Music Benefits

The Benefits of Music Education

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There’s lot of research that already proves that learning music can help children excel in ways beyond the basic ABCs, and in other areas of education. The most obvious benefits of music education: Brain works harder Increased IQ As a result of the above two, you become better in other areas, you can learn a […]

Music training may help ease hearing loss, says study

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Here’s another benefit of music; study says practicing music helps people with hearing loss handle noisy environments better. Aging musicians fare better than non-musicians when it comes to distinguishing speech from noise, even when their overall hearing capability is similar to that of non-musicians. Understanding speech in noise is a top complaint among older adults […]

Binaural Beats Explained

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Binaural Beats Explained: Know all about this technique for self-improvement Life today is not stress-free. Huge aspirations, desire to achieve things faster and more, are some of the things that are adding on to that. Besides, every body wants to be super-efficient so that he/she can accomplish a lot more. That’s why, more and more […]

Instrumental Music for Studying

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Instrumental Music for Studying: For those who prefer the instrumental versions more than the ones with lyrics Music for Relaxing We all have our favorite songs, but not all of them helps you to focus you on your work. It might give you that break you need and even energize you, but it can also […]

Electromagnetic piano can be performed hands-free, guided only by brain waves (developed by DXARTS)

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DXARTS develops electromagnetic musical instruments that can be performed hands-free, guided only by your brain waves. DXARTS is home to several faculty laboratories, classrooms, and auditoriums. The media production and instrument laboratory is where a Yamaha grand piano rests, but this particular piano is unlike any other though: It is electronically communicating to a nearby […]

Epilepsy Sufferers Show Relief & Increased Brain Activity While Listening to Classical and Jazz Music

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New study reveals that Epilepsy sufferers show relief and heightened brain activity while listening to music (Classical and Jazz), music therapy to supplement existing treatments of Epilepsy. Music affects everybody differently. We may have heard that before but for the first time, music has been used to provide clues in the treatment of epilepsy among […]

Reiki Healing Music: Hypnotic & Relaxing

Reiki healing music plays an important role in Reiki, which is a Japanese healing art that helps people undergo deep relaxation and subsequently experience physical & mental rejuvenation. What is Reiki: Beginners Guide Reiki is also referred to as ‘spiritual detoxification’ or ‘spiritual cleansing’ as reiki not just heals the body naturally (through ki: universal, […]

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