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Korg Prologue, flagship analogue synthesiser

korg prologue Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

Korg first released the Minilogue and Monologue synths, and now have announced their flagship analogue synthesiser named the Prologue. Its a polyphonic analogue synth with a full-size keyboard. It features an aluminium front panel, metal knobs and oak side panels. Available in eight and 16 voice versions. You can choose from 49 and 61 keys. […]

Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine

Elektron analog RYTM MKII

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron recently announced Analog Rytm MKII, the successor to the Analog Rytm drum machine. The instrument combines analog drum synthesis with a digital sample engine and a sequencer, to offer musicians vast beat sound design possibilities. Sampling is quick and easy, lets you create your own custom sounds & beats. Dedicated […]

Roland System-8 Synthesizer (Specs & Pricing)

Roland System-8 Synthesizer

Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer is a recently introduced polysynth, based on Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) circuit-modeling technology. This 3-osc, 8-voice virtual-analog synth lets you split and layer internal and Plug-Out sounds, with hands-on control. Pros: Lots of controls and features, plug-ins, better sound quality Cons: Only 8 voices, Only 49 keys (has no aftertouch). […]

Moog Minimoog Model D Analog Synthesizer

Moog Synth

The iconic Minimoog Model D was originally introduced in 1970 and built until 1981. Then in May 2016, Moog resumed building the Minimoog Model D for the first time in 35 years. Minimoog Model D Discontinued The highly sought after Minimoog Model D reissue from Moog Music is being discontinued. To commemorate the close of […]

Behringer DeepMind 12 synth preview video

Behringer’s much awaited DeepMind 12 synth will be available on he market shortly, but one user has already uploaded a epic preview video (two hours long) of the synth on YouTube. Marcel Krol’s video demonstrate the synth’s first 256 presets, cycling through abstract sequences, crisp leads, rich bass and drawn-out ambient pads. Behringer revealed the […]

Elektron Analog Four MKII analog tabletop synthesizer

Elektron analog four mkii

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron recently announced the Analog Four MKII, the successors to the Analog Four synthesizer. Analog Four MKII is a four-voice analog tabletop synthesizer that produces deep bass, has powerful sound control possibilities, has a prominent analog overdrive/distortion effect, features big OLED screen & dedicated outputs for each voice. The Analog Four […]

Korg Minilogue Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

korg minilogue analog synth

Korg minilogue is a a modern analog synth, with good looks, designed to inspire musicians and analog enthusiasts. Key features include 4-voice polyphony, 2 waveshape-able analog oscillators and 100 easy-to-tweak presets. Pros & Cons Pros: Inviting layout, Dynamic sound creation capabilities. Cons: Keys are small (larger than minikeys, but still small). Value for money Highlights […]

Waldorf launches the advanced ‘Quantum’ Synth

waldorf quantum synth

Waldorf’s Quantum synth is one of the most advanced synths to be released from its stable. The digital / analogue hybrid synthesizer is likely to become the new flagship of Waldorf. Review The Quantum synth is an 8–voice polyphonic synthesizer that offers classic subtractive synthesis, Waldorf’s signature wavetable synthesis, and granular synthesis. Waldorf has integrated […]

Roland JP-8000 synth completes 20 years

Roland JP-8000 synth keyboard completes 20 years. It was the first time Supersaw technology was introduced. The Roland JP-8000 is basically an analog modeling synthesizer (Virtual Analog Synthesizer) that was released by Roland way back in 1996. The classic Roland JP-8000 synth can do so much more than trance (although that’s what it was most […]

World’s Largest Synthesizer on Display in Tokyo

worlds largest synthesizer

Checkout the Human Sized Synthesizer, which was made as a social experiment (by Japanese designers) to encourage creative collaboration. This mega-synth, developed by Rhizomatiks and Daito Manabe in collaboration with the Red Bull Music Academy and Korg, is part of the month-long Red Bull Music Academy festivities in Tokyo. Watch: The Human Sized Synthesizer It […]

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