Best portable digital recorders for various uses

Best portable digital recorders for various uses. Some of these recorders are suited for casual (voice) recording, whereas some options offer better sound quality overall.

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Various Recording Options

Today, you don’t really need expensive multi-track recorders, processors, and tons of cables to create good music. Though they might still be used in the big studios, it is now possible to create good music using your computer or multi-tracker Digital Recorder. The computer and/or the digital multi-tracker have replaced several equipment and functions.

Today, it’s more about software, minimum hardware, and its the age of the portable studio. Almost everything happens inside your computer or the multi-tracker.

These days people use computers, audio interface and digital audio workstations (DAW software) to record music, and these setups definitely have a lot to offer in terms of features and convenience.

However, there are some drawbacks too, such as:

  • Most of these setups are expensive
  • You may really not need hem for your requirement

The good thing is that there are simple recording options as well. Not only are they cheaper, the size of these recorders are also much smaller (some can even fit in your pocket).

Digital Recorders: Categories

Multi-track Digital Recorders
Multitrack Digital Recorders These are self-contained digital multi-track recorders, with rhythm generator, built-in pro effects and more. Best for recording music, when you’re too lazy to use the computer for recording. Best multitrack recorders

Portable Digital Audio Recorders
Digital Voice Recorder These portable audio recorders have better built-in mics and as a result record better sound quality overall. Use it for recording music ideas, music practice session, music lessons, and so on. Best portable audio recorders

Basic Voice Recorders
Digital Voice Recorder Here are some more basic audio recorders, useful for generic use (recording lectures, meetings, podcasting, etc). Best voice recorders

Popular Brands

Here are the top brands that make a wide range of digital recorders.

Zoom . Tascam . Boss . Olympus . Roland

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