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Zoom Multitrack Recorders, Reviews

Zoom is another popular brand that makes a wide array of recording devices, including multi-track recorders. Best Zoom Multi-track Recorders You get flexible input and output options for any situation, lots of controls, have built-in audio interface & controllers, and many more features. Zoom’s innovative recorders now bring professional-quality audio to a consumer market. Zoom’s […]

Best Yamaha Studio Monitors Reviews

studio monitor stands

Yamaha studio monitors are quite popular among musicians/engineers looking for studio monitors in the entry to mid tier price band. In recent years, Yamaha’s HS Studio Monitors have earned a solid reputation and backing of musicians and engineers, as one of the most honest, yet affordable monitors in their class. Here we take a look […]

PCI Audio Interface

audio interfaces

PCI Audio Interface Reviews: Read more to know why you may need these, and the best options available in this type of audio interface. More About this Type Here are some important things to know about this type: This interface goes in the PCI slot of your computer, so you’ll need to open the computer […]

Elektron Analog Four MKII analog tabletop synthesizer

Elektron analog four mkii

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron recently announced the Analog Four MKII, the successors to the Analog Four synthesizer. Analog Four MKII is a four-voice analog tabletop synthesizer that produces deep bass, has powerful sound control possibilities, has a prominent analog overdrive/distortion effect, features big OLED screen & dedicated outputs for each voice. The Analog Four […]

Best Preamp Reviews

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Preamp Reviews: Here are the various options that you can consider to get a warm & punchy sound quality from your recording setup. Why Use Them? A pre-amplifier may come built-in as part of another device, such as audio interface, or can be bought separately. These are required to boost the signals, especially when recording […]

Zen Tour from Antelope Audio: Portable Thunderbolt – USB Interface

Studio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio recently announced its latest portable interface called the Zen Tour. Key features include Thunderbolt and USB connectivity, 8 analog inputs and outputs, high-end DSP effects, hardware-based guitar amp/cab simulations. Here’s what exciting about this product: Music creation is increasingly becoming a shared experience, with several creative minds pitching in. This […]

Bestsellers Music Recording Equipment

home recording studio equipment

Check out the best selling studio & recording equipment – mics, audio interfaces, multitrack recorders, software, speakers, accessories and more. List of Bestselling Products Set up your recording studio with microphones, mixers, studio monitor speakers, interfaces and DAW software. We will take a look at home audio gear too. Here are some of the best […]

Best KRK Studio Monitors, Reviews

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The KRK Rokit Series studio monitors are easily recognized by their unmistakable yellow speaker cones and their impressive price-to-performance ratio, they have taken value-priced monitors to a new performance level. That is one of the reasons why KRK studio monitors are ubiquitous in home project studios. Rokit studio monitors are known for their front-firing bass […]

Acoustic Treatment Materials: Foams, Panels & Other Best Absorption & Isolation Materials

Acoustic Treatment materials that almost every professional studio uses to absorb & diffuse sound. These usually go on the wall or the ceilings and helps to get the best sound while recording. Best Acoustic Treatment (Absorption & Isolation) Materials Here are some of the recommended acoustic treatments materials for your studio. Auralex 2″ Studiofoam Wedgie […]

Advance Music Production Suite Review

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The Advance Music Production Suite from Air Music Technology is a premier software collection that’s useful for creating, mixing, and mastering your music. The company claims that you get over $5,000.00 worth of full-version, industry-leading titles/samples on a single 500GB hard drive. You get a comprehensive selection of virtual instruments, effects & mastering plugins and […]

Moog Minimoog Model D Analog Synthesizer

Moog Synth

The iconic Minimoog Model D was originally introduced in 1970 and built until 1981. Then in May 2016, Moog resumed building the Minimoog Model D for the first time in 35 years. Minimoog Model D Discontinued The highly sought after Minimoog Model D reissue from Moog Music is being discontinued. To commemorate the close of […]

Best Sequencer Recording Software

Here are reviews of the best Midi Sequencer software available for your studio, for Music Recording and producing. Propellerhead Record Reason Duo Bundle (Mac and Windows) Combine Record’s super intuitive, streamlined recording software and Reason’s legendary virtual studio rack for one incredibly powerful music recording and producing software application. The Reason Record Duo Bundle is […]

Music Cue Sheet

All About Music Cue Sheet (MCS): These help music professional who are looking to place their songs or music in film or television. What Exactly Is It? A music cue sheet refers to the complete list of music needed/played in television series, films, and other media productions. The music used can be: Soundtrack music Songs […]

Behringer UCA222 USB Audio Interface

audio interfaces

The Behringer UCA222 is an excellent RCA to USB Audio Interface for quick recording and if you’re looking for a cheap interface for your home studio. It’s self powered, and has both 1/8″ and RCA outputs. It easily transfers audio to your computer and comes bundled with several production tools and audio-editing software. Pros: Compact, […]

Recording Studio Software

Guide to Recording Studio Software: These are available in various versions, with some offering limited capabilities and some giving you all the controls to create music from scratch. In the music recording world, software has become much more powerful and has replaced several hardware equipment, that used to be a regular feature in most recording […]

Music Software Reviews

Types of Music Software used in music recording and production

Music Software Reviews: Learn about the various types of music software that you may need for your studio, and reviews of the best ones out there. There is no doubt that the current computer/software based studio has made life much easier (and affordable as well) for the music enthusiast. However, when it comes to music […]

Elektron Analog Rytm drum machine

Elektron analog RYTM MKII

Swedish musical instrument company Elektron recently announced Analog Rytm MKII, the successor to the Analog Rytm drum machine. The instrument combines analog drum synthesis with a digital sample engine and a sequencer, to offer musicians vast beat sound design possibilities. Sampling is quick and easy, lets you create your own custom sounds & beats. Dedicated […]

Audio Production Software for Beginners

Reviews of the best Audio Production Software for Beginners Why Use Audio Production Software? Audio production software helps sound engineers, producers and musicians to record and edit music, as well as to remix and re-master finished tracks. And almost all the work happens on a computer! Also known as digital audio workstations (DAWs), audio production […]

Headset Microphone Basics

Headset Microphone: Reviews of some of the best ones for various price range that you can use with your computer. Unless you are doing serious music production, you are most likely to use your headphone for various purposes. Though it is used primarily for listening to music, watching videos, or while playing games, there are […]

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