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Electric Guitar Amp

Electric Guitar Amp: Most widely used features and how to select one. An amplifier comes with several features and lets you generate some cool tones for your guitar. If possible, try them out at music shops to get an idea of the various features. You also need to have an idea of the wattage that […]

Best ‘Mid Range’ Acoustic Guitars for Intermediate & Experience Players

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Best mid-range acoustic guitars, suitable for intermediate players, and serious hobbyists. These are excellent guitars with top quality construction and sound. Best Acoustic Guitars When it comes to guitars, especially acoustics, users are a lot concerned about its feel, and that’s why one of the common comments that you’ll find on most forums, is that […]

Digital Modeling Amp


Guide to Digital Modeling Amp Here is a simplified guide to buying a digital modeling amp for your Guitar. These are slowly but surely becoming popular as they are affordable and have several practical benefits. What is It? Modeling Amps are the more recent ones and are fast becoming popular because of their ability to […]

How to Tune a Ukulele

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How to Tune Ukulele: The various methods that are available, and easy tuning instructions for Beginners. Tuning a stringed instrument is an important regular activity that needs to be performed, but then many are not sure how to tune a ukulele. Here we will learn about the Standard Ukulele Tuning and the other Tunings that […]

Fender DG-8S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Package

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Here’s a complete review of the Fender DG-8S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Package… PROS: Excellent value for money CONS: You May have to change the strings One of the most popular acoustic guitar packages, this one is a great beginner acoustic guitar, for a reasonable price, and comes with gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, instructional DVD, […]

iOS Gear for Guitars

Own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch? Here’s the iOS gear that you’ll need to create music using these gadgets from Apple, and your guitar. When it comes to making music, most musicians trust Apple devices and they are known to be natural performers. So if you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, its easy […]

Best Classical Guitars (Nylon String) Reviews

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Best Classical Guitar Reviews. Classical guitars (nylon string) have a mellower tone and slightly smaller body compared to the steel-stringed acoustic guitars. Guitar players love the warm, full sound produced by classical guitars. If you’re fond of classical music, here are some useful tips to buy the best classical guitar. At one time, classical guitars […]

Gibson Electric Guitars

Reviews of popular Gibson Electric Guitars, especially the LES Paul variants, that are a favorite with punk, blues, grunge and garage rockers for decades. Gibson Les Paul guitars have been a no-nonsense favorite of rock ‘n’ rollers ever since the 1950s and 1960s. Most of these are now available with upgraded electronics and are available […]

Big Baby Taylor (BBT) Acoustic Guitar


Taylor Big Baby (BBT) acoustic guitar reviewed here. Its a slightly smaller sized guitar than a full-size guitar. Despite the smaller size, it has got a full voice, sounds wonderful and looks great. Taylor is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of acoustic and electric guitars, they sound great and are also quite easy to […]

Fender Electric Guitars

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Fender Electric Guitars: These are among the most popular and one of the oldest manufacturers of electric guitars, and as such understand the technology involved quite well. Fender is known best for their electric guitar models such as the Stratocaster and Telecaster. About Fender There are some brands that continue to get bigger and better […]

La Patrie Motif Classical Guitar

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La Patrie Motif Classical Guitar reviewed here. Feature solid cedar top, laminated mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, gold “lyra” style tuners with pearloid buttons, and a semi-gloss satin finish. La Patrie Motif Classical Guitar: Pros & Cons PROS: Impressive sounds, Nicely crafted, compact CONS: Unmarked frets, […]

ESP LTD F50 Electric Guitar Review

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ESP LTD F50 Electric Guitar reviewed here. When its ESP, expect the guitar to have a radical design, and the same applies to the ESP LTD F50 that is available at a much cheaper price. LH-100 humbuckers for a powerful sound, 24-fret neck with extra jumbo, string-thru-body design, Maple neck, Tune-o-matic bridge and more. ESP […]

Electric Guitar Knobs Guide

Here are some of the common knobs and buttons found on most guitars. See what these knobs and buttons do on your guitar / amp. Knobs On the Guitar Volume: Raises/lowers the volume Tone: Raises/lowers the treble. Most keep it turned up all the way. You will also find a switch called the pickup selector. […]

Dean ML XM Electric Guitar


Here’s a complete review of the Dean ML XM Electric Guitar. PROS: Value Buy CONS: A bit buzzy If you want an affordable Dean guitar with that classic Dean ML style, and a classic Dean tone, you may consider this one. From the price, you can make out that its a beginners guitar and not […]

Acoustic Guitar Kits

Acoustic Guitar Kits can be quite cost-effective considering that in addition to the acoustic guitar, you may also need other important accessories such as bag, picks, tuner and more. Whom is It Useful For? These are great for beginners and also offer great value for intermediate players, as it can cost more if you were […]

Ukulele Songs

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Find easy ukulele songs for beginners, and even experienced. There’s a large collection of ukulele songs, performed by various artists, and materials on chords and tabs available online. Why Memorize Songs? The moment people around you know that you can play a musical instrument, you’ll be requested to do the honors of performing for the […]

Yamaha FG Series Acoustic Guitars

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The Yamaha FG series is one of the most popular series for Acoustic Guitars in the world. For more than four decades, musicians around the world have used the Yamaha FG guitars to express their music. FGs gained the respect due to their top quality, dependability, playability and value-for-money. Watch: The new Yamaha FG series […]

Guitar Tuners (Clip-on & Pedal): Buying Guide

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Best Guitar tuners reviews for alternate tunings, polyphonic performance, or for serious accuracy. There are many different guitar tuning tools out there ranging from chromatic tuners to self-tuning guitars. Here are some of the popular ones. Guitar Tuners Types Tuning the guitar is an essential maintenance task that every guitar player has to do. There […]

Takamine Guitars (Acoustic, Classical)

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Takamine Guitars Buying Guide: Checkout their range of guitars, including some top class acoustic, classical and even electric guitars. Takamine Guitars Takamine, as a brand, is known for their acoustic guitars. They have a range of affordable guitars that are easy on the pockets, but still produce excellent tone and sound. Takamine also has a […]

Top Electric Guitar Packs for 2017


The best Electric Guitar Packs for beginners & intermediate guitar players. Electric Guitar Packs: Includes a guitar, amp, picks, strap, and everything else you need to start playing the guitar. Top/Best Electric Guitar Packs Here’s a great selection of Electric Guitar Value Packages, and get guaranteed lowest prices on these. These electric guitar packages include […]

Ukulele for Sale

Ukulele for sale: Find best deals and the lowest prices on these instruments. You can choose from a wide range of brands. Your First Instrument Most beginners (even I have done that mistake) buy their first musical instrument in a hurry, without spending much time trying out various instruments. I guess it is because, when […]

How to Find a Fender Bass Guitar for Sale

How to find a Fender bass guitar for sale. Where do you get discounts, free shipping, and lowest prices guaranteed. Fender is one of the most popular brands out there and musicians are always looking for opportunities to find a Fender bass guitar for sale. Fortunately for you, you can easily find great deals online, […]

How to String a Guitar

Stringing a Guitar is one activity you need to know, if you own a guitar. Read here to learn how to correctly string an acoustic or electric guitar. There are times when you may have to change the strings of your guitar, especially if you have had the guitar for some time. Changing the strings […]