Best digital piano with built-in speakers, reviews

Best digital pianos with built-in speakers. These digital pianos are complete entertainment package as you don’t have to depend on external speakers/amps to hear what you’re playing. Lot of high-end digital pianos also now come with built-in speakers.

Pro Stage Pianos don’t Come with Speakers

Some time back, there was a trend where most high-end digital pianos used to come without built-in speakers. the assumption was that because most of them run their digital pianos through amps/PA, they need not have built-in speakers. It was also because the manufacturers wanted to keep the weight of their pianos low.

High-end stage pianos are usually sturdy and heavy (some are almost built like a tank); they are built like that so that they are better suited for gigging. And that is why most manufacturers look for areas where they could cut the weight, and the speakers is one area where they though they could cut some weight.

Some Pros Miss the Built-in Speakers

However, there are many musicians (keyboard players) who have grown-up playing on built-in speakers, who are now professional keyboard players themselves.

Most of them don’t like the fact that most pro keyboards come without built-in speakers. Most of them feel uncomfortable on stage when the sound is coming from far, and not from their digital piano/keyboard, which sort of disorients them. Most get used to it eventually but they would very much prefer their digital piano to have built-in speakers.

Pro Piano Keyboards Now Come with Built-in Speakers

The good thing is that top manufacturers have taken cognizance of that fact and have released several good digital pianos that come with speakers.

There are several pro keyboards out there that now come with built-in speakers, which allows the players to listen to what they are playing, from a short distance.

Best digital Piano Keyboards with Built-in Speakers

Almost all the beginner and mid-range piano keyboards come with speakers. So if you’re looking for a digital piano to learn or to practice at home, you can be rest assured that those models with come with speakers.

Its only when you look a the pro stage pianos (priced $2k and above) that you may find models that may not have speakers.

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