Bass Guitars

Bass Guitar: Buying Guide & Reviews

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Reviews: Checkout Reviews of the Best Bass Guitars for Various Brands and Prices. Here’s a simplified guide on how to buy the best bass guitars. Find reviews and the bass accessories that you need to sound like a pro. Best Bass Guitars Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started […]

Best Electric Bass Guitar, Reviews


Electric Bass Guitar: Reviews of the best bass guitars, for various brands and prices. Whatever your style, there’s an electric bass for you. Available in 4-string and 5-string electric bass, find your next electric bass guitar from our extensive selection. Here we bring to you the best electric bass guitars from top brands Fender, Yamaha, […]

Fender American Professional Jazz Bass

fender american professional jazz bass

Fender American Professional Jazz Bass is an upgraded version of the Fender Jazz Bass. Modern-C neck contour, pair of V-Mod single-coil J-style pickups, the American Professional Jazz Bass sounds better than ever. Fender American Professional Jazz Bass: Highlights Tried-and-true J Bass design 2 V-Mod single-coil pickups blend vintage and modern tonalities. The new V-Mod single-coil […]

Best Fretless Bass Guitar Reviews

Fretless Bass reviews

Fretless Bass Guitar buying guide and reviews of the best ones. Guide to Fretless Basses and what makes them unique. A fretless bass is similar to a normal bass but minus the frets, which makes it harder to play because you have to press exactly where the fret markers would be (its used mainly by […]

Gibson Bass Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Review of Gibson Bass Guitars Way back in the 1950s, Gibson introduced their first bass pioneering the single-pickup bass design. The 60s saw an explosion of rock which saw the launch of newer Gibson bass models, turning thousands of enthusiastic players towards their new burgeoning line of products. Rock bassists were drawn towards the thunderous […]

Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar

Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass Guitar reviewed here. The Ibanez GSR200 4-String Bass is a hot little bass with nice balance and feel for a very friendly price. Suitable for all skill levels, but great for beginners who want to get into the world of electric basses. The GSR200 sounds and feels good too, thanks to […]

Bass Guitar Tabs: How to Read

Bass guitar sheet music tabs

So you want to play bass guitar? You should begin with Bass guitar tabs, and learning to play from tabs is really not as difficult as it seems. Here’s how to do it the right way. Just remember that the first string is always the thinnest and with the highest pitch. Learning to Play from […]

Best Ampeg (Bass) Amps, Reviews

ampeg amps

Ampeg is a popular manufacturer of amps, especially of bass amplifiers (for bass guitars and double basses), they make some of the best bass amps build for the most demanding bassists. Ampeg bass amps reproduce the entire tonal spectrum for true high-fidelity sound, helps you build a powerful yet portable bass rig that is versatile […]

Bass Guitar Kits

Bass Guitar Kits can be quite cost-effective considering that in addition to the bass guitar, you may also need other important accessories such as amps, bag, picks, tuner and more. What Does it Include? If you go in for a bundled package, depending on the offer, besides the guitar itself, you can expect to get […]

Rogue VB100LH Left-Handed Violin Bass Guitar

Left handed bass guitar players

Rogue VB100LH Left-Handed Violin Bass Guitar. This is a great beginners bass, in a classic design that sounds sweeter (beatles fans, fans of sir paul mcCartney will love it). Pros & Cons Pros: Looks Beautiful. Good build and sound Quality. Its Lightweight Cons: Slight fret buzz Uses: Use it for jamming, learning, practicing, school bands, […]

Top Acoustic Bass Guitars: Reviews

Acoustic Bass Guitar guide and reviews of the best brands/models out there. The difference between an acoustic and an electric bass is that the electric bass requires an amplifier. You can have some serious low-end fun with one of these acoustic bass guitars, even when they are not plugged in. Perfect as an accompaniment and […]

Review of the Best Left Handed Bass Guitars

Left handed bass guitar players

Best Left Handed Bass Guitars: For a long time, left-handed bass guitar players only had a limited selection from which they could choose an instrument. However, things are comparatively better today. Here, we will take a look at the various left-handed basses (classic Fender designs like the Precision and Jazz Bass to modern metal and […]

Best Fender Bass Guitars: Review

Fender Bass Guitars reviewed here. Here’s what makes them popular and review of the best fender basses. Why Fender Bass Guitars? Fender is one of the most popular and one of the oldest manufacturers of electric guitars, and as such understand the technology involved quite well. Over the years they have also made a name […]

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