Chord Progressions: Which (Piano/Guitar) Chord Comes Next?

A chord progression is a series of musical chords used while playing any song or piece of music.

Learning more about this topic is a great idea, most beginners already are eager to know more on how to use chords in the right manner.

This is something that beginners should aim to learn if they want progress further with their piano playing!

Here are some common progressions that you can use right away!

  1. IV – V – I
  2. II – V – I
  3. I – V – VI – IV

The key note (tonic) is denoted as note number one, the first step of the ascending scale. Chords built on each scale degree are numbered in the same way so that, for example, in the key of C, the chord progression E minor – F – G can be generally described as a three – four – five (III – IV – V) progression.

Which Piano/Guitar Chord Comes Next?

Which Piano Chord Comes Next?Is there any easy way to know which piano chord to use, or which chord to play next while playing a song?

Here’s a technique that works most of the time.

We learnt about PRIMARY CHORDS (I, IV and V chords); these are used more frequently than other chords, and you’re more likely to use them to play a song.

So, if you’re playing in the Key of C, the first chord usually will be the C chord. That leaves us with the F chord and the G chord, which are the other primary chords (see, we have already narrowed down to two chords).

So, how do your choose between the F or G chord? Here’s another simple method (though this is not a hard-and-fast rule).

For example, if the melody note is “B”, then the chord is probably a G chord. Why? Because the “B” note appears in the G chord, but its NOT there in the F chord.

Similarly, if the melody note is “A”, than I would use the F chord. Why? Because the “A” note is present in the F chord, but its NOT present in the G chord.

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Well, that’s how you use these three chords, and there are literally hundreds of songs that are made of these 3 primary chords.

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