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Electric Pianos: Full-featured touring piano keyboards for performing on-stage

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Electric pianos for live performances! These pianos have top notch sounds and an easy-to-use interface which makes them ideal for performing onstage. An electric piano keyboard usually comes with synthesizer features & are quite portable. perfect touring piano that provides a perfect blend of authentic sounds, piano action, and features for live onstage performance. Use […]

Guide to Yamaha Keyboards

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Yamaha Keyboards: Learn about their products and features, and what makes them so popular. Their products are technologically innovative and also up-to-date with the latest in digital trends. Yamaha’s Keyboard Line-Up Yamaha recently launched two new piano products – the PSR-EW300 keyboard and the YDP-103 digital piano. : Updated take on the popular YPG-235 model, […]

Electronic Keyboards & Pianos: Various Types

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So you understand what electronic-keyboards are, and want to buy one, but are not sure what the various terms like arranger keyboards, synthesizers, workstations, and midi-keyboards mean? Is an electronic piano different from an electric or digital piano keyboard? May be it is a good idea to understand their basic differences before you step out […]

Best Electronic Keyboards for Beginners

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Electronic Keyboards simplified – Understand the various keyboard piano types so that you can decide what suits your requirements the best. Also, find the best beginner electronic keyboard that fits your needs – most are reasonably priced and come with great set of features. Here are recommend a few electronic keyboards that are best suited […]

Yamaha piano keyboard: Top reasons to buy one

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Yamaha Piano Keyboard: Should you buy one? Learn more about the many advantages of owning such a wonderful musical instrument. Yamaha: Plenty to Choose From Yamaha music keyboards are quite popular among learners as well as experienced musicians, and they have a wide range of keyboards that you can choose from. Yamaha portable keyboards are […]

Replacement Cable Lead for the Pedals

Question: I own a technics sx-pr250 digital piano and i’ve think i’ve lost the cable lead from the pedals to the relevant socket hence is there anywhere who could supply a new lead. Thanks for looking – Graham (nottingham) Answers: Need Pedal Part by: Mike (Niagara Falls, NY) Own a Fender Rhodes 73 stage electric […]

Roland Juno Di 61-Key Synthesizer Keyboard

Rating: The Roland JUNO-Di is a complete performance synth laden with several features, including the ability to sing along and apply voice effects through the mic. Its lightweight & portable, comes with USB slot, song player, and allows for 5 hours of battery operation. This can serve as an excellent first synthesizer keyboard. PROSEasy to […]

Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano

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Yamaha CP4 Stage Digital Piano reviewed here. The “CP” series consists of Yamaha’s most professionally-targeted stage pianos, and that’s why you will find more sounds on these ones (compared to other home pianos). Great sound, amazing touch, lightweight (38 pounds), lots of cool features like XLR output and so on, but the main thing are […]

Casio Privia PX-780 review

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Casio Privia PX-780 is an 88-key piano with stand and 3-pedal system and powerful 4-speaker system. Powerful sound engine, natural response, fully weighted keyed, simulated ebony and ivory keys feel like the keys of a real grand piano. 250 sounds including gorgeous grand pianos, 180 inspiring rhythms, 17-track recorder and more. . Casio Privia PX-780: […]

Best Hydraulic Piano Benches

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Best Hydraulic Piano Benches reviewed here. Hydraulic benches are becoming popular among piano players who prefer using it because of its fine height adjustment capability. Hydraulic piano benches use technology to its advantage. It is much easier to adjust a bench that uses hydraulics in comparison to the traditional turn dial adjustments. Its commonly used […]

5 Best Portable 61-Keys Keyboard Piano for the Absolute Beginners & Hobbyists

The 5 best portable 61-key keyboard pianos available for beginners, learners and hobbyists. These have 61-touch sensitive keys, basic features and are budget friendly. Here we have reviewed entry/level (budget) arranger keyboards (that has several sounds, rhythms, effects) with full-length, standard key sizes (but without full weighted keys, which are commonly found on pianos). If […]

Casio WK-7600 76-Key Workstation Keyboard

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The Casio WK-7600 is a 76-key workstation keyboard and offers a set for features that will make experienced musicians take notice of it. Drawbar organs, 17 track sequencer, 32 channel mixer, comprehensive editing features, are just some of the features that you’ll find on this keyboard. This can also be a good second keyboard for […]

Yamaha Electronic Keyboards: Yamaha Keyboard Specific Features Explained

Yamaha electronic keyboards have specific features which are aimed towards learning and mastering the instrument. You will find these features only on a Yamaha keyboard. In addition to the standard keyboard features like Sounds, Accompaniments, Digital Effects, Sequencer, Connectivity to computer and USB devices, you will find that the Yamaha digital keyboards & pianos employ […]

Keyboard Bench – Reviews of Adjustable Benches for Portable Keyboards & Pianos

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Keyboard Bench Reviews. Find reviews of adjustable and foldable benches suitable for portable home keyboards and pianos and also for professional keyboards for stage use. Most of these benches have an x-style design, are height adjustable, usually don’t come with storage space, but are lighter, compact and easily portable. They are also quite cheaper compared […]

Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band

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The Hohner Kids Toddler Music Band is basically a 5-piece band that will get all the kids involved in making music. The set includes musical shapes, wave drum, and toddler glockenspiel. Its durable, safe to use, and produces a nice sound. Want your toddler or older infant to begin exploring the world of music? The […]