Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings

Electric Guitar Strings: The various factors to consider & the options available for those who own electric guitars.

Every guitar player needs spare strings as they keep on breaking, or become dull over a period of time, or because the original guitar itself came with poorer set of strings.

In that case you need to replace the strings of your electric guitar.

What to Look for in Strings?

There are certain factors related to strings that impact the sound produced, and also impact your play-ability.

The two factors are:

  • Material Used
  • Gauge / thickness of the Strings
  • Various Options

    The various strings that are ideal for your electric guitar are usually made from the following:

  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Nickel coated ones
  • String Gauge

    String Gauge basically means diameter/thickness of the strings and does affect the playability of your guitar and the tone produced.

  • Thin Gauge: Easier to bend, preferred by beginners
  • Medium / Heavy gauge: Produces more volume, preferred by rhythm guitarists for the sheer volume and full sound produced
  • Stainless Steel

    Here are the characteristics of this material:

  • Quite popular because of the brilliant tone and great volume
  • Anti-corrosive nature
  • Lasts longer than their nickel plated counterparts
  • Drawback is that the fingers make noise when played on their rough surface
  • Nickel Coated Strings

    Nickel plated strings add nickel to subdue the tones to produce a softer sound.
    It is also smoother on the fingers which eliminates the finger noise and improves playability.
    That is the reason many guitarists prefer these.

    Pure Nickel Strings

    These are usually used in acoustic guitars as they produce bright and round sound, with lesser vibrations, when compared to stainless steel.

    Jazz musicians and rhythm guitarists also prefer these, as they are softer, more flexible, and reduce finger noise, compared to stainless steel.

    To Conclude

    As you can see there are several factors that impact the sound and the playability, so choose the appropriate Electric Guitar Strings as per your needs.

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