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Best Concertina Reviews

Concertina Reviews: Learn more about this musical instrument and the best brands available. Concertinas are a part of the accordions world, and are usually preferred by musicians because of their small size and low weight. These instruments also produce an impressive range of sounds. What is a Concertina? A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, […]

Yamaha DGX-660 (Replaces the DGX650): Fantastic Digital Piano with Several Keyboard Like Features

yamaha dgx-660

The Yamaha DGX-660 Digital Piano builds up on a standard piano and provides you additional features like a 6-track recorder, on-screen score display, wireless audio streaming, and more. Yamaha DGX-660: PROS & CONS Pros: Piano Like Keys (Graded Hammer Standard), full featured, Good Sounds & Styles, Lots of features, Pricing Cons: Slightly heavy. Overall volume […]

William Bolerjack: Tuning pianos for 38 years

acoustic grand piano

William Bolerjack has been tuning pianos and doing repairs for the past 38 years. With his tuning hammer, wedge and other tools required for tuning the piano, Bolerjack says he’s tuned and repaired 4,000 to 5,000 pianos in Arizona and Illinois. Bolerjack started playing the piano at age 4, and eventually graduated from the University […]

Yamaha PSR-EW400 Portable Keyboard

yamaha psr keyboards

Yamaha PSR-EW400 keyboard is the latest model in the popular PSR-E range of keyboards. This keyboard brings in certain features that didn’t exist in the previous PSR keyboard models, while maintaining the price point (that users expect from PSR keyboards). Yamaha PSR-EW400: Pros & Cons Pros: 76 keys. Powerful loud speakers for a portable keyboard. […]

Yamaha CP40 Digital Stage Piano

yamaha cp

Yamaha CP40 stage piano reviewed here. Features concert grand piano sounds, vintage electric pianos, and several Motif-derived sounds. Yamaha has always offered the best when it comes to Piano’s and once again they have delivered with the Yamaha CP40 Stage Piano. The CP40 sounds incredibly good, has graded hammer action keyboard, but is still portable. […]

Best Behringer Keyboard Amp Reviews: Affordable, Yet Quality Keyboard Amplifiers

digital keyboards

Best Behringer Keyboard amps reviewed here. Behringer is a popular manufacturer of electronic sound goods, including keyboard amplifiers, and are known for their value-for-money products. Here are factors to consider before buying a Behringer amplifier and review of their popular models. Lots of people feel that Behringer keyboard amps are of okay standards just because […]

Casio Sustain Pedals Reviews

Casio piano sustain pedals reviewed here. Casio is a popular manufacturer of portable electronic keyboards and digital pianos. And with their portable digital pianos becoming quite popular, people have also started taking notice of their keyboard and piano accessories, such as sustain pedals. Casio does make sustain pedals, both in the foot-switch design as well […]

Casio CDP-130 Digital Piano

Casio CDP-130 Digital Piano reviewed here. If you are looking for a digital piano that is simple, straightforward, and not very expensive, the CDP-130 is the one for you. Pros: Entry-level digital piano with good keyboard action, Inexpensive, Cons: No recording features If you are looking at augmenting your piano practice or for learning the […]

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano Review

Roland rd-2000 stage piano

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano: SuperNATURAL acoustic pianos, classic EPs, vintage effects, and hybrid wooden hammer-action keys. Roland RD 2000: Pros & Cons Roland RD-2000 includes top-level live and studio performance features – dual sound engines, full polyphony, a hammer-action keyboard and advanced controller capabilities. PROS: V-Piano Engine, lightweight, piano action. sliders that can be used […]

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

Yamaha p115b digital piano

The Yamaha P115B digital piano is your opportunity to own a top-class piano from Yamaha’s popular P series of pianos. Not only does the P115B has top class sounds and piano feel, you also get several rhythms to help you with your practice. You get weighted keys, grand piano sounds, 14 voices, built-in drum rhythms, […]

RockJam RJ661 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

rockjam rj661 keyboard

RockJam RJ661 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard comes with 61 full sized keys and has plenty of features for the young learner. It doesn’t come with touch-sensitive keys though. This keyboard comes as part of of a package that includes several useful accessories. RockJam RJ661 Keyboard: Pros & Cons Pros: Value for money, 61-keys, great accessories, […]

Casio Celviano AP 460 Piano Review

The Casio Celviano AP 460 piano comes with good piano-action and sound quality, and offers 256 notes polyphony. It is really a good value-for-money piano product but doesn’t offer any accompaniments and doesn’t offer the best piano action. Pros: Value for Money, Good sound quality, Bench provided is solid Cons: Usability, No Accompaniments Review The […]

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Review

Kawai ES110 Digital Piano

Kawai ES110 Digital Stage Piano features 88 grade-weighted keys, advanced resonance effects, built-in Bluetooth connectivity. Its a nice portable stage piano that’s also perfect for practice. Kawai ES110 Digital Piano: Pros & Cons Pros: Great Piano sounds. Built-in speakers. Bluetooth MIDI interface. Classic Kawai grand piano tone. Great feeling action. Surprisingly lightweight for the key […]

88-Key Weighted Keyboard Reviews

An 88 key weighted keyboard solves the several challenges associated with upright and grand pianos, such as space and cost. There are many who prefer the portable nature of these keyboards, which makes it easy to use them in the studio or on the stage, and perfectly suits those who play the piano. Why Weighted […]

The ONE Light 61-Key (smart) keyboard

the one light 61-key keyboard

The ONE Light 61-Key smart keyboard: Features light-up keys that allows beginner musicians to start playing music in a matter of minutes. The ONE Light 61-Key Keyboard: Review Unlike other music keyboards, this keyboard doesn’t rely on the piano keyboard’s hardware to store songs and instrument sounds. This is a smart Keyboard that has to […]

Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano

Casio CGP-700BK Compact Grand Piano reviewed. A popular model from Casio’s range of digital pianos. This digital piano comes with great keyboard action, pro-level piano sounds, much-improved sound system and is available for fraction of the cost of a grand piano. You can also add more instruments and record your performance using a user-friendly color […]

Hammond XK-1c Portable Keyboard Organ

hammond xk1c

Hammond XK-1c Organ: Smallest and lightest Genuine Hammond Organ. Features the same virtual tonewheel engine as the flagship B3-mkII organ, comes with a digital Leslie onboard. Weighs only 16.5 pounds. Hammond XK-1c: Review The Hammond XK-1c is one of the most desired gear for any keyboard player in any genre of music. It includes a […]

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