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Lady gaga on keytar

Best Keytar Reviews: Keytar Prices, Used & Second-hand Keytars for Sale. The earlier keytar models were more like a midi controller; a cable used to go from the Keytar to a sound module to trigger the sounds. However, recent models such as the Roland AX synth are wireless and can generate sounds of their own. […]

First-Ever Denver Keytar Fest

The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featured several artists who displayed their skills on the keytar. Watch: The first-ever Denver Keytar Fest, featuring X-Ray Visionaries, Claudzilla and Cop Circles. Here’s what concert promoter Claudia Woodman has to say about the keytar: People (keyboard and piano players) like Keytar because of its portability. Most models also run […]

Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit


Yamaha Gigmaker 5-Piece Drum Shell Kit reviewed here. This is a great beginner (and intermediate level) drum kit, and sounds better than most average beginner’s drum kit. And its from Yamaha, a brand known for producing high quality musical instruments. This is a quality Yamaha drum kit (includes the basic parts) that features basswood and […]

Hannibal Middle School teaches students music fundamentals and music making

Hannibal Middle School, US, offers students opportunity to learn music, by conducting guitar and piano lessons. These classes offer music making opportunities to students. Music director Debbie Higbee-Roberts oversees the classes, as students in small groups learn scales, finger placements and hand positions, and songs on an electronic keyboard. “This is lifetime music,” Higbee-Roberts said. […]

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet

Jean Paul USA TR-330 Trumpet (with case) is perfect for the beginner student. The Trumpet has a lacquer finish, stainless steel spigots and features yellow brass slide tube receivers and bell material. The case is designed to easily and safely transport the trumpet when on the go. Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet: Pros & […]

World of Keytars

Lady gaga on keytar

The Keytar is a unique and interesting music instrument. Like some musical instruments in recent years, even the Keytar seem to be making a comeback. Most keyboardists are happy performing on-stage in a seated (or standing) position, but some of them reallywish they could move around on the stage (like the guitarists). The Keytar, a […]

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