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Yamaha NP32 Piaggero 76 Key Portable Piano

yamaha piaggero

Yamaha NP32 Piaggero reviewed here. This is a simply designed, yet natural-feeling digital piano. Features Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch action with more focus on playing the piano. Has a really good acoustic piano tone. The Yamaha NP32 Piaggero replaces the outgoing NP31. Yamaha NP32: Pros & Cons Pros: 76 keys to help you play several […]

Best Midi Controller Keyboard Reviews

Find the best midi controller keyboard. Reviews of 49 key, 61 key, 88 key, compact and USB midi controllers! Akai Pro MPK mini 25-Key One of the more popular products out there, because of its compact size and sturdy build; great for on-the-go production. 25-key velocity-sensitive mini keyboard; ideal for your mobile recording setup. You […]

Ultimate Support Keyboard Stand Review

digital keyboards

If you’re a beginner keyboard player, then you may probably not have heard about this brand. But Ultimate Support has been around for several decades now and provides musicians with top class, durable, innovative & unique support solutions for various musical instruments. No wonder it has now become the choice of most professionals. Ultimate Support […]

RockJam RJ661 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard

rockjam rj661 keyboard

RockJam RJ661 61-Key Electronic Piano Keyboard comes with 61 full sized keys and has plenty of features for the young learner. It doesn’t come with touch-sensitive keys though. This keyboard comes as part of of a package that includes several useful accessories. RockJam RJ661 Keyboard: Pros & Cons Pros: Value for money, 61-keys, Great Accessories, […]

Piano & Keyboard Accessories & Supplies

keyboard accessories

Piano & Keyboard Accessories List: Review of all accessories, parts & supplies available for keyboard instruments – digital as well as acoustic pianos. Shop for piano accessories, including a large selection of piano benches, piano lamps, piano covers, piano dollies, and Piano Tuning Equipment. There are a lot of keyboard accessories that are available for […]

Best Yamaha Keyboard Reviews – Recommended Models

Yamaha Keyboards Logo

Yamaha Keyboard Reviews to help you choose the right instrument. Besides making beginner electronic keyboards, Yamaha makes top class digital pianos and also synthesizers. After all, they are among the biggest musical instrument manufacturers in the world. Best Yamaha Keyboards Yamaha keyboards are categorized into various series such as EZ, PSR, DGX, YPG, Tyros, MOXF, […]

Casio PRIVCASE Privia Case

Casio privia case

The good thing about the Privia Pianos is that they are also lightweight and easy to carry around. Now transporting your Privia Piano became easier with the Casio PRIVCASE Privia Case. Casio PRIVCASE: Pros & Cons Pros: Light. Durable. Works as expected. Not expensive Cons: Protection material is fairly thin. No space for the music […]

Yamaha piano keyboard: Top reasons to buy one

yamaha musiccast piano

Yamaha Piano Keyboard: Should you buy one? Learn more about the many advantages of owning such a wonderful musical instrument. Yamaha: Plenty to Choose From Yamaha music keyboards are quite popular among learners as well as experienced musicians, and they have a wide range of keyboards that you can choose from. Yamaha portable keyboards are […]

Best Piano Brands for Acoustic Pianos

acoustic grand piano

Piano brands – Here is a list of the major piano makers of traditional upright and grand acoustic pianos! Some of these manufacture digital pianos as well. We all know that traditionally, acoustic pianos have been a complex instrument to manufacture, and it is still today. It may have gone through various iterations over centuries […]

Yamaha YPT420 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Here’s a complete review of Yamaha YPT-420 61-Key Portable Keyboard. Looking for a beginner keyboard with some pro-features? Yamaha YPT-420 is the one! It replaces the popular Yamaha ypt-410 keyboard and comes with advanced features like sound control knobs that give the user real time control effects, filters, envelope generator and tempo. Provides 50 arpeggio […]

Casio Privia Pro PX-560 Digital Piano

Casio Privia Pro PX-560 Digital Piano

Casio Privia Pro PX-560 digital piano comes packaged with innovative features, new tones, user programmable rhythms, and built-in speakers, in a striking blue case. You can use the PX-560 for stage performance or in the studio as a synthesizer. Casio Privia Pro PX-560: Review Pros: Keys feel more like a piano than synth. Simple design. […]

Casio CDP-130 Digital Piano

casio logo

Casio CDP-130 Digital Piano reviewed here. If you are looking for a digital piano that is simple, straightforward, and not very expensive, the CDP-130 is the one for you. Pros: Entry-level digital piano with good keyboard action, Inexpensive, Cons: No recording features If you are looking at augmenting your piano practice or for learning the […]

Baby grand piano | Pianos for sale

grand piano vs baby grand piano sizes

Find a large selection and great deals on baby grand pianos. Steinway Pianos, Baldwin, Yamaha Pianos, Kawai and more. Difference Between Grand Piano and Baby Grand Piano The most obvious difference between a traditional grand piano and a baby grand piano is in their sizes. The baby grand piano is comparatively smaller in size (not […]

Suzuki MDG-400 Baby Grand Digital Piano

The Suzuki MDG-400 baby grand digital piano looks stunning, has several high-end performance features, and will also serve as your home entertainment center. Key Features of Suzuki MDG-400 baby grand digital piano: Authentic Grand Piano Feel: Velocity sensitive, graded hammer action keyboard Bluetooth compatibility 4.3 True Color LCD display 128-note polyphony 6 way stereo sound […]

How to Clean Piano Keys

Cleaning your piano keys regularly is a must if you want your piano to perform normally. If not cleaned for long, dust will creep in through the openings between the keys and over a period of time could cause certain or all keys to stop working. When you take time out to clean your Piano […]

On-Stage Keyboard Stands: Reviews

keyboard accessories

On-stage is a leading brand that makes different types of keyboard accessories, including a wide range of keyboard stands. On-stage has simple X-style keyboard stands for beginners, a wide range of stands for the pros, and some really useful keyboard accessories as well. About On-Stage Stands On-Stage is a leading producer of stands for music […]

Roli Seaboard: Innovative Rubber Keyed Piano

roll up piano keyboard

Roli Seaboard reviewed here: A totally unique piano keyboard, with a soft, continuous surface that puts expression back at your fingertips. Allows unprecedented creative possibilities in a joyfully-crafted avatar of the keyboard. The Roli Seaboard is an innovative rubber-keyed Piano that lets you control Pitch, Volume and even Timbre via just touching the keys, and […]

Top Casio Keyboard & Piano Bundles

casio keyboard bundles

Top Casio Bundles reviewed here. These packages come with useful accessories like Stand, Power Adapter, Dust Cover, Pedals & Headphones, besides the keyboard of-course. It has everything that you need to get started on your favorite Casio keyboard / piano. What are the advantages of buying a Casio piano/keyboard bundle? You get everything packaged together. […]

Harmonium Keyboard Instrument

Learn how the Harmonium Keyboard instrument is different from other Keyboard Instruments. Find harmoniums for sale here. The harmonium is a reed organ with hand pumped pressure bellows that pushes the air through the reeds. Harmoniums History It was invented in Paris, way back in 1842, though similar instruments were being concurrently developed. This is […]

Yamaha YPT 255 61-Key Electronic Keyboard

Yamaha logo

Yamaha YPT-255 61-Key Electronic Keyboard reviewed here. This keyboard comes with several sounds & features, has built-in lessons to help you learn, and is an entry-level keyboard. Its ideal keyboard for the learner. The keyboard is also available as part of a bundled package that includes all the important accessories to make it fun to […]

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano Review

Roland rd-2000 stage piano

Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano: SuperNATURAL acoustic pianos, classic EPs, vintage effects, and hybrid wooden hammer-action keys. Roland RD 2000: Pros & Cons Roland RD-2000 includes top-level live and studio performance features – dual sound engines, full polyphony, a hammer-action keyboard and advanced controller capabilities. PROS: V-Piano Engine, lightweight, piano action. sliders that can be used […]

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