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Electric Bass Guitar: Reviews of the best bass guitars, for various brands and prices

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Best Electric Bass Guitars

Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started on the bass guitar. Most of them are bundled package so you don’t have to worry about getting any accessories, at least to begin with.

Though these stringed instruments are available as acoustic and electric versions, there are many who use the term “bass guitar” to refer to an electric bass.

These look similar to the electric guitar, but come with a longer neck and scale length. Available in four, five, six, or eight strings, the four-string bass however is the more popular one.

There are some that come bundled with an amp, strap, bag and more.

An Electric Bass Guitar is played primarily with the fingers or thumb, by plucking, slapping, popping, tapping, thumping, or picking.

Electric Bass Guitar

Single Piece Design

Brands such as Rickenbacker produce a neck-thru-body bass design wherein a single piece of wood from the headstock to the tailpiece is used. such a design allows the string vibrations to travel unhindered through the length of the instrument.

Such a design produces better clarity of tone and a ringing sustain that is usually unmatched by the bolt-on or set-neck designs.

This construction process is too time-consuming for most mass-production brands to implement, but many boutique bass builders are now discovering the benefits of this design. It may take a little longer to build this bass, but it’s worth the wait.

Several manufacturers use a chunky, bass-heavy design for their guitars, but most quality guitars go in for a slim, streamlined body that provides increased treble response and added punch.

  • You want a full, bright tone with a nice, crispy bite.
  • You don’t want notes in the upper register sound harsh or shrill.
  • Irrespective of what style or technique you play, you want the tone to be expressive and clear.
  • Fully Adjustable Saddles

    Again, if you look at some of the expensive models, the individual string-saddles on the bridge are fully adjustable to fit any playing technique.

    This is a great feature if you’re a:

  • Slapper
  • Picker, or a
  • Finger-style player
  • You can set the action to the perfect height and start playing. Raise the strings to really dig in to the groove, or drop them down for a softer touch!

    It’s in The Neck

    Most pro musicians prefer a thin (but hard) neck that lets them play the slickest runs without getting bogged down (the way you get on a fat-necked bass).

    Most guitars employ a dual truss rod system that can be tightened or loosened to compensate for changing conditions (temperature, humidity), letting every note ring out as it should.

    Balanced Sound

    When you buy a bass electric guitar, you want one that gives out a balanced a sound (across the octaves) so that it’s suitable for diverse musical styles. Usually the cheaper ones sound good only across a narrow range of notes, the higher notes tend to be a bit thin.

    The quality bass guitars give a consistent, balanced sound across the entire fretboard. You get piano-like clarity at the top with plenty of growl at the bass.

    Several brands employ different types of pickups to give the sound their unique touch, though single single-coil pickups are quite popular.

    Here’s a video of a great electric bass guitar player at work.

    Here’s a comprehensive guide on Bass Guitars in general

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