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DAW Recording Software: The Heart of Your Recording Studio

Learn about DAW / MIDI Sequencer and music recording software programs. This is where you do all the recording and editing of your sound tracks.

Once you have got your computer sorted out, you will need a recording software to start working. This is basically a software program for managing your tracks, editing them, applying effects, and it is from here that you create your final mix.

There are lots of software programs out there (the industry standard is protools) so you may want to check this article out, to read more on what would be the best software available for your situation.

But then the sequencer is not the only software that you will need. The other software that you will need is the various kinds of sounds and effects that you will need for your music.

When you are making music, you will need different kinds of sounds such as synths, pianos, guitars, band instruments, orchestral and other sound effects. The more types of sounds you have, the more creative you can get and the more unique you can make your music to sound.

The basic recording software program that you choose does come with a basic set of sounds but then if you need more, you can go for extra sound and effects, which come in the form of software libraries and sound plugins.

DAW Recording Software

The MIDI Sequencer is the heart of your recording studio. This is where you do all the recording and editing of your sound tracks.

Also known as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), the MIDI Sequencer is where you mix all your tracks and make the final output which can be copied to a CD.

Hardware or Software?

One thing to understand is that a sequencer can be a piece of software or it can be a feature provided within your electronic keyboard itself.

A workstation would have a full fledged sequencing ability, giving you all the tools to do your recording/editing work.

On the other hand if you would like to use your computer to do your recording work, you will need midi sequencer software.

Important Features

Let us have a look at some important features of any sequencing tool.

Almost all the sequencing software lets you add more than hundred tracks. You can add both audio as well as Midi tracks.

You can even import audio files into your MIDI sequencing software and incorporate them in your recordings.

An easy to use editor is an important feature to have as you will be making a lot of changes to your recording before you produce your final mix.

Sequencers lets you edit audio/midi tracks and come with a lot of features to make the editing an easier task.

Mixer lets you create the right balance between the various tracks in any musical arrangement. You can adjust the volumes of each track using the sliders provided.

Effects/VST Instruments
Effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, vocoder, etc. makes your recording sound more interesting and realistic.

All the sequencing software come with a decent set of built-in effects which can be used in your recording but if you want the best effects available, you will need to buy them!

Audio Processing
After mixing your tracks you need to use audio processors like equalizer and compressors to make your recording sound better and punchier.

The sequencing software comes with built-in equalizers and compressors which can be used in your recording but the best equalizers/compressors do not come free. They are available as VST instruments which need to be bought.

Other features
Besides the above mentioned features, sequencing software come with numerous other features which lets you record/edit complex musical arrangements with ease. Some of these features are –

  • Freeze tracks to avoid accidental changes
  • Clean up your vocal tracks using features like pitch correction, dynamics, and vibrato
  • High quality time stretching
  • Automate your tracks/plug-ins during record and playback
  • Import video and add your score to the video as a thumbnail track
  • Various Products

    Sonar, Tracktion, Logic Pro, Ableton Live and Cubase are some of the popular DAW sequencing & recording software available in the market.

    These software lets you record both audio as well as midi tracks. They come with all the features mentioned above and a lot more.

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