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Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings

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Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings and review of the popular strings from this brand. Who Should Buy? D’Addario guitar strings are the all-time favorites for most guitar players (provides good balance between the warm low ends and bright highs). Most guitar players love playing on a fresh set of strings, and replace them […]

Buy Guitar Strings

Buy Guitar Strings: Things to know and the best brands that are durable, sound good, and are easy to play with. The right guitar strings can make all the difference in the sound & timbre, and in the case of beginners it can affect the comfort of playing as well. Things to Know Here are […]

Bulk Guitar Strings

Bulk Guitar Strings: Why it makes sense to buy strings in bulk. Why Buy in Bulk? There is no doubt that the construction quality of the guitar plays an important role in the sound produced, but even the guitar strings impacts, to a certain extent, the sound produced. Besides, it plays a major role in […]

Electric Guitar Strings


Electric Guitar Strings: The various factors to consider & the options available for those who own electric guitars. Every guitar player needs spare strings as they keep on breaking, or become dull over a period of time, or because the original guitar itself came with poorer set of strings. In that case you need to […]

Best Bass Strings

Bass guitar strings

Here are reviews of the best bass strings. It’s best to always keep spare strings as they do break, and over period of time they start sounding dull. You may have to use strings of different makes before you know which is the one your fingers like and is best suited to your artistic taste. […]

Guitar String Types

Here’s an easy guide to the various Guitar string types. Remember, guitars can have strings that are made from different materials, and with different thicknesses. Read more here on strings on a guitar. The sound that is created by a guitar is dependent on various factors, the more important ones being the wood that is […]