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Top / Best Piano Apps for iPhone

Here are reviews of the latest and the best piano apps for iPhone. Pianist, Piano Sharp, Real piano, Pianochords, Piano Man, PianoTutor are some of the popular piano applications available on iTunes. You can also checkout Piano Melody Pro and Piano Melody free. Another cool device is MIDI Mobilizer, that lets you play, record, and […]

10 Best FREE Android Music Apps

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Top Android Music Apps: Music Apps Everybody likes to listen to music, and while streaming is a great service, there are times when it makes sense to listen to music that is stored locally on your device. Besides, streaming can eat up your mobile data (and mobile data plans are becoming expensive). You will need […]

Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons Software Reviews Here are reviews of the best violin lessons software / courses. These programs provide comprehensive and structured video based learning, besides being much more cost effective. You will not find many online learning software programs, when it comes to learning to play the violin, as compared to piano or the guitar. […]

Learn & Master Piano Vs Rocket Piano

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Learn & Master Piano and Rocket Piano are two of the more popular piano products out there. Here’s how they compare. Both of these products come with video instructions, diagrams, exercises and various books that will assist you in learning how to play. However, Rocket Piano is available in a downloadable program, which you can […]

Rocket Piano Learning Software Review

Top Reasons to Consider the Rocket Piano Learning Software – Here’s a Detailed Review One of the topmost downloadable piano courses, Rocket Piano comes from the same people who made the highly successful guitar course Jamorama. Here is your Rocket Piano Review! Suitability Suitable for Beginners to Intermediate Players! This course is perfect for learners […]

Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons Courses Review Here are reviews of the best Singing Lessons courses. These are packed with several different practice sessions to help you increase your vocal range. So get started now to become a much better singer. Structured Singing Lessons If you are wondering if it is possible to learn to sing using a […]

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