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Best Hydraulic Piano Benches

hydraulic piano bench

Best Hydraulic Piano Benches reviewed here. Hydraulic benches are becoming popular among piano players who prefer using it because of its fine height adjustment capability. Hydraulic piano benches use technology to its advantage. It is much easier to adjust a bench that uses hydraulics in comparison to the traditional turn dial adjustments. Its commonly used […]

Keyboard Bench – Reviews of Adjustable Benches for Portable Keyboards & Pianos

piano bench

Keyboard Bench Reviews. Find reviews of adjustable and foldable benches suitable for portable home keyboards and pianos and also for professional keyboards for stage use. Most of these benches have an x-style design, are height adjustable, usually don’t come with storage space, but are lighter, compact and easily portable. They are also quite cheaper compared […]

Best Grand Piano Covers

grand piano covers

Here’s a guide to buying the best Piano Cover; you have options to choose from a range of upright as well as Grand Piano Covers. Andoer Grand Piano Pleuche Bordered Dust Protective Cover Cloth Looks classy, made of pleuche, soft and durable – provides protection for grand piano from scratch and dust. Fits only baby […]

Piano Covers: Various Types

Here we take a look at the various types of Piano Covers available to provide protection to the different keyboard instruments. Though the basic purpose is the same (protect against dust, liquid spills, scratches and so on), some of these are available in elegant fabric and finishes, especially the ones for upright and grand pianos. […]

Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand

STAY music tower three-tier keyboard stand

Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand for professional keyboard players: Its sturdy, lightweight and supports three-keyboards. Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand: Review STAY is a Brazilian brand that produces some incredibly stylish looking stands, including keyboard stands. Stay Music Tower Three-Tier Keyboard Stand can hold up to three keyboards and up to 264 pounds. […]

Roland DP-10 Damper Pedal

Roland DP-10 Damper Pedal

Roland DP-10 Damper Pedal reviewed here. Its sturdy, is a real-feel pedal, comes with a non-slip rubber plate, is compatible with Roland half-damper capable keyboards. Roland Roland DP-10: Review gives a real-pedal feel and comes with a non-slip rubber plate to minimize movement on the floor. It comes with extended cable (2.2m), suitable for keyboard […]