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Max/MSP/Jitter: Programming for Music & Video

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Max/MSP/Jitter are visual programming language/applications for music and multimedia – audio, MIDI, video, and graphics applications. With laptop computers playing an important role in live music performance (in electronic music and elsewhere), Max/MSP/Jitter have received serious attention as a development environment. Introduction to MAX/MSP/JITTER “Max” is a visual programming language that handles discrete operations and […]

Home Recording Equipment Reviews

Home Music Recording Equipment Reviews Recording our own music is easy nowadays, and its affordable as well. There’s definitely a learning curve involved because you need to learn how to use the various recording equipment together, in order to create music that sounds really good. But there’s tons of free information and tutorials out there, […]

Music Publishing Overview

Here’s an overview of the Music Publishing Business, important to know if you intend to release your own songs / compositions in the future. What is a Music Publisher? Before the invention of the phonograph, songwriters earned income by relying on music publishers to sell sheet music of their songs. Even as radio and television […]

Behringer DeepMind 12 synth preview video

Behringer’s much awaited DeepMind 12 synth will be available on he market shortly, but one user has already uploaded a epic preview video (two hours long) of the synth on YouTube. Marcel Krol’s video demonstrate the synth’s first 256 presets, cycling through abstract sequences, crisp leads, rich bass and drawn-out ambient pads. Behringer revealed the […]

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