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Waldorf launches the advanced ‘Quantum’ Synth

waldorf quantum synth

Waldorf launched the Quantum synth, an 8–voice polyphonic synthesizer that offers classic subtractive synthesis, Waldorf’s signature wavetable synthesis, and granular synthesis. Waldorf has integrated the finest aspects of digital synthesis onto a hardware synth with analog oscillators and infrastructure. As a result, the Quantum synth sounds like a cross between Waldorf’s Blofeld and the Spectrasonics […]

Decibel: Basics for Musicians

Decibel (DB) explained. You’ll hear this term quite often when using amps, electronic devices, and audio software. If you have some experience using audio software, or even if you have closely looked at the specs of some of the electronic equipment, you’ll probably have come across this terminology. What is It? Though you may have […]

Home Recording Studio Setup

music production

Here are the basic recording equipment that you need (besides your guitars & amps) for setting up your Home Recording Studio Today with digital technology being the norm in music recording, your greatest expense in setting up a home studio would be a computer or digital multi-track Recorder. This would be the heart of your […]

Home Recording Equipment Reviews

Home Music Recording Equipment Reviews Recording our own music is easy nowadays, and its affordable as well. There’s definitely a learning curve involved because you need to learn how to use the various recording equipment together, in order to create music that sounds really good. But there’s tons of free information and tutorials out there, […]

Top Firewire Audio Interfaces: Reviewed

Guide to firewire audio interface and the best options that are available for your studio. Overview Here are some important characteristics of these type of audio interfaces. Easy to use with laptops and desktops Easier to install Faster compared to USB Some models can be powered firewire port itself, or even using batteries which makes […]

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone: Time tested favorite for recording drums, guitar amps, and more — on stage or in the studio. Shure SM57: Pros & Cons Pros: Proven (legendary), inexpensive Studio Mic. All-rounder mic, great for drums Cons: Its not the “best” mic for vocals or for delicate acoustic instruments Shure SM57: Review The SM57 […]

Rode NT1-A Studio Vocal Condenser Microphone

rode NT1-A condenser microphone

Rode NT1-A Studio Vocal Condenser Microphone reviewed here. A favorite with serious musicians to record killer vocals, this large-diaphragm condenser mic has super-low noise and a great frequency response. Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone: Pros & Cons Pros: Incredible dynamic range, Versatile, No noise Cons: Bit heavy Uses: Home studio. Amateur recording. Professional recording The NT1-A […]

Mp3 Editing Software

Mp3 Editing Software: Why you need one and reviews of the best ones available to you. Why Use MP3 Editing Software? Do you work with videos, make lots of presentations, or even make your own music? If yes, then you definitely need all the tools that will give you more control our your sound/music library. […]

Headset Microphone Basics

Headset Microphone: Reviews of some of the best ones for various price range that you can use with your computer. Unless you are doing serious music production, you are most likely to use your headphone for various purposes. Though it is used primarily for listening to music, watching videos, or while playing games, there are […]

Dr Drum Review

Dr Drum Review: This is a new software designed for beginners to help them create kick-ass beats without having to learn complex functions. What is It? It’s a software that gives you everything you need to create your own beats, for a much lower cost. Some of the features include a 16-track sequencer, four-octave keyboard […]

Advance Music Production Suite Review

music production

The Advance Music Production Suite from Air Music Technology is a premier software collection that’s useful for creating, mixing, and mastering your music. The company claims that you get over $5,000.00 worth of full-version, industry-leading titles/samples on a single 500GB hard drive. You get a comprehensive selection of virtual instruments, effects & mastering plugins and […]

Best Sequencer Recording Software

Here are reviews of the best Midi Sequencer software available for your studio, for Music Recording and producing. Propellerhead Record Reason Duo Bundle (Mac and Windows) Combine Record’s super intuitive, streamlined recording software and Reason’s legendary virtual studio rack for one incredibly powerful music recording and producing software application. The Reason Record Duo Bundle is […]

Roland System-8 Synthesizer (Specs & Pricing)

Roland System-8 Synthesizer

Roland System-8 Plug-Out Synthesizer is a recently introduced polysynth, based on Roland’s Analog Circuit Behavior (ACB) circuit-modeling technology. This 3-osc, 8-voice virtual-analog synth lets you split and layer internal and Plug-Out sounds, with hands-on control. Pros: Lots of controls and features, plug-ins, better sound quality Cons: Only 8 voices, Only 49 keys (has no aftertouch). […]

ISRC Codes Explained

All About ISRC Codes: Read more to know why it’s so important for owners of music recordings. In the digital age, though it’s easy to share your recordings with the listeners, it’s important to have a mechanism that will accurately track the sales of your songs, and can be used for rights administration. The ISRC […]

Music Publishing Overview

Here’s an overview of the Music Publishing Business, important to know if you intend to release your own songs / compositions in the future. What is a Music Publisher? Before the invention of the phonograph, songwriters earned income by relying on music publishers to sell sheet music of their songs. Even as radio and television […]

Adjustable Speaker Stands

Adjustable speaker stands are practical & convenient stands that can be used practically at any venue, though they are mostly used indoors. Most of the bookshelf stands that are available for home use are usually of fixed-length heights, but in case you are looking for that extra flexibility, you do get adjustable speaker stands that […]

Best Condenser Microphones, Reviews

Guide to Condenser Microphones: Why use them and reviews of the best ones that can improve your music recordings. When it comes to recording microphones, there are various types that exist, each with their strengths and suitable for a particular purpose. Why Use Them? If you’re looking for a microphone to record lots of high […]

DAW Recording Software

DAW Recording Software: The Heart of Your Recording Studio Learn about DAW / MIDI Sequencer and music recording software programs. This is where you do all the recording and editing of your sound tracks. Once you have got your computer sorted out, you will need a recording software to start working. This is basically a […]

Guide to the Best Studio Monitor Stands

studio monitor stands

Studio monitor stands help your speakers perform to their full potential. These accessories effectively transfer energy to the surrounding surfaces, the Bass becomes tighter and the overall imaging is enhanced. Buying a Studio Monitor Stand When you’re looking for studio monitor stands, make sure to get the best. You want them to be sturdy (not […]

Max/MSP/Jitter: Programming for Music & Video

live shows

Max/MSP/Jitter are visual programming language/applications for music and multimedia – audio, MIDI, video, and graphics applications. With laptop computers playing an important role in live music performance (in electronic music and elsewhere), Max/MSP/Jitter have received serious attention as a development environment. Introduction to MAX/MSP/JITTER “Max” is a visual programming language that handles discrete operations and […]

Mp3 Converter Software

Mp3 Converter Software: Reviews of the best ones out there that will make sure any song that you purchase will definitely play on your favorite media player. Most of you may have faced this problem where you download one of your favorite music, only to find out that it wont play in your MP3 player. […]

Cubase vs Logic Comparison

I started working on Cubase initially but over the years have spent time on both the software, Cubase as well as Logic. There’s already so much written about this comparison that I really don’t want to add to it. Whether Cubase or Logic, is more of a personal choice. I personally don’t see much difference […]

XLR Connectors (Male & Female)

Understanding XLR Connector: How did these get invented and the use of XLR Connectors in professional audio, video If you have spent some time learning about audio and video production, then you would have definitely come across XLR connectors, especially when it comes to Balanced audio. Why Use These? These are used primarily for a […]

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