Little Virtuoso Musical Instrument Play Mat

Little virtuoso musical instrument play mat

The Little Virtuoso Combo Mat is a touch-sensitive play mat (it plays soft or loud depending on how hard you press). You can play various musical instruments (13 musical instruments). You can even plug in an external music device and play along to your favorite songs. The best part about this play mat is that […]

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player

Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: It may not be the same one as some parents may have seen in their younger days, but the magic is still there. Fisher-Price Music Box Record Player: Review The Fisher Price Change-A-Record Music Box (more commonly known as the Fisher Price Record Player) is a favorite among kids aged […]

Musical Instruments made out of Legos

lego musical instruments

Checkout these cool musical instruments that have been made out of legos, and some of these are actually playable. Lego Musical Instruments That You Can Play Watch: Lego Guitar Coolest Custom ever: Really works!! Set Neck Watch: Epic win Lego Bass Amazing 5 String Custom Bass Guitar Watch: Creating a Cello out of LEGO Great […]

Kids Playing Guitar: Amazing Videos

If you’ve only seen children playing video games or watching TV, then this video is surely going to surprise you. Watch this video where a group of talented kids are playing the guitar together (those guitars are actually bigger than they are), and they do have talent. These kids are from North Korea, and actually […]

Samick MD-61 (61-keys) kids Digital Piano

Samick 61-keys kids digital piano

Samick MD-61 kids Digital Piano: 61 full-sized keys. 40″ wide and 20″ tall makes it the perfect size for a child to learn to play. Its not a toy piano. Samick’s MD-61: Pros & Cons Pros: Adorable Design, Touch-sensitive keys Cons: Only piano sounds Samick’s MD-61: Review The Samick MD-61 mini digital piano has an […]

Drum Sets for Toddlers

musical instruments for kids

Looking for some musical tours for your little one/s, these drum sets for toddlers will not only make for great companion but will also let you have loads of fun with your toddler. These toys are also great to increase musical awareness of children. Today, there are several drums available for toddlers and preschoolers. Here […]

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