Top Music Festivals in the UK

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UK festivals are among the most renowned in the world for their creativity and some of the coolest acts are performed here. UK also happens to be the most saturated festival markets in the world. The audience, although most from the UK, also consists of several international students (UK attracts several foreign students every year). […]

Singorama review

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When it comes to online singing lessons and courses, Singorama is among the top choices available. It’s one of the most comprehensive singing program. The face of Singorama is Melanie Alexander who was the lead singer in a girls pop group from Australia in the 90s. They were a huge success in Australia, and came […]

Superior Singing Method Review

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The Superior Singing Method is a great singing course for anyone who wants to improve his/her singing. The course is designed by Aaron Anastasi, a professional singer and world-renowned vocal coach, who wants to spread the joy of singing to everyone via his singing course. What is Superior Singing Method? The course is aimed at […]

Portable Headphone Amp

DJ Headphones

A portable headphone amp gives you flexibility of use as you can use it with your desktop computer, or with your mp3 player, and depending on the model you choose you may even be able to use it as part of your recording setup. These are available in different models. Some of them are super […]

Music Motivation: Publishes songs and music books that helps students learn piano

Meet Jerald Simon, piano instructor and creator of the company Music Motivation that publishes songs and music books to help students learn piano. He also recently released a motivational book, ‚ÄúPerceptions, Parables, and Pointers. I currently live in Fruit Heights with my beautiful wife, Suzanne (Zanny), and our three wonderful children: Summer, 10; Preston, 4; […]

Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp

Roland Micro Cube guitar amplifier reviewed. This is one of the most popular battery-powered amp of all time. The new i-CUBE LINK feature providing a built-in audio interface for working with music apps on your iPhone/iPad. PROS: Weighs only a few pounds, Runs on batteries. High Quality effects Watch: Roland Micro Cube Electric Guitar Amplifier […]

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