Electric Guitar Lessons: Beginners Guide

Electric Guitar Lessons
Electric Guitar Lessons: Learn how to master in a short time with the right techniques.

Although advanced electric guitar courses would cost money, if you’re beginner, you can still find lots of free lessons online (and here on this website). There’s already a lot of information on how to tune the electric guitar, how to play chords, how to change strings on your electric guitar, how to play a chromatic scale, how to play songs, and more.

But how can you quickly learn to play the electric guitar? Here are some suggestions.

  • Ask your teacher to teach you songs that you like, it will make it more exciting for you to learn. Having said that, you don’t want to select very demanding songs and then get frustrated learning to play it. Besides, you need to have some knowledge of the basics and your fingers need to be trained somewhat so that you can play the notes effectively. So start with simple songs and try using minimum chords to begin with. Gradually work your way up to the more complicated ones.
  • Its also important that you develop a routine where you sit and practice the guitar regularly. this cab take some time though, remember that for a habit to be formed, it takes at least 21 days (as per most studies), so its important to be disciplined in those early days. If you are consistent in your practicing you will reap a lot more benefits.
  • Get a good guitar, either buy it or borrow one; you need one to practice. And you want one that is built well and easy to play. Its also important to understand the various parts of the electric guitar, such as headstock, tuners, nut, neck, body, pickups and bridge.
  • Also, try to develop the correct playing habits right from the beginning. Learn how to sit right for the correct posture, how to hold the guitar right, how to hold the pick, and so on. Using the right techniques makes it easier to play the electric guitar.

Several Months of Electric Guitar Lessons But Still Not Sounding Clean
I once had a student who had been taking electric guitar lessons for around five to six months, and always felt that his guitar didn’t sound clean.

The problem is that six months is not a pretty long time by any means. Even if you find yourself in such a situation, its best to keep practicing and also make sure to enjoy the process.

I know, you have to pay for the lessons (assuming you’re learning from a private teacher) but its important to take the lessons and also to practice. Most guitar students take around a couple of years before they can play really well. So you need to have patience.

If paying for the electric guitar lessons is a constraint, you can always learn from a guitar course.

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