Best Keytar Reviews

Lady gaga on keytar

Best Keytar Reviews: Keytar Prices, Used & Second-hand Keytars for Sale. The earlier keytar models were more like a midi controller; a cable used to go from the Keytar to a sound module to trigger the sounds. However, recent models such as the Roland AX synth are wireless and can generate sounds of their own. […]

First-Ever Denver Keytar Fest

The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featured several artists who displayed their skills on the keytar. Watch: The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featuring X-Ray Visionaries, Claudzilla and Cop Circles. Here’s what concert promoter Claudia Woodman has to say about the keytar: People (keyboard and piano players) like Keytar because of its portability. Most models also run […]

360 Degree Drum Kit

The 360 Degree Drum Kit may not be ready yet for consumers but its great to see how far a design can be stretched. Such products can definitely be displayed during major events/exhibitions. This unique design is the result of the project AH A MAY where various industries collaborate to create interesting products. Although the […]

KNOBCON 2016 Highlights

Knobcon is a one-of-a-kind synthesizer convention complete with performances, workshops and vendors. Attendees can get their hands on an incredible amount of equipment and talk directly with designers of some of today’s most innovative synthesizer products. Enthusiasts travel from all parts of the world to attend this yearly event. Direct access to all major forms […]

SX LAP 1 NAT Natural Lap Steel Guitar

learn guitar

SX LAP 1 NAT Natural Lap Steel Guitar reviewed here. Beautiful, full-sized lap steel (pedal steel) guitar; great for beginners. Pros: Nice looks, comes with detachable stand and carry bag Cons: slight buzzing on the low end (common on most Lap Steel Guitar), Pickup is okay (you can change it to something better later) Features […]

Roland F 120 SB Digital Piano

Roland f-120 SB digital piano

Roland F-120-SB Digital Piano is perfect in homes or apartments with limited space. When covered, it’s barely noticeable until you opens it up and start playing. If you’re a fan of the Roland brand, you’re definitely going to like this piano. Available for just over thousand dollars, the stylish F-120 uses SuperNATURAL Piano engine and […]

Digital Piano Market Research Reports

ryan gosling piano

Digital piano market reports: Here’s a professional and in-depth market research report on the current state of the industry – leading manufacturers, forecasts, industry trends, etc. Why Digital Piano Market Research Reports There are several ‘digital piano’ research reports available that cover the digital piano market around the world. So what do these reports cover? […]

Yamaha Pianicas (Melodicas)

yamaha pianica

Yamaha Pianicas (P25D, P32D and P37D) reviewed here. Pianicas are free-reed instruments, similar to instruments like accordions and harmonicas. Yamaha Pianicas: Highlights Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division announces the Pianicas, used mainly for general music education. These are easier to hold The reeds are among the best sounding The sound is loud and stable (but […]

Halloween Music & Spooky Special Effects Store


Halloween Music Store – In addition to buying Halloween costumes & costume accessories for the whole family, make this Halloween memorable with Halloween effects & lighting. Buy Halloween Spooky Special Effects by Category Fog Machines strobe lights Blacklights Bubble Machines Watch: Best scary Halloween Music Cool & scary Halloween Music – Walmart.com More Useful Links […]

The Beatles YELLOW SUBMARINE framed poster

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Poster

This versatile and affordable poster delivers sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy. Your poster is printed with an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks. Yellow Submarine was released in 1968 and featured ground-breaking design work by Czechoslovakian artist Heinz Edelmann. “As a fan of animation and as […]

iTunes Gift Cards

iTunes store has millions of songs, hundreds of thousands of apps, movies and TV shows, and a dozen libraries worth of iBooks to read or audio books. All of this content is available on-demand directly to any of your Apple devices. Downloaded content will also seamlessly sync across all your devices, so if you want […]

Pick N Glider Musician’s Chair

Pick N Glider Musician’s Chair: Attractive and sturdy chair for better posture support. The chair glides smoothly back and forth while playing. The cushions use good quality fabric. Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Durable, Easy to assemble, Good height The Pick-N-Glider Musician’s Chair is designed expressly for you pickers (Guitar, mandolin), keeping in mind your comfort and […]

PreSonus AudioBox USB Recording Interface

PreSonus AudioBox USB 2×2 USB recording interface reviewed here. The AudioBox USB is a USB bus-powered audio recording interface featuring 2 microphone/instrument inputs with 48V phantom power, 2 balanced TRS outputs, and MIDI in/out. It boasts 2 PreSonus mic preamps and Studio One Artist DAW software. Capture your ideas wherever you go. PreSonus AudioBox USB […]

Effective Music Lessons for Kids

Effective Music Lessons for Kids: Useful techniques that will make kids sit through music lessons, and useful tips that will ensure kids remain excited about music. Before I start talking about the methods and the various medium that are available to learn music, it is important to realize that unlike most other things, learning music […]

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar reviewed here. Its a stripped-down version (and less expensive as well) of their popular model. Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar: Pros & Cons Pros – Good feel & tone, Weighs less, Good pick up, Solid electronics Cons – Might need setting up Who Is It For? You can […]

Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit


Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit reviewed here. This is a great beginner (and intermediate level) drum kit, and sounds better than most average beginner’s drum kit. And its from Yamaha, a brand known for producing high quality musical instruments. This is a quality Yamaha drum kit (includes the basic parts) that features basswood and […]

Hannibal Middle School teaches students music fundamentals and music making

Hannibal Middle School, US, offers students opportunity to learn music, by conducting guitar and piano lessons. These classes offer music making opportunities to students. Music director Debbie Higbee-Roberts oversees the classes, as students in small groups learn scales, finger placements and hand positions, and songs on an electronic keyboard. “This is lifetime music,” Higbee-Roberts said. […]

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Trumpet (with case) is perfect for the beginner student. The Trumpet has a lacquer finish, stainless steel spigots and features yellow brass slide tube receivers and bell material. The case is designed to easily and safely transport the trumpet when on the go. Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet: Pros & […]

World of Keytars

Lady gaga on keytar

The Keytar is a unique and interesting music instrument. Like some musical instruments in recent years, even the Keytar seem to be making a comeback. Most keyboardists are happy performing on-stage in a seated (or standing) position, but some of them reallywish they could move around on the stage (like the guitarists). The Keytar, a […]

Singorama review

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When it comes to online singing lessons and courses, Singorama is among the top choices available. It’s one of the most comprehensive singing program. The face of Singorama is Melanie Alexander who was the lead singer in a girls pop group from Australia in the 90s. They were a huge success in Australia, and came […]

Superior Singing Method Review

music videos

The Superior Singing Method is a great singing course for anyone who wants to improve his/her singing. The course is designed by Aaron Anastasi, a professional singer and world-renowned vocal coach, who wants to spread the joy of singing to everyone via his singing course. What is Superior Singing Method? The course is aimed at […]

Portable Headphone Amp

DJ Headphones

A portable headphone amp gives you flexibility of use as you can use it with your desktop computer, or with your mp3 player, and depending on the model you choose you may even be able to use it as part of your recording setup. These are available in different models. Some of them are super […]

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