Difference Between Yamaha DGX and YPG Grand Keyboards (76 & 88 Keys)

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If you are looking for a full length piano keyboard, you may need to find out the difference between Yamaha DGX and YPG electronic keyboards.

I’m sure you may have observed that Yamaha uses the prefixes DGX as well as YPG, for all the models in the 76 and 88 keys category.

So what exactly is the difference between DGX and YPG Yamaha keyboards?

Actually there is no difference except for some minor technical differences, which can be ignored.

In fact, they are just different labeling which Yamaha uses to sell these electronic keyboards for different markets.

Difference between Yamaha DGX and YPG

For instance, you will find YPG in US and DGX in UK. The numbers may differ slightly as follows:

DGX 630 = YPG-635
DGX 620 = YPG-625
DGX-520 = YPG-525

and so on…

Not sure why Yamaha does that, but DGX or YPG basically depends on the country where it is sold, so this is probably why not everyone knows about both these models.

Even the major retailers and dealers use either of these prefixes. Retailers like Best Buy, Circuit City, sell the DGX electronic keyboards while musical instrument dealers like ZZounds, Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend sell YPG electronic keyboards.

Almost no difference except for their prefixes… or very small differences! In fact for some of the models, they use the same user manual.

Yamaha DGX

Yamaha DGX

The Yamaha DGX Keyboards are good choices if you are looking for arranger keyboards with 76 or 88 keys. The better ones come with proper weighted keys, similar to that on a real piano.

Yamaha YPG Keyboards

Yamaha YPG

As mentioned, the YPG keyboards are not much different from the DGX ones, and are available in 76 and 88 keys. These are also arranger keyboards and the top models come with proper weighted keys.

Yamaha Keyboards

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