Learn To Play Guitar

Free Guitar Lessons

Most free guitar lessons on the internet will take you through the names of the notes, the names of the various strings, and so on. Few of them will also tell you more about topics such as scales and chords. Though, it’s important to know these, it is also very important to know how to […]

Guitar & Keytar Played Together

Check out this original score featuring a guitar and a keytar played simultaneously. The Setup includes: Roland AX-1 Keytar plugged into Roland Fantom X6 Both are top notch instruments with excellent sound quality. The AX-1 is a very popular keytar and Fantom is Roland’s flagship workstation. An Ibanez RG series guitar plugged into a Boss […]

Simple Guitar Songs for Beginners

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Simple Guitar Songs for Beginners: Effective way to enhance your guitar skills once you have learnt the basics. Finally something exciting to look forward to, especially if you have been learning for some time now! Learning the basics is important, but it can also get boring after some time. So here are some easy songs […]

Classical Guitar Tabs

Classical Guitar Tabs: Why to use them and where to find them. Looking for resources to learn to play the classical guitar? Tabs can be a suitable way to get started. If you have always shied away from playing guitar, because you though you would have to read the standard music notation, then here is […]

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

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Most beginners usually start playing the guitar (strumming) using a guitar pick, so its important that you learn to hold it the right way. There are other guitar playing techniques where you don’t require a pick, but usually that’s done when you have some experience playing the guitar. Learning how to hold the guitar pick […]

eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar: Makes it easy to play songs, chords and riffs

emedia interactive rock guitar review

eMedia Interactive Rock Guitar is a popular guitar learning method/course that makes learning guitar easy thanks to its over 100 audio- and video-enhanced interactive rock guitar lessons. From stringing your instrument, to learning fingerings, to playing classic hits, you learn it all here. The course has been designed by popular rock guitarist and teacher Charles […]

Guitar Game: Reviews of the Best Ones

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Reviews of various Guitar Game products including game controllers, guitar learning courses and ear training software. Now make your learning fun and entertaining! Guitar, in general, is a very popular topic and several games, both hardware based as well as software based, have been created based on this theme. Some of the popular names here […]

Guitar Video Lessons

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Find Guitar video lessons for a variety of styles such as classical, beginner, blues, electric, and jazz. Want to learn the basic guitar notes? Want to learn to play easy songs? Want videos on general improvisational ideas? It is a fact that most beginners struggle for months before they can play anything worthwhile, and most […]

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