Drum Lessons – Basics of Drums and Rhythm

Basics of Drums and Rhythm Drum Lessons – Move Further Than Just the Basics. Learn about the basics of drums and rhythm, including concepts such as time signature and tempo. Learn how the pulse varies for rhythms across different music genres.

We all know that the rhythm section is the most important element of any song, its considered the backbone of music. It is the foundation on which the melody and harmony is built.

And as such, improving on rhythm related skills is not only useful for potential drummers, but also to other musicians as well.

A hot and groovy drum rhythm section makes a song infectious and gets people moving, so anything that helps you improve on this skill should be appreciated.

So let’s get started with the basics of Drums and Rhythm.

Here are the three important aspects of any rhythm:

  • Time signature: how many beats per bar. 3/4 and 4/4 time are common time signatures
  • Tempo: how fast or slow is the song, measured in BPM (beats per minute)
  • Pulse: This is the main beat of a song, usually provided by the bass drum
  • Guidelines to Tempo
    Here are some indicators of the tempo of various song styles.

    1. Ballads Tempo can range from 60pbm to 90bpm
    2. Pop songs are 100bpm and above
    3. Dance music tempos can be fast, over 120bpm

    Examples of Pulse
    Here are some general guidelines when it comes to the pulse of any rhythm.

  • Dance music has a “four to the floor” pulse which means the bass drum plays on beats 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Rock music has a “backbeat” which accents the 2nd and 4th beat
  • Reggae tends to accent the 3rd beat
  • Depending on the genre of the music, this will vary.

    The next time you practice your drums or are composing the rhythm section of a song, do keep these in mind. Proper use of time signature, tempo and the pulse is vital to get the Drums and Rhythm section right, and to hold the song together.

    Most free drum lessons on the internet will only take you through the basic time signatures, names of the notes, and so on.

    Though, it’s important to know these, it is also very important to know how to use them, and more importantly how much to learn initially. You don’t want to get in a situation where you are bombarded with all the information at once, and you then get discouraged thinking that it is difficult to learn to play drums.

    Drum Lessons Software Reviews

    Reviews of the best Drum Lessons software and DVD courses! The good ones include comprehensive and structured lessons, besides saving significant money on your drums learning costs.

    If you ask people if it is possible to learn any music instrument on your own, the answer you are likely to get is that though it may be possible, your drumming may not be very good, or you may start developing bad drumming habits.

    To some extent these arguments are true!

    But you also need to realize that education is undergoing a sea-change, especially online education. It is not only becoming easily accessible, the video lessons and the interactive element ensure that it is almost close to having a real teacher besides you.

    And it is no different when it comes to Drum Lessons Software & Videos.

    Efficient Solution
    We all know that learning software are cost-effective, but they also ensure that we get started easily right from our own home.

    Whether you are a beginner or someone who had given up drumming long time back and want to re-start, there are some good drum lessons software that can help you get started.

    When selecting a learning system, chose one that has comprehensive coverage of drum lessons and a good customer support in case you run into any problem with the software.

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    Learn & Master Drum Lessons

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