DJ Mixing Software: Complete Guide & Reviews

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DJ Mixing Software DJ Mixing Software are convenient and easy to use (for most beginners). Lets take a look at the best DJ mixer software out there, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

If you’re a DJ (or a traditional vinyl purist) who have been using physical CDs / Records for years, then I guess its about time to go digital.

Digital DJ consoles now can emulate vinyl and CDs, and you also have the software version that lets you do everything from your laptop. You can use your computer to mold any music set, be it on the dance floor or a wedding party.

The plug-and-play convenience, easy storage and transport, makes it something difficult to ignore.

A DJ mixer is an essential component of any DJ based setup. The good thing is that you also get Dj mixing software.

Why Use DJ Software

Most DJ mixing software nowadays come with powerful tools with an easy-to-use interface, making it quite easy to do track mixing.

And because these run on most laptop computers, it’s quite portable and allows you to easily bring your mixing talents on the road.

Using a DJ mixing software (such as Zulu), you just need to make a few clicks with your mouse to get DJing.

It is also best for most beginners, who can easily get confused with the several DJ equipment. Just start with a mixing software, learn the ropes, and then decide what is best for you.

Useful Features

Using these, you can also apply distortion, delay and reverb effects on the fly, and that too in real-time.

Some of these can be really powerful and you can use digital dj software for doing DJ mixes. With features like beat matching and time stretch pitch adjustments, you can produce high quality mixes.

Time Stretch Pitch Adjustments lets you Adjust the tempo of your track, without changing the pitch. You can Import M3U and PLS playlists from any program and drag-and-drop tracks right into the dj mixing software.

DJ Software

Most of these software programs have been developed mainly for professionals, to use and experiment advanced DJ techniques. You can get up to 4 decks, an advanced mixer and playlists/database.

DJ Mixer Software usually support most audio formats, including: MP3, WAV, and OGG. It gives a visual display of track dynamics, just like with vinyl.

Reviews of the Best DJ Mixer Software
Lets talk about some of the brands and the bestselling products. In terms of choices, there are tons of amateur DJ software programs out there.

If you are just a casual user, then probably any of these could help your purpose. But it does make sense to know bout the various features offered, just in case you want to put it to serious use.


One of the major focus of any equipment manufacturer is to provide a multitude of features, and at the same time make it much easier to access them.

A professional DJ software program scores over most amateur one in that aspect, and that is ease of use.

The best ones out there are easy to use and allows you to get progressively better at the skills of DJing.


The more inputs & outputs your equipment has, the more it can interact with other audio equipment.

Besides, the software should have all the features for importing various audio files, and have the tools for editing, converting and improving the overall sound quality.

MIDI compatibility, karaoke capability, and ability to burn recorded material onto a CD, makes it much more flexible and suitable for advanced audio work as well.


You usually get what you pay for; but a good audio quality and the usability aspects are important.

Helpful user guide/tutorials to learn about the various features, and a troubleshooting section in the documentation is always welcome.

Virtual DJ PRO Mix – Free DJ Mix Software

Here’s a video showing some more DJ mixing software

To Conclude

DJ mixing software provides you with the ability to cross fade between tracks, preview tracks via headphones, and allows real-time pitch and tempo control.

You also have the ability to assign a BPM (beat per minute) to the loaded track, and switch around the tempo in order to synchronize it perfectly.

Most of these software provide easy drag-and-drop feature, and also support almost all the file formats used for audio tracks.

So start Djing using a DJ Mixing Software.

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