Digital Piano Keyboard Won’t Turn On

My Korg C320 Digital Piano Keyboard Won’t Turn On. After not using for quite some time (3 months), I tried turning it on yesterday and no power. check the adapter using a tester and it seems ok. (adapter led is also ok). Opened it and everything looks good inside (no burnt ic or any cut wires). Check the jack and it seems there is also no problem. I’m getting voltage reading from the jack-in to the on switch. Getting it fix from Korg Center cost way too much so wanted to fix it myself. Thanks if anyone could suggest anything.

digital piano keyboard  turn on

Was playing and then light went off. Won’t turn back on. Tested adaptor – it works fine with other equipment. Has something inside worn out – I’ve had it for about 10 years now. Thanks for any advice. – Barbara (New York City)

I have a Casio CTK 651 keyboard and it seems to be abruptly switching-off after some time. When I turn on the ctk651, it stays on for a few seconds and then turns off automatically. Any suggestions as to what could be the problem. – Darryl (Brusly, LA)

My Casio wk-200 76-key keyboard has always worked in the past and I have always had no trouble using a power adapter (6v DC output) that did not come with it (it didn’t come with one) but has always been compatible. Recently I lost my power adapter so I tried a different one (9v output) and then another one (15v AC output) and both failed. I ended up finding the original 6v DC output adapter and it didn’t work, no matter what outlet I used on my Casio wk-200. In desperation I bought 6 D batteries and correctly put them in the back but without success. I even tried all the adapters and the batteries at the same time, but my Casio wk-200 76-key keyboard will not turn on. – Sam Beiting (Liberty Twp, OH, US)

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I have a Casio CT-670 music keyboard that won’t turn on. A couple of weeks ago the cord was tugged on and the whole keyboard fell. Now it won’t turn on. I am not sure if it is the power jack or the cord itself that has gone for a toss. But it just won’t turn on now. Any help in getting my Casio CT-670 music keyboard to work again would be appreciated. Here’s how the Casio CT-670 keyboard sounds like. Its an old keyboard, and you can use it as a controller too. – Josh Smith

Do you have a spare adapter which you can try to check if the Casio CT-670 music keyboard turns on? If it doesn’t it means there could be some problem with the power jack or the casio ct-670 keyboard may have to be opened. Haven’t heard of a casio CT music keyboard before. Is this a casio CTK keyboard? – Ben

Check the power socket on the back it might have broken, easy fix down your local electronics store buy another socket and solder it in place. Oh and it deffo is a CT-670 its early 90’s as I had the CT-470, and the CT-670. They were great at the time and my music teacher was jealous of the sound it produced compared her her yamaha. – Simon

My Yamaha dgx-620 / 520, ypg-625 / 525 portable grand piano does not turn on when I press the power button. I got my piano a couple years ago and I didn’t get a warranty because the piano itself cost a fortune. I played it a lot and one day I turned it off, came back a half an hour later and it wouldn’t turn on. I randomly try to turn it on but it still won’t come on. I cannot find anyone to fix it or who doesn’t charge too much to just look at it. If you can get back to me that would be great, or point me in the right direction to a good, and reasonable priced shop near flint, Michigan. – keral hamilton (flint, michigan 48532)

Sometimes the problem of the unit is only the dc-jack in. You need to resolder by opening the unit. – Anonymous

I have a Casio CTK 601 music keyboard and I can’t switch it on…Before I have this problem with the sounds of my music keyboard I didn’t use it for a long time and when I used it in these past few days I can’t turn on the keyboard because there is no power. I used a 9v AC adapter and it didn’t work I also put 6 batteries at the back of the keyboard but still there is no power. I tried to open the keyboard but I didn’t see anything wrong with the wirings or in the main board. I don’t know where the problem on my Casio CTK 601 music keyboard is. – MINDY (MANILA PHILIPPINES)

You’ve got to hold the power button for a couple of seconds and then it will come on with a red light there. Brilliant Keyboard if you haven’t already messed around with the synth next to the display. Its cool. – Hi

I have a Kohler KD-30 digital piano that I bought secondhand. It worked perfectly when I bought it. After a few months of use, the power would cut off randomly while the piano was being played. Then it would automatically power back on again in 5-7 seconds on its own. Now it won’t even turn on when the power switch is switched to the “on” position. I have young children that were always pushing several buttons while I was playing. Did that have anything to do with the power disconnect? I tried contacting Kohler, but only get a busy signal. – Karin (Denver, CO)

Schematics of the KD140 and the KD30 are the same. I do have the schematics for you in PDF! Find yourself a electronic repair. maybe he/she can fix it then…Anonymous

I found someone to fix my piano. The bridge rectifier was shot and needed to be replaced. After bringing the piano home, there is a very loud, constant humming noise whenever the piano is turned on. Any idea on what this might be? – Anonymous

Is a dead internal battery the only reason a digital piano won’t turn on? Will it still work without it or is it memory for everything? – Judy (Ohio)

Occasionally when I push the power button on mySuzuki Mini-Grande HG-425e Digital Piano, I get a message “too low voltage”. I need to then push the button few times more, and finally, the power is normally up and the piano works. When I try to boot disk, a message of “power too low 4.8 volts” is shown, when I boot many time, sometime the Disk driver work normally. Any suggestion what could be wrong?

I have kawai digital piano c3. It is swiching on but not producing any sound. Any key you press does not produce sound. But all other function you use, then the LED is working, but no sound at all. Can u guide me what will be the problem and how to rectify. I am in tanzania. – Jatin Parekh

When power is ON, none of the buttons or keys functions. Power is ON, red light on at midi and other buttons, but none of the buttons function when pressed nor any of the keys sound when pressed. – Anonymous

Usually, most keyboards have a fuse on the AM board. It is generally to the left of the 12 volt outlet. So you might want to try changing the fuse. – Ken

Circuit board or Power problem on my Yamaha PSR 3000 61 Key Music Keyboard! When I turn on the Yamaha psr3000, it boots up and is stable for about 15 mins. Then it starts to reboot itself as if someone turned it off then on. The lights on the keyboard go out and there’s no sound. Meanwhile, after rebooting itself several times, the Yamaha logo just flashes on the LCD screen. Then the screen goes black. I took it to Abell Audio here in Columbus,OH and they did a cold solder joint repair at the place where the adaptor connects to the keyboard. It seems to work for about 3 weeks then it returns to the above problem. Which leads me to believe there’s something else wrong! I also sent it back to Yamaha in California and claimed they couldn’t find anything wrong. Is there anything wrong with the circuit board on my Yamaha PSR 3000? – Reyguel Nious (columbus,oh usa)

Piano Turns But Nothing Else Functions
I live in the Republic of Panama. I had a technician look at our Technic SX – PX71 digital piano yesterday and evaluate why the keyboard will not function. The piano turns on and the demos play, but the keyboard does not function. He determined that the problem is either the mother board or the chip under the keyboard on the left side. He recommended beginning with that part first. So we are looking for the following part, that we hope will also include the “keying” strip (that’s the best word the Spanish speaker technician could come up with in English).

The number on the chip is:
M7 U042-016

Replacement parts are usually sourced by the main company. I know it can be difficult with Technic as they no longer seem to be supported. Check with a local music shop. The thing with such types of repair is that it is difficult to do it all by yourself unless you are good at computer repair work. – Martin

I have a Casio PX-320 digital piano and one day when I switched it on nothing was working, no keys no buttons, nothing. All there is an E on the LCD display with a vertical line next to it and a horizontal line coming out of the middle of that. Not an actual letter. I read in the manual that E-A means that the internal memory is faulty so it could be that it is showing only part of the A. Or could it be something else? Would greatly appreciate any help before I send it for an out of warranty repair. – Richard (Nottingham, UK)

Hi, I just have a question? I took my 10 year old piano digital to a certified repair for Casio and for some reason until they could not call me back for an answer. I Paid $160 for the trouble shooting but until now no one had call me yet. The problem is NO sounds, display lights half are on. My sons said before it went away badly a weird sounds just came all over and it died. It may not be the internal memory but one of the internal connections for the display that is probably loose or disconnected. Please any suggestions??? I appreciate…Ricky (Houston Texas)

digital piano keyboard  turn on

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    Carl William Chua July 29, 2016 at 6:14 am

    I have a Casio CTK-240 but it won’t open now.. How to fix this.. Please help me..

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    Gaya August 9, 2016 at 10:15 pm

    Hi, I have had a Yamaha p-95 digital piano for a few years now, haven’t played it for about a year. After turning it on today, it works for about 2-3 mins before turning off and doesn’t work when I try to turn it on again. Anybody got any ideas?

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    Trisha January 13, 2017 at 2:22 am

    I have a 20yrs old its a Baldwin GRP3 Baby-Grand Its stopped wont turn on in power…….its in excellent condition only stored for 9yrs wrapped in ARK storage not air tight storage so weather could of effected it…………it did turn on and play for 30sec then NOTHING?HELP I truly love this and spent all my divorce $$ on it..a true lover of music……..thanks,dream420012@yahoo.con

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    Jet kwan February 27, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    A few weeks ago i connected my technics sx pr 52 with a faulty power cable

    Thing went off with a bang and an orange spark, never turned on since.

    Have i fried something?

    Is this repairable?

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    Craig Schiefelbein August 23, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    I have a Kawai Digital Piano ( Model L1)that has not been used for several years. It has been moved then stored. I assembled it in Europe and just used an American adapter to plug it in.There was no power when I pushed the power switch. (I believe the curent here is 220 v.) I then used an 220 to 120 transformer but still no power at keyboard. Is there a fuse they may be burnt or the 120AC to 12 DC adapter bad?

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    Elsa DePas November 8, 2017 at 12:28 pm

    I have a Casio 601. Power light comes on but the keys or nothing else has power. The red power light won’t turn off unless I unplug from direct current. Sure would appreciate an answer.

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    Danny November 15, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    I have a Baldwin DVP80 Digital Grand piano that will no longer power up.

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    Danny November 15, 2017 at 6:48 pm

    I have a Baldwin DVP80 Digital Grand that won’t power on.

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