Nady MPF-6 Clamp On Microphone Pop Filter

nady mpf 6-clamp on microphone pop filter

Want a good Pop Filter for you mic to getting a better sound? The Nady MPF-6 Clamp On Microphone Pop filter voice It works very well for attenuating the sharper “P”, “T”, and “S” sounds that cause spikes when doing voice-overs. If you are serious about music, and have a decent recording setup with a […]

Best Condenser Microphones, Reviews

condenser microphones

Guide to Condenser Microphones: Why use them and reviews of the best ones that can improve your music recordings. When it comes to recording microphones, there are various types that exist, each with their strengths and suitable for a particular purpose. Why Use Them? If you’re looking for a microphone to record lots of high […]

Types of Microphones

Here are the various types of microphones that are used in recording studios (and its not just a couple). No wonder there are hundreds of microphones available to choose from, in case you decide to buy. So which one to choose, because after all you just need one or two to get the job done? […]

Headset Microphone Basics

Headset Microphone: Reviews of some of the best ones for various price range that you can use with your computer. Unless you are doing serious music production, you are most likely to use your headphone for various purposes. Though it is used primarily for listening to music, watching videos, or while playing games, there are […]

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

recording microphones

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone reviewed here. Just plug this USB microphone into your PC, Mac or iPad and you can start recording right away. It includes a stand, pop filter, and a headphone output for zero-latency monitoring. Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Mic: Pros & Cons PROS: on-board mix controls. CONS: Included tripod is very […]

Wireless Microphones: Guide & Reviews

recording microphones

Wireless Microphones Guide: Do these work equally well with a mixer, audio interface or any other amplifying equipment? Find out more here. In the new age of technology, everything is mobile and wireless. You have wireless phones, wireless computers, wireless mouse, so a wireless microphone comes as no big surprise. The idea behind wireless microphones […]

Top Dynamic Microphones

dynamic microphones

Guide to Dynamic Microphones: Why use them and reviews of the best ones, suited for home recordings, live performances, podcasting, field recording, and voiceover. Suitable for What? Dynamic mics are usually used to record loud sounds with high sound pressure levels, instruments that don’t have much high-end detail, something that has less detail but a […]

Best USB Microphones For Your Studio

microphones guide

Best USB Microphone for your home studio: Affordable and easy to set up. As a beginner you want something that can be plugged in quickly and get you started fast. That’s what you can do with a USB microphone. These easy-to-use mics connect directly to your Mac or PC, it doesn’t have to go via […]

Neumann Microphones: Leading Brand of Studio Mics

neumann logo

Neumann Microphones Buying Guide: checkout their various products and the suitable options for your studio. Just as Shure is synonymous with microphones, even Neumann is almost synonymous with high-end microphones. About the Brand Founded in Berlin in 1928, over the years this brand has been making highly customized sound production units for radio studios, theaters […]

Shure SM58 Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone

recording microphones

The review of Shure SM58 Dynamic Handheld Vocal Microphone is famous for its warmth, clarity and durability, and has been a favorite for musicians worldwide for a long time now. It gives an edge to your music that separates the professionals from the hobbyists. There’s hardly any competition to this one. Famous for its warmth, […]

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