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Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix

Musical Instrument Museum Phoenix

The Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix has one of the largest collections of musical instruments from around the world — both historic as well as contemporary. The venue also hosts musicians from every musical genre for concerts in its Musical Theater. Musical Instrument from Every Continent The Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, since its […]

Symphony for a broken orchestra, breathes life into hundreds of ‘broken’ school instruments


“Symphony for a broken orchestra” is a piece composed by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang written as part of a project to repair over thousand damaged instruments that were rendered unusable because of severe budget cuts to Philadelphia’s public school music programs. For students, the lack of funding meant they often had to arrange for […]

Rapper ‘Soulja Boy’ Signs Multi-Million Dollar Deal, But the ‘$400 Million’ is Not Fully Cash

richest musicians

There are several magazines who write articles saying that the music industry doesn’t pay much to artists, so when rapper ‘Soulja Boy’ tweeted about his $400 million “brand ambassador” deal with World Poker Fund Holdings (a publicly traded company that develops and operates online and event-based social gaming platforms and brands), not many believed it. […]

New regulations on international movement of rosewood hits music industry hard

woodworking for beginners

New regulations on international movement of rosewood hits section of the music industry hard; the wood is used to make several kinds of musical instruments, including guitars, cellos and clarinets. So where is all the rosewood going? Its going to China…to satisfy Chinese consumers’ growing demand for rosewood or “hongmu” furniture. Considering China’s big appetite, […]

September is National Piano Month

double two pianos

National Piano Month is an annual designation observed in September. It has been observed the month of September since 1991. To celebrate the Piano Month, several piano teachers and their students plan special performances. September is the month to celebrate the instrument that continues to be classical yet contemporary at the same time. One of […]

Piano: Digital content monetization and audience intelligence platform for media companies

Piano is a Digital content monetization and audience intelligence platform for top publishers and media companies (NBC Universal, Hearst, Bonnier, The Economist, ad more). It serves as a complete product suite for managing digital content businesses across desktop, mobile and in-app formats. Piano also excels in advanced user analytics and conversion consulting to increase subscriber […]

Is this Roland SH-101 Boutique Synth?

Roland Logo

Spotted on Instagram Story, a Roland Boutique instrument that is not available on the market yet. So is this something Roland planning to release soon? The synth (in blue) is laden with sliders, knobs and buttons. Although the images are blurry, synth enthusiasts will know that it looks like an altered SH-101. Apparently this image […]

Roland founder Ikutaro Kakehashi is no more

Roland Logo

Roland Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of Roland, is no more. Ikutaro was an engineer, entrepreneur and the founder of Roland Corporation. Ikutaro Kakehashi was the father of the TR-909, TR-808, and Godfather of MIDI. His contributions to the musical instrument world, and music in general, affected millions of people worldwide in a positive […]

Gibson Guitar Raid But No Charges Filed

Did you know that the Gibson Guitar factories in Nashville and Memphis were raided by agents from the Departments of Homeland Security and Fish & Wildlife? It seems, goods worth half-million dollars were seized, the factories were down temporarily. However, Gibson Guitar’s were not charged with anything. “They…come in with weapons, they seized a half-million […]

Luxury boutique hotel in Mississippi gets a $88,000 Steinway Spirio player piano

acoustic grand piano

Luxury boutique hotel “Chancellor’s House” in Oxford, Mississippi gets a $88,000 Steinway Spirio player piano. Steinway & Sons Spirio is a high-tech piano that enables audiences to hear performances captured by amazing pianists seamlessly and effortlessly. The piano plays musical pieces that’s almost like listening to a live performance. Player pianos are apt for those […]

EDM with Pop is Music of the World Today

edm with pop

Electronic dance music is a broad range of percussive electronic music, produced largely for nightclubs, raves, and festivals. Read more on industry news, artist interviews, free music downloads, curated playlists, trending charts, and more. EDM with Pop is Music of the World Today If you have been closely listening to the current chart-busters, you would […]

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