Best DJ Controllers & Control Surfaces

Checkout these top DJ controllers & control surfaces (for beginners, scratching, etc.). These are useful for controlling your DJ software and also come with built-in professional digital-audio interface (and DJ Software) that can be fed to your headphones and the sound system. There are several options that offer versatility and better control over DJ software, and the good thing is that the prices are reasonable. The best DJ controllers out there give you a nice balance of quality and affordability. Skip to the best DJ controller on Amazon.


“All-in-one DJ controller”: A single controller that houses a sound card, mixer, and deck controls in a single interface.

“Modular DJ controllers”: Full control surface, and potentially using an analogue mixer and separate sound card.

Popular manufactures of DJ controllers and control surfaces include Serato, Traktor Ableton, Pioneer, Numark, and more. Their products have graced the worlds greatest venues and assisted the biggest mega-mixers out there.

Here we take a look at the best DJ controllers & control surfaces, available at the lowest online prices, which will let you start having fun right away. All you need to start hosting wild DJ parties is one of these, connected to a computer (PC or Mac), amplified speakers, headphones, and audio files on computer.

Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 demo

The Pioneers DDJ-SX2 (2nd-gen DDJ-SX controller) is packed with several pro features that instantly turn your Mac or PC into a professional DJ powerhouse. Features dedicated buttons for Serato Flip, updated 5.2″ jog wheels, a low-noise mic input and multi-color pads. Use it with Analog Turntables or as a Mixer.
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Pioneer DDJSR Pro DJ Controller

Pioneer AixMaVyOx9Q demo

The Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller is an industry-standard Pioneer gear available for a lot less. This pro-grade plug-and-play USB DJ controller is perfect for intermediate players who want to go pro. The 2-channel sibling to Pioneer’s very popular DDJ-SX DJ controller, the DDJ-SR also gives you control of Serato DJ’s 4 virtual decks, although in a smaller footprint.
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Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 All-In-One DJ Controller for Serato DJ

Mixtrack Pro 3 demo

Designed for the professionally-aspiring DJ, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is an all-in-one DJ Controller that also comes with a built-in audio interface. It gives you total control over Serato DJ, coutesy its metal jog wheels and 100 mm pitch sliders. Its portable and offers great bang-for-the-buck.
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As a DJ, while performing, you want all your attention to be focused on the crowd, making sure they’re having a blast. For that you want the right sets of equipment with you. With DJ Controllers, its so easy to get hands-on tactile control of your DJ software using all those knobs and faders.

DJ controllers are MIDI controllers (or USB-to-analog devices) that connect to your PC or Mac (or even tablets) to control DJ Software. The top models come equipped with an built-in Audio interface (some also come with standalone mixers), so you don’t need additional hardware in your work-space (saves space).

DJ Controllers are increasingly becoming popular as part of the modern day DJ setup. Most DJs are shunning their turntables, standard mixers and CDJs, and opting for these DJ equipment with better controller capabilities.

  1. Reply
    Federico March 21, 2017 at 6:37 am

    I would always recommend that you go modular. Those big ass singular controllers are not suitable to play outside your house. If you want to play only in your bedroom or occasionally at your friend’s house, then its fine. Probably after a year of logging you big ass (and probably already obsolete) controller you will understand why smaller is better.

    I have so many DJ friends who sold (with difficulty) their big Pioneer controllers and went with smaller sized NI Z1 and NI X! controllers. Do not believe the bigger brands like NI or other manufacturers who constantly promote their one unit, saying its better. You will rarely find space in DJ booth for your gear.

    Finally it’s far easier to sell modular parts than one big board (which probably is already out of date). Small controllers will give you more money as they are more versatile.

  2. Reply
    David Smith August 25, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    I am a beginner in djing.. i wanna buy the pioneer ddjsx2 because i like the new features that it has. i am excited about this one. I wanna know if it’s okay for a beginner or i should start with a smaller edition. Thank you!

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