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Transducer Explained: An Important Component in Microphones & Loudspeakers

Transducer Explained: This is an important part found within microphones and loudspeakers What are These? Microphones, loudspeakers, position and pressure sensors, antenna; these are some of the devices which make use of these components. A Transducer is basically an electric / electronic device that converts energy from one form to another. An example well suited […]

Recording Microphones: Guide & Reviews

microphones buying guide

Understanding Recording Microphones, various techniques used, and the best options available for your studio. An important component needed to get the sound into your recording computer is a Microphone. Though these are used primarily by those interested in acoustic music, even those into electronic sound may at times want something to get in analog sounds […]

Yamaha Live Digital Mixing Console/Desk

Yamaha Pro Audio, Inc. provides a complete line of professional audio products for the live sound and sound reinforcement markets. Their digital consoles can be used for small to large scale live sound, corporate speech events, installations, and much more. Yamaha Digital Mixing Console “QL Series” The acclaimed CL series from Yamaha provides an unprecedented […]

Multi Track Recorder: Buying Guide

multi-track recorder

While producers and musicians continue to use digital audio workstations, computers and other recording equipment, there are some (singer/songwriters, touring bands) who still enjoy using a multi-track recorder. Here’s our shopping guide on the best multitrack recorders. How to Choose the Best Multi Track Recorder? We have discussed the most common method of recording music, […]

Zoom Multitrack Recorders, Reviews

multi-track recorder

Zoom is a popular brand that makes a wide array of recording devices, including multi-track recorders. With Zoom recorders, you can instantly transform any environment into a recording studio. Find the best prices on a wide selection of Zoom Multi-track recorders. Best Zoom Multi-track Recorders You get flexible input and output options for any situation, […]

Best Preamp Reviews

music production

Preamp Reviews: Here are the various options that you can consider to get a warm & punchy sound quality from your recording setup. Why Use Them? A pre-amplifier may come built-in as part of another device, such as audio interface, or can be bought separately. These are required to boost the signals, especially when recording […]

Bestsellers Music Recording Equipment

home recording studio equipment

Check out the best selling studio & recording equipment – mics, audio interfaces, multitrack recorders, software, speakers, accessories and more. List of Bestselling Products Set up your recording studio with microphones, mixers, studio monitor speakers, interfaces and DAW software. We will take a look at home audio gear too. Here are some of the best […]

Acoustic Treatment Materials: Foams, Panels & Other Best Absorption & Isolation Materials

Auralex studiofoam tfusor sound diffuser

Acoustic Treatment materials that almost every professional studio uses to absorb & diffuse sound. These usually go on the wall or the ceilings and helps to get the best sound while recording. Best Acoustic Treatment (Absorption & Isolation) Materials Here are some of the recommended acoustic treatments materials for your studio. Auralex 2″ Studiofoam Wedgie […]

Shure Motiv Digital Microphones

shure motiv digital microphones

Shure is a trusted brand when it comes to recording microphones, and now they have released a new collection of portable plug-and-play digital microphones, under the MOTIV series. And you get the easy plug-and-play feature without having to sacrifice on the sound quality. The Shure MOTIV digital microphones come with intuitive controls, smart technology and […]

XLR Connectors (Male & Female)

xlr connectors

Understanding XLR Connector: How did these get invented and the use of XLR Connectors in professional audio, video If you have spent some time learning about audio and video production, then you would have definitely come across XLR connectors, especially when it comes to Balanced audio. Why Use These? These are used primarily for a […]

Decibel: Basics for Musicians

Decibel (DB) explained. You’ll hear this term quite often when using amps, electronic devices, and audio software. If you have some experience using audio software, or even if you have closely looked at the specs of some of the electronic equipment, you’ll probably have come across this terminology. What is It? Though you may have […]

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

recording microphones

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone: Time tested favorite for recording drums, guitar amps, and more — on stage or in the studio. Shure SM57: Pros & Cons Pros: Proven (legendary), inexpensive Studio Mic. All-rounder mic, great for drums Cons: Its not the “best” mic for vocals or for delicate acoustic instruments Shure SM57: Review The SM57 […]

Home Recording Equipment Reviews

recording equipment reviews

Home Music Recording Equipment Reviews Recording our own music is easy nowadays, and its affordable as well. There’s definitely a learning curve involved because you need to learn how to use the various recording equipment together, in order to create music that sounds really good. But there’s tons of free information and tutorials out there, […]

MPD vs MPC Controller

MPD vs MPC Controller: Here’s how they differ from each other. What’s the Difference? The main difference is that one is just a MIDI controller whereas the other has a built-in sound engine. MPC (Music Production Controller) is a hardware that has the ability to generate its own sounds. MPD (MIDI Pad Controller) is a […]

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