Music Teachers

Finding the Best Piano Teachers

Learning to play piano is definitely an enriching experience and fun, albeit with the right right instructor. Let us help you find both! If you seek piano for your kids or for yourself, we can offer you wonderful selection of teachers. Lessons can be offered in-home, in-studio or even online, and are available for beginning […]

How to Use Skype for Music Lessons

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If you’re unable to find a music teacher (for learning piano, guitar or any other instrument) who can come over to your house, or if you don’t have the inclination to travel to your piano’teachers place, you may consider using Skype for your Adult Piano Lessons. Some music teachers nowadays impart music lessons via Skype, […]

Teaching Piano Lessons

Teaching Piano Lessons? Lots of students and parents have some common apprehensions about taking piano lessons; some of which are genuine whereas the others are just myths that have just been heard from somewhere. Here’s how to effectively deal with them. In general, these are because of lack of knowledge on part of the students […]

Music Exams Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees

Music Exams Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees Various music colleges & conservatories award Certificates & Diplomas for successful completion of music exams in various disciplines, including Piano, that assess a student on their knowledge of music theory as well as their practical abilities. Certificates and Diplomas are awarded for various Theory & Practical Exams. These include various […]

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