Best portable digital recorders for sound professionals

Digital Recorder
Portable Digital Recorder Buying Guide: Learn about the various types and how these can be used to record music / audio. We will take a look at the more portable models here. Skip to the best portable digital recorder on Amazon.

Current Recording Scenario

If any of you is old enough to remember the equipment that were used several years back, you would agree that in current times you no longer need expensive multi-track recorders, processors, and tons of cables to create good music.

Though they might still be used in the big studios, it is now possible to create good music using your computer or multi-tracker Digital Recorder.

The computer and/or the digital multi-tracker have replaced several equipment and functions. Today, it’s more about software, minimum hardware, and its the age of the portable studio. Almost everything happens inside your computer or the multi-tracker.

Portable Digital Recorder Reviews

Here are some excellent options in case you’re looking for a portable recorder.

TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder

TASCAM DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder
List Price: $179.55
Price: $179.55
Price Disclaimer

For the serious musicians, you now get a portable 4-Track recorder that comes with XLR inputs. The sound quality is great, especially when used with external microphones. A cool feature is the DUAL mode where it records a copy of the stereo signal at a lower level, which can be used as a backup in case the main recording is distorted.

TASCAM DR-100mkII 2-Channel Portable Digital Recorder

This is a portable recorder but offers a lot more. Comes with high-end recording features. Comes with four built-in microphones (2 cardioid and 2 omnidirectional), a pair of XLR mic inputs with phantom power, line ins / outs, S/PDIF digital inputs, locking connectors and more.

Zoom H4N Digital Multitrack Recorder (Package with Tripod and Hard Case)

A very popular digital audio recorder. It is ideal for recording interviews, band rehearsals, lectures, meetings, and more. You can record up to 4 channels of audio. Comes with a high-quality mic preamp, you can use it as a live audio interface.

Digital Recorder

You can record your own songs using a small digital recorder.
You can record one track at a time (multi-track recording)

Read more here on multi-track recorders

Portable Digital Recorders

You do get the portable ones as well that allows you to record high-quality audio.

These are useful as they can be used on the go, and also easily transfer your digital files onto your computer via USB.

Voice vs Digital Recorders

Voice Recorders record audio through low-quality microphones, and create smaller sized audio files. Read more on voice recorders here.

Portable Digital Recorders, on the other hand, usually have better quality built-in microphones, they allow you to record in high-resolution files types.

The better ones also have the ability to accept from other sound sources (such as external microphones or line-level signals).

All these Digital Recorder devices can easily be plugged into a computer to transfer the recorded audio files.

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