Best Compact Synthesizers for the Serious Musician

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Compact Synthesizers are small instruments with huge synth sounds. These are perfect instruments to get started with analog modeling. The small size fits into any stage or studio rig.

These keyboards may look minimalistic but they have everything that you need. The construction quality is robust, and can be used as a midi controller as well to play soft synths. A basic understanding of synthesis is all that you need to dig into the features of these compact synth keyboards.

Korg MicroKorg Analog Modeled Synth / Vocoder

Korg MicroKorg 37-Key Analog Modeled Synth / Vocoder

The popular Korg MicroKorg comes with a huge library of analog-style synth sounds, an on-board vocoder, 8-step arpeggiator, and more, in a tiny, battery powered, 5-pound MicroKORG, and includes a cool gooseneck microphone.

And this keyboard is not just for keyboard players, the microKORG can be used by bassists who need some killer synth bass-sounds, by vocalists who want to add some sonic extras, or for that matter, by any musician.

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Waldorf Blofeld 49-Key Synthesizer

Waldorf Blofeld 49-Key Synthesizer

The 49-key Waldorf’s Blofeld synth module is one killer virtual-analog synth that’s ready for any stage or studio rig! And it looks great too, with elegant stainless-steel knobs and a metal case, this compact powerhouse is a marvel of German engineering. This killer virtual-analog synth fits in nicely in the studio as well as onstage.

Key features of Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer:

Semi-weighted keyboard synthesizer with 49 keys, velocity, and aftertouch
whopping 60 megabytes of sample memory, Over 1,000 sounds
Virtual analog, wavetable, and sample-based oscillators
Fun to use the various combination – add vocals to pads, analog sounds packed with strong attack sample and so on.
Pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, and sustain pedal connector for instant expression
Polyphony of Max. 25 voices
MIDI I/O, Class compliant USB/MIDI for Mac, PC, and Linux
Backlit graphic display
3 Oscillators, 2 filters per voice , 2 independent multi-mode filters per voice, 3 fast LFOs per voice, 4 fast Envelopes per voice
Powerful arpeggiator
Freely programmable arpeggiator pattern with up to 16 steps per sound
Internal power supply

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Moog Little Phatty II Stage

Moog Little Phatty II Stage

Although digital might be the norm today, the world’s most celebrated analog synth maker still has a great reputation among serious musicians. For around thousand dollars, the Moog Little Phatty Stage II is among the world’s most celebrated analog synths, with powerful monophonic sound, sweet arpeggiator, and a punchy voice that won’t be easily missed.

It comes with MIDI connectivity, dual VCOs and a 100% analog signal path. With Moog Music’s Little Phatty Stage II, you’ll get a powerful and punchy voice that won’t be easily missed.

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