Piano & Keyboard Benches

ProLine PL-1250 Keyboard Bench

proline pl 1250 keyboard bench

Here’s a complete review of the ProLine PL-1250 Keyboard Bench. PROS: Comfy, Large seating area, can be used by other instrument players as well CONS: Bit heavy, adjusting the height is cumbersome, not a pro-quality piano bench The ProLine PL-1250 Keyboard Bench features thick, high-comfort memory foam padding covered by tough tear-resistant vinyl that keeps […]

Guide to Keyboard Benches

keyboard bench reviews

Guide to Keyboard Benches: Here’s how to select an appropriate one to comfortably play your music keyboard / synthesizer or the piano. Introduction to Keyboard Benches Most beginners are likely to use a chair or a stool (available at home) to sit for playing their keyboard. Its because most beginner keyboard usually come bundled with […]

Antique Piano Stool

piano bench

In our earlier post, we mentioned about the more popular antique piano stool & their variants that are available, and why it makes sense to invest in one of those. Buying an Antique Piano Stool Though at times, you may land up with a good deal where the bench that you acquire may be in […]

Piano Bench: Various Types

piano bench

Here’s a quick primer on the various types of piano benches and stools. These are suitable for use with keyboards as well, and the more generic ones and can be used for other instruments as well. Quick Overview The three more common styles of piano benches used by majority of pianists as well as other […]

Piano Bench Reviews – Premium Leather, Adjustable Single & Duet Piano Benches

piano bench

Piano Bench Reviews: Checkout these premium leather made, adjustable benches with elegant looks, find single & duet piano benches that complement the looks of your piano and the surroundings. We have reviewed a range of benches to suit beginner piano players as well as experienced musicians. Although you get inexpensive keyboard benches, they’re more suitable […]

Leather Piano Bench & Cushions

piano bench

A leather piano bench is perfect for the experienced pianist and even for the serious student, and is a perfect fit, be it the concert stage, music studio or home practice room. Artist Piano Bench Artist Piano Benches are basically the best quality piano benches – style, comfort, and usability – that you can find […]

Antique Piano Bench

Lovers of antiques and vintage stuff definitely would love to have an Antique Piano Bench at home. In fact, there are many who don’t even play the piano but love to collect antique furniture. I’m sure if you like collecting vintage stuff, you would jump at the opportunity if you were told that a piano […]

Premium Piano Bench Cushions

piano bench

Premium Piano Bench Cushions: It is not just the piano players who are using benches; other musicians also want to be seated comfortably while playing their favorite music instrument. This means that benches are becoming more and more comfortable. Besides, if one buys an expensive piano, using the best accessories makes sense to complement the […]

World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench

piano bench

World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench reviewed here. This is a nice, comfortable, and convenient bench, suitable for the average piano player/student. The World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench is a reasonably-priced, height-adjustable keyboard bench that will let you play the piano in comfort. Keyboard players can expect more comfort because of the large bench […]

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