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Cubase vs Logic Comparison

I started working on Cubase initially but over the years have spent time on both the software, Cubase as well as Logic. There’s already so much written about this comparison that I really don’t want to add to it. Whether Cubase or Logic, is more of a personal choice. I personally don’t see much difference […]

Free Home Recording Tips

Are you a home recording studio owner, or a budding audio engineer, music producer, or musician? Every few weeks I write a newsletter with tips, techniques, and the latest industry updates. Now you can get this useful information delivered to your inbox absolutely FREE. If you are involved with music production in any capacity, then […]

Recording Microphones: Guide & Reviews

Understanding Recording Microphones, various techniques used, and the best options available for your studio. An important component needed to get the sound into your recording computer is a Microphone. Though these are used primarily by those interested in acoustic music, even those into electronic sound may at times want something to get in analog sounds […]

IK Multimedia Syntronik

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IK Multimedia Syntronik is a massive virtual synthesizer collection of several legendary synthesizers. It makes available to you 38 legendary synthesizers, you can use them independently or as a collection. Overview IK Multimedia describes Syntronik as the new cutting-edge virtual synthesizer for Mac/PC. Here’s the details in IK Multimedia’s own words… “Syntronik raises the bar […]

XLR Connectors (Male & Female)

Understanding XLR Connector: How did these get invented and the use of XLR Connectors in professional audio, video If you have spent some time learning about audio and video production, then you would have definitely come across XLR connectors, especially when it comes to Balanced audio. Why Use These? These are used primarily for a […]

Decibel: Basics for Musicians

Decibel (DB) explained. You’ll hear this term quite often when using amps, electronic devices, and audio software. If you have some experience using audio software, or even if you have closely looked at the specs of some of the electronic equipment, you’ll probably have come across this terminology. What is It? Though you may have […]

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone

recording microphones

Shure SM57 Dynamic Microphone: Time tested favorite for recording drums, guitar amps, and more — on stage or in the studio. Shure SM57: Pros & Cons Pros: Proven (legendary), inexpensive Studio Mic. All-rounder mic, great for drums Cons: Its not the “best” mic for vocals or for delicate acoustic instruments Shure SM57: Review The SM57 […]

Vienna Symphonic Library Releases Historic Winds I & II

vienna symphonic library

The Vienna Symphonic Library has announced two new Vienna Instruments Collections that focus on instruments from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, includes several unique instruments from that era, such as oboe da caccia, ophicleide, zink, serpent, natural trumpets and crumhorns. About the Vienna Symphonic Library The Vienna Symphonic Library makes sample libraries and music production […]

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

recording microphones

Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone reviewed here. Just plug this USB microphone into your PC, Mac or iPad and you can start recording right away. It includes a stand, pop filter, and a headphone output for zero-latency monitoring. Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Mic: Pros & Cons PROS: on-board mix controls. CONS: Included tripod is very […]

Types of Microphones

Here are the various types of microphones that are used in recording studios (and its not just a couple). No wonder there are hundreds of microphones available to choose from, in case you decide to buy. So which one to choose, because after all you just need one or two to get the job done? […]

Behringer DeepMind 12 synth preview video

Behringer’s much awaited DeepMind 12 synth will be available on he market shortly, but one user has already uploaded a epic preview video (two hours long) of the synth on YouTube. Marcel Krol’s video demonstrate the synth’s first 256 presets, cycling through abstract sequences, crisp leads, rich bass and drawn-out ambient pads. Behringer revealed the […]

How to Publish Your Music

Useful tips & suggestions on How to Publish Your Music So you’re a singer and can write pretty good songs, but you don’t live anywhere near a major music city like Nashville, New York or LA. You don’t even know a music publisher. Are you doomed to obscurity in that case? Or is there any […]

Focusrite Audio Interface Reviews

focusrite audio interfaces

Focusrite Audio Interfaces reviewed here. Focusrite is a leading manufacturer of audio interfaces and produces a wide range of interfaces and mic pres. Checkout their range of hugely popular audio interfaces (USB, thunderbolt, firewire, iOS) About Focusrite Focusrite has a range of recording equipment including audio interfaces, consoles, mic pres, EQ & Compressor and Optional […]

Waldorf launches the advanced ‘Quantum’ Synth

waldorf quantum synth

Waldorf’s Quantum synth is one of the most advanced synths to be released from its stable. The digital / analogue hybrid synthesizer is likely to become the new flagship of Waldorf. Review The Quantum synth is an 8–voice polyphonic synthesizer that offers classic subtractive synthesis, Waldorf’s signature wavetable synthesis, and granular synthesis. Waldorf has integrated […]

Home Recording Studio Setup

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Here are the basic recording equipment that you need (besides your guitars & amps) for setting up your Home Recording Studio Today with digital technology being the norm in music recording, your greatest expense in setting up a home studio would be a computer or digital multi-track Recorder. This would be the heart of your […]

Home Recording Equipment Reviews

Home Music Recording Equipment Reviews Recording our own music is easy nowadays, and its affordable as well. There’s definitely a learning curve involved because you need to learn how to use the various recording equipment together, in order to create music that sounds really good. But there’s tons of free information and tutorials out there, […]

Top Firewire Audio Interfaces: Reviewed

Guide to firewire audio interface and the best options that are available for your studio. Overview Here are some important characteristics of these type of audio interfaces. Easy to use with laptops and desktops Easier to install Faster compared to USB Some models can be powered firewire port itself, or even using batteries which makes […]

Rode NT1-A Studio Vocal Condenser Microphone

rode NT1-A condenser microphone

Rode NT1-A Studio Vocal Condenser Microphone reviewed here. A favorite with serious musicians to record killer vocals, this large-diaphragm condenser mic has super-low noise and a great frequency response. Rode NT1-A Condenser Microphone: Pros & Cons Pros: Incredible dynamic range, Versatile, No noise Cons: Bit heavy Uses: Home studio. Amateur recording. Professional recording The NT1-A […]

Mp3 Editing Software

Mp3 Editing Software: Why you need one and reviews of the best ones available to you. Why Use MP3 Editing Software? Do you work with videos, make lots of presentations, or even make your own music? If yes, then you definitely need all the tools that will give you more control our your sound/music library. […]

Headset Microphone Basics

Headset Microphone: Reviews of some of the best ones for various price range that you can use with your computer. Unless you are doing serious music production, you are most likely to use your headphone for various purposes. Though it is used primarily for listening to music, watching videos, or while playing games, there are […]

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