Steinberg Cubase Pro 9: Advanced Digital Audio Music Production

Steinberg version 9 of Cubase Pro, Artist, and Elements digital audio workstation software for Windows and Mac.

Get started with audio music recording, editing and mixing! Cubase is one of the most powerful and stable sequencers around! Learn more about the recording software – from optimizing your computer for audio, to using VST instruments and mixing.

Cubase Pro 9 runs on the award-winning Steinberg audio engine. You get unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks and up to 256 physical inputs and outputs to accommodate even the most demanding sessions.

Cubase Review

  • Want to setup an Advanced Music Production System?
  • Want to record Vocals? Looking for Vocal Editing and Pitch Correction?
  • Looking for capabilities to record Unlimited Audio / MIDI tracks?
    Looking for capabilities which
  • can extend to complete Mastered tracks?

Checkout Cubase Pro 9 Music production software from Steinberg! This is one of the best music production & recording software out there.

Available in 3 variants.

  • Cubase Pro: Nothing beats the Pro, for professional producers, composers and mixing engineers
  • Cubase Artist: Discover the artist within you. Provides a comprehensive set of tools tailored to instrumentalists and songwriters.
  • Cubase Elements: Welcome to the world of Cubase. Provides a straightforward way to record high-quality audio.

For the first time, all the products is being made available to the end users to let customers decide which one suits their needs.

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 – Key Features

  • Up to 192 kHz, 5.1 surround, flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation
  • Unlimited audio, instrument and MIDI tracks and up to 256 physical inputs and outputs
  • MixConsole with integrated high-end channel strip, VCA faders, Loudness Meter, Wave Meters
  • Complete suite of over 90 high-end audio and MIDI VST effect processors
  • VariAudio for MIDI-style note editing of mono audio tracks, automatic voicing harmonization and auto-tuning effects
  • Intelligent compositional tools like Chord Track, Chord Pads and the advanced Chord Assistant
  • Comprehensive set of 8 outstanding instruments with over 3,400 sounds
  • Full VST Expression 2 with Note Expression, VST Dynamics and Expression Maps
  • Perfect integration of external hardware effect devices and instruments
  • VST Connect SE and VST Transit cloud collaboration services

Steinberg Cubase Pro 9 – Video Demo

Watch: New Features in Cubase Pro 9

Cubase Tutorials – The Recording Process

So you are all set to use your computer for audio production? This Cubase tutorial will give you a basic understanding of how to use the various elements like digital audio, loops, and MIDI to create your own songs.

Though this product provides a lot of features, you just need to be aware that it is a sequencer that will help you manage all your tracks, including audio as well as midi tracks.

Launch the application and open a new file to work on your tracks. You will find that the main window can broadly be classified into 4 areas:

  • Top – You will find all your menu options
  • Left – Names/Details of all your tracks, Audio as well as MIDI
  • Right – Arrangement window containing all information about the musical notes!
  • Bottom – Transport Bar having options like start, stop, move forward, move backward, repeat/loop and so on.

The topics of your interest in these cubase tutorials should be around adding audio and MIDI tracks, using the transport Bar, using the mixer and effects, and exporting the final wav file.

Let us explore these further!

As you add more and more bars to your song, listening to the entire song every time you make changes to a particular section can be quite time consuming. This is where you use the Repeat/Loop feature. Using the Left and Right Locators you can repeat just a few bars of your song.

Edit Audio
You have lots of tools available to edit your audio tracks. Using the Import option in the File menu, click on Import to get your audio file into Cubase. This will make your audio track to start at the position of the left locator.

Now you just need to double click on this block and a popup window will come up showing all the editing features.

Using MIDI Tracks
Once you have connected your electronic keyboard and configured your MIDI track to recognize the keyboard, you can capture the notes you play on the MIDI track. Alternatively, you can also draw the notes using the pen tool in the midi editor. Once you have your midi track in place, you need to set its channels output to a sound producing device to be able to hear the notes.

This product provides some basic virtual instruments that you can use. Go to Panels -> Virtual Instruments and choose an instrument. To get a better sound, you can buy additional virtual instruments. There are many that keep on coming out from time to time.

Mix the Tracks
This cubase sx tutorial tells you about Mixing. Once you have all your tracks, you need to mix the tracks. Mixing basically would mean adjusting the volumes of the tracks vis-à-vis each other and to add effects to the various tracks to produce an enhanced sound.

To have a look at the mixer, go to Panels -> Mixer. You will find channel strips for the various tracks.

Some of the EFFECTS that you can add – reverb, equalizer, compressors, etc. Just notice the difference it makes to the sound. You just can’t do without effects!

Note: There are two types of effects, Insert effects and Send effects. Insert effects apply only to the specific channel to which it is applied. Send effects can be applied to multiple channels.

Also note that to be able to use these effects, you need a powerful computer. If you have a low configuration computer, using these effects may cause the program to hang.

So save your work regularly!

Cubase – Prices & Buying Links

Once you are happy with your mix, you can just export your song (File -> Export) to a wav file, which you can then write to a CD. Cubase is one of the most powerful and stable sequencers around. The steps here should help you to quickly get started with creating your own mix. So have fun!

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