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MP3 Music and Digital Music downloads: Here’s a simplified guide to understanding Digital Music. Get a grasp over the basics of the digital medium, learn about popular sites, services & software. Find useful Tips & Tutorials on how to get the most out of your music library.


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Digital vs Analog Music

Digital Music & audio With gadgets such as computers & MP3 players becoming so popular and used extensively for music related purposes, most of us just assume that digital music is the only way music is stored/reproduced.

However the fact is that music can be stored/reproduced in two ways – Digital as well as Analog.

Digital Music, also known as digital audio, represents sound as numerical values (similar to any other digital data). Analog systems, on the other hand, such as magnetic tapes or vinyl records, rely on physical methods to reproduce the sound.

Music that you record on computers is stored in the digital format, but when its heard through loudspeakers, there’s a mechanism that converts the digital audio format into analog format so that it can be heard through speakers.

Digitizing Not Just Limited to Music

Digitizing means converting music/audio stored on media such as vinyl records/cassettes/tapes into the digital format. The digital audio can then be played back using your favorite software media player.

Digitizing is not just limited to music/audio from cassette tapes or vinyl records. Tasks such as converting text to speech, recording streaming music, making podcasts using a microphone, involve digitizing.

Digital Audio Files for Media Players

Digital audio files (the ones that you hear through media players) are stored nowadays using various encoding formats, with the purpose of making them smaller in size without any noticeable loss in the audio quality.

Besides MP3, other popular encoding formats include AAC, WMA, OGG, WAV. Though most popular media players and applications recognize & play the more popular audio formats, you can always use a converter to convert a audio format into another popular format, in case you face any problems.

Software & Converters

Looking for more information on various audio formats, converter software, or looking for MP3 players? Here are some useful links.

Whether you want to learn how to rip a CD, or how to create playlists, or convert between audio formats, here are some easy-to-follow guides to help you with these aspects of digital music.

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