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Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface

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The Behringer UCA222 is an excellent RCA to USB Audio Interface for quick recording and if you’re looking for a cheap interface for your home studio. It’s self powered, and has both 1/8″ and RCA outputs. It easily transfers audio to your computer and comes bundled with several production tools and audio-editing software. Pros: Compact, […]

Focusrite Audio Interface Reviews

focusrite audio interfaces

Focusrite Audio Interfaces reviewed here. Focusrite is a leading manufacturer of audio interfaces and produces a wide range of interfaces and mic pres. Checkout their range of hugely popular audio interfaces (USB, thunderbolt, firewire, iOS) About Focusrite Focusrite has a range of recording equipment including audio interfaces, consoles, mic pres, EQ & Compressor and Optional […]

Digital Audio Interface Guide

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The Digital Audio Interface is one of the most important part of your music recording setup, and a must if you want to record acoustics and vocals. When you are thinking of setting up a computer based recording studio, how do you get the sounds in from various sources, and out of your computer to […]

PCI Audio Interface

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PCI Audio Interface Reviews: Read more to know why you may need these, and the best options available in this type of audio interface. More About this Type Here are some important things to know about this type: This interface goes in the PCI slot of your computer, so you’ll need to open the computer […]

Zen Tour from Antelope Audio: Portable Thunderbolt – USB Interface

Studio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio recently announced its latest portable interface called the Zen Tour. Key features include Thunderbolt and USB connectivity, 8 analog inputs and outputs, high-end DSP effects, hardware-based guitar amp/cab simulations. Here’s what exciting about this product: Music creation is increasingly becoming a shared experience, with several creative minds pitching in. This […]

Top Firewire Audio Interfaces: Reviewed

firewire audio interface

Guide to firewire audio interface and the best options that are available for your studio. Overview Here are some important characteristics of these type of audio interfaces. Easy to use with laptops and desktops Easier to install Faster compared to USB Some models can be powered firewire port itself, or even using batteries which makes […]

Audio Interface Reviews

audio interfaces

Audio Interface Reviews – The best ones available for your music studio, for various budgets and purposes. What is an Audio Interface? An Audio Interface (professional sound-card) enables your Computer to record & playback audio. You will need it if you want to do serious audio work on your computer. It provides you with all […]

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface

focusrite audio interfaces

Here’s a complete review of Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface. Here’s an interface that provides excellent digital performance and is a truly portable interface. Perfect for the travelling musician who want a sturdy interface that is built for the road. Its inexpensive and comes with excellent preamps that provide clean signal from the condenser […]

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