Roland Jupiter-80 76-Key Synthesizer Keyboard Review

The Roland Jupiter-80 is a live-performance powerhouse synth with user-friendly operation, features a color touchscreen, SuperNATURAL technology and much more. If you are looking for a monster synth with some killer sounds (from pianos to synths), this is the one to consider. Roland Jupiter-80: Pros & Cons PROS: Killer sounds, Easy to Use Interface CONS: […]

Roland Fantom-G

The Roland Fantom G is a powerful workstation keyboard that is equally impressive on tour, or as part of your production studio. The Fantom-G Series comes in a choice of three keyboards G-6, G-7 and G-8, the difference being the number of keys. It is a complete portable studio and you will get all the […]

Roland Digital Piano – Explore the Various Roland Pianos

Roland Digital Piano Reviews: Their excellent musical features and high quality standard makes Roland Pianos extremely popular among music enthusiasts & pros. Since 1972, Roland has worked to create the ultimate piano experience for music enthusiasts. Packed with the best features and sounds, their stage pianos are sturdily built and gig-ready. Roland Digital Pianos: Various […]

Roland Juno (Di, DS) Synthesizers

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Roland Juno (Di, DS) Synthesizers reviewed here. Checkout the 61-key Roland Di and the Roland DS (61 and 88 keys) synths. For a long time, the Roland JUNO range of synths have been recognized for their great sounds, ease of use, and value for money. Not only are these versatile & intuitive, some of the […]

Roland GW8 Interactive Music Workstation Keyboard

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Roland GW8 Music Workstation Keyboard reviewed here. Looking for a powerful arranger that you can use as a one-man-band? The GW8 Interactive Music Workstation Keyboard is a great option if you currently don’t have the budget for the likes of the Tyros. The Roland GW-8 has a Fantom derived sound engine with some amazing sounds […]

Roland Juno Di 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Rating: The Roland JUNO-Di is a complete performance synth laden with several features, including the ability to sing along and apply voice effects through the mic. Its lightweight & portable, comes with USB slot, song player, and allows for 5 hours of battery operation. This can serve as an excellent first synthesizer keyboard. PROSEasy to […]

Roland Arranger Keyboards Reviews (FA, BK, VR Series)

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Roland Arranger Keyboards reviewed here. Roland arranger keyboard are portable, self-contained backing keyboards that come with high quality sounds, drum kits & styles, and powerful built-in spakers. Get instant access to live expressions, professional sounds and authentic backing styles from all over the world. With these Roland arrangers, its easy to Wow the crowd, thanks […]