Church on every Sunday mornings.

And since these have different variations of organ sounds, electric piano sounds and many other effects, you can even perform at clubs on weekend nights with the same instrument.

Electronic Keyboard Organ – More Features

Hammond and Nord are the more popular brands of electric organs out there and offers plenty of features. You get electric organs that sound like the B3 (with the simulator ofcourse). You also get various Vox organ sounds, Farfisa organs and Pipe organ sounds.

Most of these organs are flexible enough to let you place a lower manual just below your main keyboard. And you also have the option to connect an optional organ accessory such as a bass pedal keyboard transforming you into a totally versatile player.

Most Hammond organs also let you connect the popular Leslie speakers (known for their ability to create special audio effects). You can also find real tube pre-amps (not simulators) on some of these boards so that you can use the overdrive controls to create some truly unique sounds.

Various Brands

Here are some of the finest electric piano organs available. We know that you won’t settle for anything but the best.

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