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Casio Sustain Pedals Reviews

Casio piano sustain pedals reviewed here. Casio is a popular manufacturer of portable electronic keyboards and digital pianos. And with their portable digital pianos becoming quite popular, people have also started taking notice of their keyboard and piano accessories, such as sustain pedals. Casio does make sustain pedals, both in the foot-switch design as well […]

On-Stage Keyboard Stands: Reviews

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On-stage is a leading brand that makes different types of keyboard accessories, including a wide range of keyboard stands. On-stage has simple X-style keyboard stands for beginners, a wide range of stands for the pros, and some really useful keyboard accessories as well. About On-Stage Stands On-Stage is a leading producer of stands for music […]

Brass Instruments Accessories and Supplies

Brass musical instruments

Essential Brass Accessories: Find a large selection of accessories and parts for Brass Instruments. Why You Need Accessories for Brass Instruments You need accessories for music instruments to help play better, to offer protection, to do cleaning and maintenance. You also get spare parts to ensure the music instruments works for along time to come. […]

Keyboard Stand Accessories

Keyboard Stand Accessories: Now you can easily attach a 2nd tier to your keyboard stand and play with an extra keyboard in gigs. You even can put caster wheels to easily move your heavy setup. Why Use Stand Attachments When it comes to gear, musicians want them to be as flexible as possible. So if […]

Piano & Keyboard Accessories & Supplies

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Piano & Keyboard Accessories List: Review of all accessories, parts & supplies available for keyboard instruments – digital as well as acoustic pianos. Shop for piano accessories, including a large selection of piano benches, piano lamps, piano covers, piano dollies, and Piano Tuning Equipment. There are a lot of keyboard accessories that are available for […]

Guide to Various Cables & Cords

Cables & Cords: You can never have enough of cables, especially if your interest is music technology. Any musician who performs on stage needs to connect their music instruments or mics to the amplifiers. Besides, you also need cables to connect the various equipment together. Another common requirement of any digital piano or keyboard player […]

Ultimate Support Keyboard Stand Review

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If you’re a beginner keyboard player, then you may probably not have heard about this brand. But Ultimate Support has been around for several decades now and provides musicians with top class, durable, innovative & unique support solutions for various musical instruments. No wonder it has now become the choice of most professionals. Ultimate Support […]

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