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The Apprehension Engine: music instrument built to create horror soundtracks

the apprehension engine

Created particularly to create spooky noises, the Apprehension Engine is a weird looking music instrument built to create horror soundtracks Movie composer Mark Korven (The Cube and The Witch) wanted his luthier friend (guitar maker) Tony Duggan-Smith to come up with a musical instrument that would make terrifying sounds. And the “Apprehension Engine” as born. […]

Killer midi controller ‘Artiphon’: Strum a guitar, bow a violin, make drum beat, play piano parts

The verstaile midi controller ‘Artiphon’ feels like several midi instruments in one – You can play piano, guitar, drum, violin, and more. It’s not for wind instrument players though (but it can do so much else). 23.5-inch-long, includes 72 pressure-sensitive keys in six octaves (that’s surprising because the instrument looks smaller) It’s a pure MIDI […]

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