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Steinberg The Grand 3 Virtual Piano Suite

Bosendorfer Imperial Concert Grand Piano

Steinberg Grand 3 Virtual Piano Suite: Lets you use the sounds of the world’s finest grand pianos, also includes several high-quality reverb presets to simulate any environment. With the third version of The Grand, Steinberg has raised the bar further. providing you samples from three of the world’s finest and most famous grand pianos as […]

Types of Foot Pedals

foot pedals

Foot pedals are commonly used by musicians to add effects (dynamics) to the music they are playing. There’s also a different kind of foot pedal that is commonly used for transcription work. Foot Pedals in the Music world In the music world, an effects unit or pedal is a device that alters the sound produced […]

Avid Pro Tools: Complete Guide

Guide to Avid Pro Tools: Considered by many as one of the most comprehensive digital audio workstation programs ever built, learn how to use Pro Tools here. Whether you create music or sound for picture, using the right tools helps you to achieve the highest quality mixes, and that too much faster. What is It? […]

Advance Music Production Suite Review

music production

The Advance Music Production Suite from Air Music Technology is a premier software collection that’s useful for creating, mixing, and mastering your music. The company claims that you get over $5,000.00 worth of full-version, industry-leading titles/samples on a single 500GB hard drive. You get a comprehensive selection of virtual instruments, effects & mastering plugins and […]

Propellerhead Reason 9: Advanced Digital Audio Music Production Suite

Propellerhead Reason review

Propellerhead Reason Review: Checkout this cool Digital Audio Music Production. Learn about the most powerful & complete virtual studio recording rack! Want to setup a Powerful virtual studio rack on your Computer? Want an Infinitely Expandable all-in-one music production environment? Looking for capabilities which can extend to complete Mastered tracks? Looking for a fully functional […]

Music Software Reviews

Types of Music Software used in music recording and production

Music Software Reviews: Learn about the various types of music software that you may need for your studio, and reviews of the best ones out there. There is no doubt that the current computer/software based studio has made life much easier (and affordable as well) for the music enthusiast. However, when it comes to music […]

Cubase vs Logic Comparison

I started working on Cubase initially but over the years have spent time on both the software, Cubase as well as Logic. There’s already so much written about this comparison that I really don’t want to add to it. Whether Cubase or Logic, is more of a personal choice. I personally don’t see much difference […]

Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Historic Winds I & II

vienna symphonic library

The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced two new Vienna Instruments Collections that focus on instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, includes several unique instruments from that era, such as oboe da caccia, ophicleide, zink, serpent, natural trumpets and crumhorns. About the Vienna Symphonic Library The Vienna Symphonic Library makes sample libraries and music production […]

Apple Logic Pro review

Apple Logic Pro X review: Logic Pro is Apple’s flagship software for computer music production. What is Logic Pro Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software application for the Mac OS X platform (Mac computers). Apple Logic Pro Review Since the release of Logic Pro X, Apple has been providing […]

VST Plugins Guide

For creating your music, besides the recording software, you’ll need lots of sounds, which are also known as sound libraries. Most of these sounds are available as VST plugins which can be triggered using a midi controller. VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, which is an interface for integrating software audio synthesizer and effect plug-ins […]

Audio Compressor

Audio Compressor: Reviews of the best ones available for music and sound professionals. What is Audio compression? We usually refer to the Dynamic range compression when we talk about audio compression, where the difference between the highs and the lows of an audio waveform is reduced to get a more punchy / tight sound. You […]

Universal Audio Plugins

Universal Audio (UAD) Plugins: Certainly among the best that you can find. Even if you’re a professional music producer, you may still not have the budget to use all those incredible old gear in your music recordings. The competitive nature of the music industry, the overall state of the economy makes this dream impossible for […]

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