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V-MODA VAMP Headphone Amplifier

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The V-MODA VAMP headphone amp features a 150mW x 2 amplifier, dedicated pure Digital-Analog-Convertor, VQ audio enhancements, optical audio output and backup battery, all integrated into a solid metal case that transforms any ordinary headphone into a high fidelity device. VAMP is a portable DAC/amp primarily for the iPhone 4/4S, but you can also use […]

Best Guitar Headphone Amp Reviewed

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Using a Guitar Headphone Amp is an easy way to get good quality sound from your guitar. Your average/inexpensive guitar can suddenly come alive if you use a good quality headphone amp. Best Guitar Headphone amps Here are some more popular headphone amps: Line 6 Pocket POD Great features and suited for mobile recording; it […]

Samson S-AMP Headphone Amp

samson samp headphone amp

Review of the four channel Samson S-AMP Headphone Amp Want a portable amplifier with more inputs? Here’s an ideal solution for budding musicians and DJs alike. This Headphone Amp from Samsung comes with four independent channels, allowing for independent volume control on each channel. The Samson SAMP is ideal if you want to record at […]

Tube Headphone Amp

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Here’s a guide to Tube Headphone Amps. While tube amps may not measure as well as their solid-state counterparts, there are many who feel that tubes more faithfully reproduce the sound of voices and real instruments. Most guitar players use tube amps because they like the distortion sound that these amps produce. However, as with […]

Integrated Amps, Reviews

Music streamers like Spotify, Sonos and Apple are quite popular nowadays, giving you access to an entire world of music (literally at your fingertips). Almost everybody has a portable mp3 player nowadays (its part of most smartphones nowadays) and use them for most of their music needs. There are many who also use a iPod […]

USB Headphone Amplifier Reviews

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A great headphone amplifier makes headphones sound better than they’re. A USB Headphone Amplifier is something that can be directly connected to your laptop computer for listening to music. And because they are USB-powered they don’t need to be powered separately. For your requirements, you can choose from a wide range of quality Headphone USB […]

Types of Headphone Amplifiers

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Here are the various types of Headphone Amplifiers. The three more common types of headphone amplifiers for home use: digital to analog converters (DACs), desktop headphone amplifiers, and portable headphone amplifiers. Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) Headphones are built for analog signals, and a digital to analog converter can be used to convert the digital […]

Headphone DAC Amp

Here’a quick overview of DAC, and why it is required. DAC = Digital to analog converter Audio music files (mp3, wav, flac, etc,) are in the digital format (0’s and 1’s) Music file goes to a DAC to become an analog waveform Waveform is sent to an Amplifier to gain power The amplified waveform is […]

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