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Best Bluetooth Speakers, Reviews


Best portable, wireless, Bluetooth speakers from popular brands such as Logitech, JBL and more. Best Bluetooth Speakers When it comes to music, technology has made it possible for music lovers to listen to music in a very convenient and enjoyable way. Here are some of the best value-for-money bluetooth speakers. The best Bluetooth speakers are […]

Guide to Buying Stage PA Speakers

Powerful and accurate stage monitors play a crucial role during a live performance. PA monitor speakers come in various variants – active/passive, floor wedges, those that attach to the mic stand, and more. Good quality PA Speakers and Amplifiers are a must in order to produce great sound quality, be it for live performances or […]

Altec Speakers: Guide & Reviews

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Altec Speakers Buying Guide: This brand produce a range of speakers for various devices such as iPod, iPad and your computer. About the Brand Altec Lansing is the manufacturer of premium speakers for various electronic gadgets and devices such as iPad & computer, and also makes a wide range of headphones. Primarily known for their […]

Best Yamaha Studio Monitors Reviews

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Yamaha studio monitors are quite popular among musicians/engineers looking for studio monitors in the entry to mid tier price band. In recent years, Yamaha’s HS Studio Monitors have earned a solid reputation and backing of musicians and engineers, as one of the most honest, yet affordable monitors in their class. Here we take a look […]

Best KRK Studio Monitors, Reviews

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The KRK Rokit Series studio monitors are easily recognized by their unmistakable yellow speaker cones and their impressive price-to-performance ratio, they have taken value-priced monitors to a new performance level. That is one of the reasons why KRK studio monitors are ubiquitous in home project studios. Rokit studio monitors are known for their front-firing bass […]

Adjustable Speaker Stands

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Adjustable speaker stands are practical & convenient stands that can be used practically at any venue, though they are mostly used indoors. Most of the bookshelf stands that are available for home use are usually of fixed-length heights, but in case you are looking for that extra flexibility, you do get adjustable speaker stands that […]

Guide to the Best Studio Monitor Stands

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Studio monitor stands help your speakers perform to their full potential. These accessories effectively transfer energy to the surrounding surfaces, the Bass becomes tighter and the overall imaging is enhanced. Buying a Studio Monitor Stand When you’re looking for studio monitor stands, make sure to get the best. You want them to be sturdy (not […]

Best PA Powered Subwoofers, Reviews

Powered Subwoofer for studio and stage performances. Get that deep bass/low end by using a subwoofer, that your PA may be lacking otherwise. Why Subwoofers? You need subwoofers as part of your speaker setup to produce deep bass for your music, and to get powerful low-frequency effects for a high-impact sound. These add depth and […]

IK Multimedia launches iLoud Micro Monitor

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Bestselling products from IK Multimedia IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor IK Multimedia recently launched their ultra-compact reference studio monitors named the ‘Loud Micro Monitor’. Useful for musicians, producers and engineers, these speakers provide accurate linear frequency response, and have a small footprint making them ideal for mixing anywhere. Use it in your home studio, hotel […]

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