Computer Music Production: The Ultimate Resource

Computer Music Production

Here’s a complete guide to Computer Music Production

There has never been a good time to start recording your own music. Music recording using the digital medium makes it possible to record things at the fraction of a cost that it would take several years back.

There is no doubt that the Computer is the heart of most studios nowadays. Affordable pricing and more processing power makes them capable of doing a lot more.

Here is how you can turn your Windows PC or Mac from an average computer to a music production and performance machine.

Computer Music Production

This is a beginners guide to Music Production using computer at the core. We guide you through what software and hardware is right for you and what your options are when look for a controller, set of speakers and other recording equipment.

But in addition to your computer, you will need a few more things to get the most out of your studio. In fact you can always start with a basic setup and scale all the way up to a much more advanced studio.

At the basic level you will need the following to get started:

Electronic Music Production

  • Computer
  • Audio Interface
  • Controller Keyboard
  • Music Sequencer
  • Microphone
  • Studio Monitors
  • Of course there are several more things that you could consider such as more loops, effects software, DSP cards and so on…but then this is a good beginning.

    You can read here for reviews on these recording equipment but in general make it a rule to read various user reviews and as far as possible get a first-hand experience of the gear by visiting a music store.

    Develop a Process

    As you get better, and as you start getting more work, you will have to follow some approach or process to get the maximum done, in whatever limited time you have.

    Following a process also helps you to come up with a good final mix. Most musicians usually follow the below mentioned steps as part of music production.

    Computer Music Production

    Though one may not follow all of them in the beginning, with more experience you would realize the importance of following a structure in order to get better results.

    Here are the steps:

    1. Writing the Song, including the various parts
    2. Recording a Demo to get a feel of the song
    3. Rehearsals, so that you can get the best out of all those involved
    4. Creating the Basic Tracks
    5. Editing Music, including Overdubbing
    6. Mixing the Music
    7. Mastering

    As mentioned, some of you may not follow all the steps, especially the ones at the beginning, but following a process will always help you create better, and deliver more in the long run.

    To Conclude

    Another thing to remember is that just by buying an expensive piece of instrument will not guarantee you the best possible sound. You need to learn how to use that equipment correctly; which means you have to be judicious with your expenses, go for the basic things first and then gradually increase the number of equipment in your studio.

    How to Get Better at Electronic Music Production

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