DJ Software Reviews

DJ Software Reviews: Learn about the different types of DJ Software programs and reviews of the more popular ones among learners & pros.

Different Types of DJ Software

Most DJ mixing software are usually intended for fun & to provide entertainment; it’s basically for people to mess around with.

Examples include Iphone apps, simple juke box like programs and other simple DJ mixing software programs.

However, you do get serious software for mixing, beat matching, making CDs and DJing at parties/clubs, these are designed to replace the traditional gear used by Dick-Jockeys.

Popular DJ Software

DJ Software ReviewsSome of the widely used DJ Mixing Programs include:

  • Traktor Scratch Dj Studio
  • Serato Scratch Live
  • Mixmeister Fusion
  • Virtual DJ
  • These are used by Newbies as well as Professionals.

    Advantages of High Quality DJ Software

    Usually, if you try to adjust the speed for beat matching, most of the time it messes up your mix.

    The functional channels (in the software) allow the adjustment of your Mids and Highs for that crystal clear sound.

    The power to adjust the bass allows you to get that thumping sound or keep it subtle for those slow moments.

    To ensure you get the best out of your software you should also be able to edit loops, have a good sampler, and be able to sync with your DJ mixer, turntables or CD’s.

    Traktor and Serato can do these task easily.

    Are These Expensive?

    There are several FREE DJ mixing software available online, but they’ve really limited features, and that’s why they’re free.

    You get some really good DJ software programs, with excellent features, for around a couple of hundred dollars (excellent if you’re really serious to get started in DJing). These will help you to create the right mixes to keep the audience banging their heads all night long.

    Before buying, always look for:

  • Free Trials: You get a chance to evaluate the software before you buy.
  • Ease of Use: Complex programs makes you lose motivation to learn.
  • Video Tutorials: The more the tutorials, the faster is the learning curve.
  • Here’s a video tutorial of DJ Software (PCDJ Dex):

    To Conclude

    Paid DJ music software (or any other software) always easier to use and helps you to create things faster, compared to the free ones. When going for commercial software, always look for added features that make the software unique, without making it too expensive. There are many are doing professional work using DJ Software nowadays.

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