Music Stands

Music Stand: How to Use

how to use music stand

There is no doubt that a stand is useful for any musician who relies on music sheets for their performances. Here’s how to use a music stand the right way to get the most benefit out of it. Are you one of those musicians who do not rely entirely on their memory for performing on […]

K & M Oboe Stand

music stands

Here’s a complete review of K & M Oboe Stand. This compact stand fits all recent models of oboe. Its lightweight, compact, very sturdy and very handy! Features Here are the main features of the K & M Oboe Stand: Compact oboe stand Black plastic peg and detachable metal base Zinc die-cast legs ensure durability […]

Ingles Adjustable Violin and Viola Stand

Ingles adjustable violin and viola stand

The Ingles Adjustable Violin and Viola Stand is a top notch stand with excellent design. Its compact and can be folded quickly, adjusting the height is easy (including that of the bow hook). Basically, all you need do is tighten your bow. So you don’t have to waste any time setting up your instrument, instead […]

Handcrafted Wood Music Stand

Handcrafted Wood Music Stand A Handcrafted wood music stand is one any music connoisseur would love to go for. If you are a classical music enthusiast or an experienced musician, you will surely have an affinity towards wood as a construction material, primarily because it is the source of any acoustic instrument sound. Besides, a […]

Opening a Music Stand Correctly & Safely

music stands

Here’s How to Open a Music Stand Correctly to Prevent Damaging it Most music stands nowadays, especially the metal ones, are fold-able with an eye on making it more compact. This is obviously a good thing as almost everyone needs a music accessory that is lightweight and can be carried along with ease, if required. […]

Tabletop Music Stand for Sheet Music

tabletop sheet music stand

Tabletop Music Stand for Sheet Music: Most popular sheet music stands now come with a desktop version that makes it much more portable. These stands can be used in home music studios, classrooms, or any situation where a desktop music stand is more practical and convenient. The rubber pads under the shelf and a rubber […]

Parts & Accessories for Sheet Music Stands

music stands

Sheet Music Stands & Accessories. Guide to the various types of music Stands, especially sheet music stands, the best brands available & related music stand accessories. Accessories are not just available only for musical instruments, here are parts & accessories available for music stands that will help you get the most out of your purchase. […]

Music Stand: Keeping Pace with Technology

music stand reviews

For several years, the music stand has played an important role for all musicians, as a reliable holder of a musical score. However, as with many other things, even the stand has undergone a lot of changes, especially with advancements in technology. A score-holding gadget attached to a microphone stand…have you seen that yet? If […]

Music Instrument Stands

Guitar stand

Music Instrument Stands. Here you’ll find a list of all product groups in Instrument Stands. These are stands that are used to rest the instrument itself, and not really for holding the sheets. You get stands for practically every instrument – Guitars and Basses, Drums & Percussion, Violin, keyboards & pianos, Brass Instruments and even […]

Top 10 Best Music Stand Reviews

music stand reviews

Here are reviews of the best Music Stands available across various price ranges, and for different needs. There’s nothing like watching a performer play live music; if you’re a performer of any type you will need a music stand – be it for school, home, busking or the concert hall. We have listed some quality […]

Stageline MS40 Wooden Music Stand

stageline ms40 music stand

Looking for a wooden music stand? Read our review on the Stageline MS40 Wooden Music Stand, and see how it compares with the other stands out there. The MS40 is an European-crafted wood music stand, in beautiful Oak finish. Adjustable height 45-Inch – 61-Inch . Base spread 18-Inch. Book plate 13.5-Inch x 20-Inch. Pros & […]

K & M Trumpet Stand KC

KM trumpet stand kc

K & M Trumpet Stand KC reviewed here. The K & M Trumpet Stand KC is a great stand that can be used for practicing, concerts or jazz bands. Its compact and the 5 legs makes it much more stable (than the 3-legged stands). The legs fold into the stand and the whole thing fits […]

Best Metal Music Stand for Sheet Music

music stands

A metal music stand is usually foldable and quite portable, and tend to be cheaper compared to wooden stands. These are quite popular among musicians — designed for beginners as well as experienced musicians. These can be used for practice at home, in Studio, Church, Band, Symphony, etc. Folding metal music stands are the most […]

On-Stage SM7311W Wood Music Stand Review

On-stage sm7311w music stand

On Stage SM7311W Music Stand reviewed here. This is a practical stand that comes with all the features demanded by today’s orchestra musician, including a folding tripod base for convenient storage and travel. Height adjustable from 24″-45″. Solid wood bookplate with a Rosewood finish, 13 1/2″ x 19″ with 2″ return lip. On Stage SM7311W: […]

Musician Stand: Buying Guide

music stands

Almost every musician needs a music stand to be able to read music. Whether its for practicing or performing, you’ll most likely require a stand for your music. So its important to find a suitable musician stand that allows you to comfortably read music while playing. What’s Its Purpose If the purpose of your musician […]

Sheet Music Stand: Types & Designs

sheet music stands

Music Stand: Various Types & Designs. Music stands and accessories are used by music schools, theatres, private musicians worldwide, music teachers and students. There are several choices available to musicians such as those that are made of metal or wood, the lightweight and the folding ones, and ones that can be kept on top of […]

Best Wooden Music Stand: Reviews

music stands

A wooden music stand looks classy, is visually appealing and projects the image of a professional musician / group of musicians. Wood was quite prominent several years back but then metal music stands have started gaining popularity lately, mostly because they are inexpensive. But the attractiveness and sturdiness of wood music stands has ensured that […]

Sheet Music Stand: Guide & Reviews

Sheet Music Stand: Helps hold sheet music / music books so that you can sight read comfortably. Read more about the designs, types and reviews of the best ones, and why it makes sense to buy a good quality one Sheet Music Stands: Types & Reviews Sheet Music Stand: Design & Types Best metal sheet […]

Wooden Music Stand Plans

DIY Wooden Music Stand Plans Fancy making your own wooden music stand and are looking for DIY Wooden Music Stand Plans to help you make one? Here are some plans and ideas that will help you make your own wood music stand. You Need a Woodworking Plan It is very easy to put up a […]

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