Most Easiest Musical Instruments to Learn: For Kids & Adults

Musical instruments that are easy to learn: There are many who dream of playing a musical instrument some day, but never actually make it. Many of them don’t even get started. One of the reasons for that is many feel that its difficult to learn to play a musical instrument. While there’s no doubt that it takes years to master a music instrument, you can definitely learn to play a few simple tunes in a few weeks time (you could learn a couple of tunes in a few days time).

Is it Really Difficult to Learn to Play a Musical Instrument?

Compared to other hobbies, is it really difficult to learn to play a Musical Instrument? This is one common question that lingers in the mind of several beginners, especially teenagers, who’re want to learn but fear that their efforts might go waste.

Most beginners think that a music instrument (be it piano, guitar or drums) is difficult to learn, and as a result most of them don’t even get started.

Is it Difficult to Learn to Play a musical instrument

However, as with any musical instrument, it’s easy to get started and learn the basics, but it’s hard to master and take years to do that.

There are many who think sight-reading is difficult, but then a major challenge when learning to play the piano is to get your hands working together, I mean the left and the right hand. That is where beginners spend some time, to get both your hands to play bass & treble well together. Once you are comfortable doing that, it gets easier to take on challenging songs & exercises.

With guitars, many feel that its too painful on the fingers. They think your fingers have to first bleed, after which, newer & stronger layer of skin will come, and then only you’ll be able to start playing. And that stops many from even taking the first step. But, that’s not really true. You can start playing on guitars with Nylon strings, which are much softer.

Also, at times, you should just take the plunge, try it out for a few months and see for yourself how it feels. ‘Hard’ is also a subjective term, some may feel the way you do whereas some may not despite being beginners themselves.

One thing that helps initially is to take the time to practice. If possible have more practice sessions in the beginning, have shorter sessions if you can’t spare more time.

If you’re passionate about a thing, you do get across the initial hurdles and things do get easy eventually.

Easy to Play Music Instruments

Certain musical instruments are easier to learn (to get started with) and they are cheaper as well, compared to say a grand piano.

Here are some musical instruments that are easier to learn; you can easily start playing a few songs on your chosen instrument.


It is very easy to produce a sound on a harmonica (advanced players use it for different genres of music like blues, rock, pop, folk or jazz). It is easy to learn as well and is extremely portable. You can easily carry it in your pocket. Harmonica (also known as the mouth organ in some countries) is basically a reed instrument.
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The Ukulele basically looks like a small guitar (used a lot in Hawaiian music). Its basically a string instrument but easy on your fingers (the nylon strings). A Ukulele doesn’t cost much.
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The recorder is another small wind instrument (shaped like a flute). Its portable, inexpensive, easy to play, produces a charming sound, and is very popular among beginner music students.
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Flute is another music instrument which can be taken up. Its a wind instrument and makes a very melodious sound. Initially you might struggle a bit to produce sound from a flute but with little practice it should be easy. With regular practice, you can become good at playing master this instrument.
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Another great music instrument! You can play melody as well as rhythms on a guitar. You can easily carry it on your shoulders and people do get impressed with it. In order to learn guitar within a few hours, all you need to do is remember a few chords and you can get started strumming on the guitar.
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Piano / Keyboards

Many feel that the piano is a difficult instrument to play. However, the fact is that there are easier methods to get started on the keyboard. Start with the basic notes, learn a few chords, and you should be fine.
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Another easy to play music instrument, and can be a good starting instrument to take formal music lessons. Different types of harps are available in market; Pedal harps and lever harps being the more popular types.


This is another exciting music instrument which can be taken up. The drawbacks being – it needs more space and can be expensive. Of course, there is the noise factor also which you need to take into account.

Bongos (combination of two drums joined together) is played by keeping it between the knees. An easy to play percussion instrument.

Tambourine is a good instrument to learn about rhythms. You shake the instrument, or strike it with your other hand, there are different techniques to play this instrument.
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Perhaps, the best thing to do! It will be a great asset if you can train yourself to be a decent singer. A great combination, if you can play the piano and sing along!
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So if you have always wanted to learn to play a music instrument, make your pick from this list. These are easy to play.

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