Choosing a Digital Piano Keyboard – 3 Questions to Ask B4 Selecting One

Digital Piano Keyboard

Looking for a Digital Piano Keyboard? 3 questions that you need to ask yourself when you set out to buy the perfect keyboard for Yourself.

Read the article on Advantages of owning a Digital keyboard instrument over an acoustic one?

I am sure it would have helped you make a decision to seriously consider buying a Digital Keyboard / Piano.

But even after that, you still have a few more things to sort out before you zero-in on your favorite keyboard…one of the more important one being your budget.

Choosing a Digital Piano Keyboard – 3 Questions to Ask

Here are the 3 questions to ask!

1. Does Look Matter to You?

There is no doubt that the Piano is an instrument with the most majestic look. It adds to the beauty, decor and aesthetics of your room and it does complement the various props and furniture that your room has.

A lot of people are attracted towards a Piano just because of its looks.

If you are one of them, and just want to enjoy the benefits of digital technology, then go in for a Digital Piano Keyboard with the upright or the grand piano looks.

Some of them even come with a remote control so that you can play any of your favorite song using the built-in player which then automatically starts playing the keys, that is you do not have to physically sit at the piano.

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Digital Piano Keyboard

Are you in for the Long run?
With Digital piano keyboards, every few years you see a totally new set of models with newer features.

Besides, a electronic piano keyboard can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars.

So if you are just starting out as a beginner, go in for something basic and just concentrate on learning for some time.

As you spend more time learning, you will know more about the various digital piano keyboard brands, various models, the kind of music you like to play, and your music related interests.

Keeping those in mind, you can buy the perfect digital piano keyboard for yourself in a couple of years.

2. How Important is Portability?

To be frank, lot of beginners go in for the budget portable pianos to save on cost and not because they do not have space. It makes sense also to go in for something that is affordable and concentrate on learning.

But for the experienced players, it can be a tricky situation as you have to choose between portability and the features / feel of the piano.

For someone who has recently started landing gigs, portability would definitely not be on the mind as you want the best out of your gear.

But for someone who has been there and done it all, it may make sense to have multiple portable pianos. So depending on the audience, you may carry the lighter one if you feel it won’t impact the listening experience of the audience. From experience, you would definitely know your audience.

3. Music production – Hardware or Software?

If you are an intermediate to advanced keyboard / piano player then you would already be dabbling a lot with composing stuff, trying to create your own music.

You will need to ask yourself if you are comfortable doing recording / editing work on your keyboard or on your computer.

If you are more comfortable with software and computers, then you just need a midi keyboard. Just save your money to spend on upgrading your computer, buying a good software sequencer, plugins, and sound samples.

If you are comfortable working with keyboards for all your sound and editing needs, then you will need to consider buying a high-end synthesizer or keyboard workstation.


Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn to play the piano in the traditional manner, or whether you are an experienced piano player who loves to play the classical piano or loves to improvise or wants a portable synth for gigs, your choice of piano keyboards is going to differ considering there are so many options available.

The questions mentioned above are guidelines and my no means exhaustive, but they will definitely help you clear up a lot of doubts in your mind. Besides, it is also important that you focus on your style of piano playing, and ask what the purpose of buying the digital piano keyboard is. If you do not wish to be a great performer, but are happy belting out tunes on your computer, a simple midi keyboard controller may suffice for you. Again, that may not apply to somebody else.

A beginner who is not sure if he wants to learn play the keyboards or piano should probably get a 61 key electronic keyboard and get started. What is the point of getting an expensive piano with weighted keys? You would rather enjoy the various voices and the built-in rhythms and focus on learning to play.

There are so many brands and so many models to choose from, that you can easily get lost when you set out to buy a digital keyboard instrument. Asking the above questions will help you retain your perspective and be focused in your search for that perfect digital piano keyboard.

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