Composition & Song Writing

Song Writing Journals, Music composition notebooks (Blank Sheet Music)

how to write a song on the piano

Song Writing Journals, Music composition notebooks (Blank Sheet Music) for song writers, teachers and musicians. Music composition notebooks with blank papers (for notes) and music manuscript paper (for writing notes, lyrics). The blank staff paper includes the five line staff. Use it for what? These lined notation papers are perfect for composing, lyrics, songwriting, ideas […]

Can a Singer Write Good Music?

Here are useful tips and suggestions for singers (who can’t play any musical instrument) to write music successfully. Here’s a typical story that you could also probably relate to. As a child, there are many who take up guitar or piano lessons for several years, and some also continue there passion as a teenager. But […]

Psychoacoustics & Music

What is Psychoacoustics? Psychoacoustics is the study of the impact of various sounds on humans. It includes topics and studies which are relevant to music psychology and music therapy. It includes how we listen, our psychological responses, and the physiological impact of music and sound upon the human nervous system. In the context of psychoacoustics, […]

How to Write a Blues Song

music theory

How to Write a Blues Song: Here are useful tips, techniques and strategies to write great songs in this genre of music. About the Music Blues songs were originally written by African slaves to depict their feelings, which obviously had a sad tinge to it. The main musical instrument used at that time was the […]

How to Write a Love Song

How to Write a Love Song: Important tips and techniques that will help you write songs in this genre. Learn how to choose words that communicate strong feelings. This is one of the most popular and evergreen style of music, and there are always a number of listeners glued to their favorite love songs. So, […]

How to Write a Song

shortcuts to hit songwriting

Learn about the most popular forms and song structures. Here are useful tips on How to Write a Song If you are seriously fond of music, and can either sing or play a musical instrument, sooner or later you would want to start writing and creating your own songs. It is indeed a great feeling […]

How to Write Music

How to write music: Find writing music tips and ideas to enhance your music writing experience. You just need a computer nowadays to learn the art of writing music and start creating your own music. Here are the things that you need to know when writing music. Even if you don’t have prior music knowledge, […]

How to Write a Rock Song

How to Write a Rock Song: Tips and techniques to write great songs in this genre that will thrill the listeners. Most songs that are written usually follow a particular rule; so you’ll find many songwriters & musicians follow this approach: Start with Lyrics Create the Melody Add Rhythm and Harmony Having said that, I […]

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