Digital Piano Keyboard: Sound, Volume, Speakers Related Issues

Kawai CN 390 digital Pianos – No sound from my piano…The sound doesn’t work on my Kawai CN 390 digital piano. My piano was working fine up until this week and now there is no sound coming out of the piano. All the led and power lights are working fine which makes me believe that only the connection or power supply to the speakers could be a problem. Any suggestions for my Kawai CN 390 digital piano? – Frances (harelysville, pa, usa)

Digital Piano Keyboard: Sound, Volume, Speakers Related Issues

Digital Piano Keyboard: Sound, Volume, Speakers Related Issues

How to Replace the Internal Speakers of a Digital Piano Keyboard. Although most digital pianos are quite reasonably price nowadays, some of them can sound very uninspiring, and its because of their built-in speakers. You can make adjustments to the sound using the controls provided on the instrument, but most of the time its not going to make a huge difference (depending on the model). On my piano, when I pan the sound, it makes the lower notes louder from the left speaker, and higher notes from the right. However, when I plug the keyboard to external speakers, there’s no panning. And though one may connect the digital keyboard to an external amp or connect it to the computer via midi and get a better sound, I was wondering of there’s any way that the built-in speakers of a digital piano/keyboard can be replaced or upgraded? Is it possible to disconnect the built-in speakers and connect those wires to external speakers (have spare 20 watt passive external speakers)? I did check the connection/wiring of the internal speakers inside the digital piano, but am not familiar with the way the speakers are wired. And way this can be done? Thanks for all your suggestions! – BluesKeys (Tampa, florida)

I would still say that the keyboard amp is a much more convenient solution. If you have a home studio you may use the speakers of your studio setup. If you’re connecting to external speakers, make sure you keep the volume low at first until you’re sure it’s working. Best is to use an amplifier between the digital piano and the speakers. The Headphone output of a digital keyboard is usually around line level, which means its not good enough to power speakers, but you may plug it into the line in of an amplifier. I would suggest using at least 25W per side if you’re going to use efficient, PA type of speakers, and if its going to be home stereo speakers, I suggest you use at least 50W. When using external speakers, the better the quality, the better will be the sound projected. A powered subwoofer can help you get better low end bass output, and also reduce inter-modulation distortion. So if you intend to use external speakers, go for powered subwoofer. – JK

Hello, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m searching for the volume pot of the CASIO CT-700 music keyboard. Do you have one of this? How much would it cost with cheap shipping to my country? Thanks – Alan

How are you going to fix it even if someone supplies to it? Do you know how to open up that thing? You may check with some local technician who repairs electronics such as radio or television. He might have a spare which might fit in there – BG

Headphone got stuck in the Jack of Digital Piano. I have a Yamaha Digital Piano CLP-820 that needs repair but am having trouble finding a repairman. I believe a piece of the headphone got stuck in the jack and it registers that the headphone is still in place and so I do not get any sound when I turn it on. Can you help me find a repairman in my area (Northern Illinois) to fix my Yamaha CLP-820 Digital Piano – Devra

Static Noise from Speakers of My Digital Piano Keyboard. I bought a used C-15 Korg and I probably did not test it out well enough because when I got home and set it all up I started to hear static noise and popping sound from one of the speakers. I thought it was electrical interference at first and added a noise filter, but then realized it was the speaker. I added an auxiliary speaker but it did not help. So now it seems like it’s not just the speaker but something more. Do you happen to know what it may be? There is a constant sound coming through the built-in speakers from powering on and it increases/decreases with the volume control. Does not affect any other function. The same can also be heard through headphones, but not both at the same time. The fault is not with the keys as they have been disconnected from the main board and the sound still persists. There are no external devices connected. All surrounding electronic devices, TV’s etc removed to eliminate external interference. I have a similar problem on my piano where I get a static noise that varies between a soft swish to a loud thunderstorm. I do not know what causes the variations. I have unhooked the speakers and tried others and the static remains. The fuses also check out. I have cleaned the key sensors, wire connections, speaker connections, vacuumed the case, used computer dusting spray and have spent so many hours trying to find the answer. If anyone has information, I would love to hear it. – Lee (Canada)

The static noise could be because of the speakers itself (loose contacts) or because of voltage fluctuation. In either case, I guess you will have to show it to a technician – Ben

Volume does not get loud on my Piano keyboard. The Volume does not get loud on my Yamaha psr keyboard. It is like someone hit a mute button, the volume goes up and down but it is very, very low even when turned all the way up. This is very strange as you can hear the volume change, but it is very quiet. All the controls work except the volume. Love my Yamaha psr keyboard; do not want to get rid of it though – Rich (four oaks, nc, usa)

No Sound Everything comes on but I am not getting when sound when I play the keys. My wife had been playing for 2 or 3 minutes and the sound stopped stopped while she was playing. She plugged in the ear phones and the sound returned briefly (20 to 30 seconds) and again did not make any associated noise – Mira

Hi guys, i have a yamaha psr 1000. I was using a generator when suddenly the sound went off. All other features are functioning properly but no sound except the metronom when pressed produces the sound from the speakers. Other digital volume control settings are o.k. The audio IC seems to be ok too but styles, keys, voices and demos no sound, please help – Darlington Andambi (Kenya)

No sound on Suzuki HP-80D digital piano. Everything works, but there is no sound on my Suzuki HP-80D digital piano. I recently purchased a used Suzuki HP-80D digital piano. Everything worked great until I plugged a headset into the headset jack. I’ve checked with a technician, and I used the correct type of jack adapter for my Bose headphones. There was no sound in the headset, so I unplugged the headset and plugged it into the second jack. There was still no sound, so I completely removed the headset and tried to play the piano. Now, there is no sound through the speakers. What could possibly have happened to the system speakers just from plugging an appropriate headset adaptor into the jack? The technician told me it will cost $100 just to look at it, and that won’t include any parts, labor, or anything involved with fixing the problem. Does anyone have experience that would help me troubleshoot this problem by myself? I haven’t even been able to find troubleshooting information for the HP-80D online. – Jo Ann (Lincoln, NE)

Suzuki HP-80D sound…As with most electronics items, there could be various reasons why it has happened, and there is only so much that you could do on your own. Usually, this happens when the digital piano has been not in use for a long time and probably stored in a very humid place. Another reason could be someone accidentally stepping on some wires or in case it falls down. The options that you could try doing are: Try doing a factory reset; you should be able to find it in the user-manuals. In case that doesn’t work, check if the MIDI is off. This can be a bit tricky as the settings for this differs based on the piano make. Usually you go to the MIDI settings area, find the setting for LOCAL Control, and ensure it is ON. But again, the problem could also be with the internal circuitry, because of which the right connections are not happening. In that case, I’m afraid you may need to contact qualified electronic technician. Here’s a video demo of Suzuki HP-80D – Ben

No sound on my Kawai CP150 Concert Performer Digital Piano. No sound on my Kawai CP150 Concert Performer Digital Piano! When the power is turned on, everything lights up but there is no sound. Any Ideas? Possibly amplifier failure? – Leepora
I am sorry to say that the the cpu/epom board has gone down on your Kawai CP150 concert – Steve

I have no sound on my Korg C45 digital piano. While playing my Korg C45 digital piano it made a snapping/static noise and volume was reduced to minimal then on trying to play later it did the same thing and then there was no sound at all. Any suggestions please! – Belva

Probably a faulty volume control (slider) – there may be dirt interrupting the contact, or the contact worn out. I once had this problem. I could get sound if I let the instrument warm up for about 30 to 45 minutes – eddy bourjolly (brooklyn ny, us)

There is no sound whatsoever coming from my Kawai PN80 piano although the power light and the instrument panel ones work…so that rules out the adapter. Besides, the piano is hardly moved! Could it be an internal battery of some sort that needs replacing on my Kawai pn80 piano? Thanks for your help and suggestions- EB

Same problem same KR 5500 Digital Piano, 19 years done. Spent $160 on technican to be told computer is not working. He advised Roland may narrow the problem to a chip or two. I will have to transport the whole piano into Roland if they agree to diagnose and if they still carry parts. The cost to replace the whole computer would be too high. I think I am screwed. Time frame is after New Yr. – 55 not alive

Call a professional organ or digital piano keyboard technician! Preferably one that is an authorized service center for Roland products.(Check on the Roland Website) If you are in central Florida check out – Anonymous

Try this for your Roland KR-5500. Disconnect the two flat cables of your keyboard (inside the piano), spray them in with dry contact cleaner and reconnect! Sorry for my English, I don’t use it so much – Osy

Lights work but no volume for my TECHNICS SX-PX552/m Piano. My piano stopped producing sound one day, with no prior symptoms. The lights go on when the power is tuned on, and they appear to function normally when I change modes. I have ordered some 1/4″ phone jack adaptors to see if there is any output from either the headphone output or the output jack in back, but have not received the adaptors yet. I have printed out the service manual, which is about 150 pages long, so I can look at the circuit diagrams, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to start while wait for the adapters? I have a digital multimeter, but do not have an oscilloscope – Nolan Perreira

I need to replace the speakers for Korg NC-300 digital piano. Can you mail the speakers to Hawaii? 10 cm base reflex type (Qty = 2) Please let me know of the cost for speakers plus shipping – JK

Get in touch with Korg to find if they sell only the internal speakers separately. You’ll still have to open up the digital piano yourself to replace the speakers – Peter

This keyboard works fine except the volume level. At full volume it is just about right for a quiet room. With headphones you have to turn it up fully. I replaced the stereo amp IC with no difference. What next?
Can you replace internal speakers – Anonymous

Piano Sounds As If Underwater, Echoes
I have a Suzuki SS-90D that sounds weird. Every instrument I select will sound like it’s a spacey sound. I wrote to Suzuki asking for help for repair as they don’t have a repair centre in Singapore. After 4 email, no reply has been forthcoming. Will appreciate if anyone can tell what the problem is and the specific IC or transistor or whatever the problem is as I can change components but I need to know what to do. Thanks all!

suzuki ss90d piano

It could be the speakers as well. Did you try listening to it through headphones or through external speakers. – Suresh

It could be that you may have selected one of the effects button which is doing that. If it is not, then try doing a factory reset. If that doesn’t work too, then it could be a circuit problem. – Xl1

Static popping and hiss after installing VE-JV1E expansion board on my Roland A90 88-key MIDI Keyboard Controller.
I just bought a mint in the box (still had its original shrink wrap) VE-JV1E module for my Roland A90, but when I press the keys, I get a static popping and hiss. The sound dies off till a new key is pressed. Also, this popping goes away if I leave the keyboard on for a while and dies down to an occasional light pop in between notes. What can I do to fix this! Is it the VE-JV1E Expansion Board or my Roland A90 88-key MIDI Keyboard Controller? I love my music keyboard, and just bought it, so I’d rather not have to pay for another one. Please help! – Jordan (Monterey, CA)

Did you try re-installing the board? Both are good products and should work fine. – Gerome

I need the board that HOLDS the CR2032 battery in place. Mine broke in the process of removing the old battery. I also need the board that holds the BENDER plug (ASSY 70638390) Other numbers nearby are CN 401 and CN 402. Mostly I need the battery holder board. – Clay Jolly (poulsbo WA)

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    Roger October 15, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    No sound from your piano???
    It’s usually as simple as the relay that turns off the internal speakers when the headphones are plugged in. It won’t ‘relay’ the signal back to the internal speaker(s) when you disconnect (unplug) the headphones. Happened to me.

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      Shaili Chawla November 20, 2016 at 9:59 pm

      Yes this has happened with my piano. After taking out the headphone, the sound is not coming from piano speaker. Please help with the solution, what shall I do to rectify the same. I have tried putting head phone again many times and taking it out but still the piano not having signal back to internal speaker

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    Ernest November 12, 2016 at 10:13 pm

    Gud day i bought a piano abt a week ago
    Bt i pluged it without using light stepdown and it dosen’t produce sound anymore. Wen i plug it to light it will on but it dosen’t produce sound through its speaker.

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    Stella April 24, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Hello there
    My daughter has a Fame SP-3 digital piano and after some friends of her pushed some buttons randomly , when you constantly play a note, the volume fades in and out on its own… I have tried to figure it out through the menu and functions but I didn’t find it… Her music exams are about to start!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Paul Barton September 29, 2017 at 9:17 pm

    have a kurz weil rg 200 I need to replace the speakers. need to know where to get replacement speakers and how to take apart to replace the speakers.

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    Paul Barton September 29, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    How do I get cover off Kurzweil RG 200 digital piano to replace the speakers?

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    Rochelle Goodwin October 17, 2017 at 2:30 am

    my Kr105(digital piano) was working fine. moved from Idaho to Oregon, still worked fine the first couple of weeks. Now the weather is getting cooler and the sound is very weak or muffled sounding. could it be dust, weather related or something going out. Paid a lot of money for it to go bad so quickly. no more warranty

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    Clifford L Garrison October 26, 2017 at 12:59 am

    My son’s Williams Allegro sounds like it has blown speakers; if you plug into an amplifier you get the same result.

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    Harold Donnelly February 26, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    I have a SUZUKI MDG-100 MICRO DIGITAL GRAND PIANO I have no sound when you turn it on lights up like there is no problem no sound?

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