Repair & Maintenance

Guitar Building Kits

Use Guitar Building Kits in case you want to do this on your own. Read more here. If you have been thinking of learning more on guitar building, you can check out some of the resources here. Though, there are several guitar schools that offer building and repairing courses, it could get expensive, unless you […]

How Acoustic Guitars are Made

Did you ever wonder how the acoustic guitar that you own has been built? Everybody knows that its made of wood but how are all the parts put together? Here’s a video that shows how acoustic guitars are made, and I’m sure after watching the video, you’ll appreciate your guitar even more. The video also […]

Guitar Intonation Explained

Learn what is Guitar Intonation and how to adjust it and fix it If you have any guitar friends, I am sure you would have heard them saying that they have to take their guitars to the music shop set the guitar intonation. So what exactly is this Guitar Intonation? Intonation on Guitar In simple […]

Guitar Building Guide

All about Guitar Building: Why it makes sense to learn more about this art, and the various options available to learn. Why Guitar Building? If you have been playing the guitar for some time, or have been associated with music for some time, then you may have wondered at times if “It was possible to […]

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