Types of Guitars Available for Children

musical instruments for kids

Types of Guitars Available for Children Even if you just focus on the “toys” segment, there are several options available, so it can take some time for you to decide which is the one you should buy for your child. Here’s an overview of the various options available and some tips to choose a guitar […]

Toddler Guitar Reviews

musical instruments for kids

Toddler Guitar Reviews: Find the bestselling toy guitars & other popular musical instruments for kids… If you have someone in your family who plays the guitar or if your little one is showing inclination towards music, nay be its time to get him/her a toddler guitar. You can read about the various kinds of guitars […]

DIY Homemade Musical Instruments

Creative DIY homemade musical instruments that you can make right now. Watch: Video shows over 60 home made musical instruments Rubber Band Harp Use a sturdy box without the cover. Stretch rubber bands around the box, and over the open end. Pluck the rubber bands to make soft music. This is probably the easiest homemade […]

Beautiful Origami musical instruments built from craft paper

Make beautiful origami musical instruments using craft paper. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Watch: Origami Violin Musical Instrument! Watch: Origami Noise Maker Flute Type Instrument Watch: Origami Sax Instrument Origami Piano Eddie’s Guitar (R MacDonell) $Acoustic Guitar (AA Fehl) Flying V Guitar (AA Fehl) Guitar Amp (AA […]

Metallica performs its classic song “Enter Sandman” using children’s musical instruments (Video)

Famous rock band Metallica performed its classic song “Enter Sandman” using children’s musical instruments (Video) during an appearance on last night’s edition of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. The following musical instrument were used by the band: James Hetfield – Vocals, Toy Clarinet Jimmy Fallon – Vocals, Bass Drum, Casio Keyboard, Kazoo Lars Ulrich […]

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