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Cheap Electric Guitars

Cheap Electric Guitars: Things to look for, and where to find the best deals on guitars. Here are things to remember in mind when looking for an inexpensive guitar. You do get budget guitars, something that cost around 150 dollars, but then you may not like it, especially if you’ve played before or have been […]

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Here’s a complete review of the Ingles adjustable cello and bass stand. Its adjustable, comes with a locking stand with a bow holder. Box stands are turn-offs (hide the cellos body); guitar stands are usually unstable and unsuited for something as large and as delicate as a cello or bass. This stand however makes perfect […]

Fender Electric Guitar: Reviews of the Best Ones

fender logo

Fender Electric Guitar Reviews: Find a range of guitars from the low-priced ones to the more expensive electric guitars from Fender. Best Fender Electric Guitars No matter what your skills are, there is a Fender electric guitar for you. This is not to say that Fender makes lowest priced guitars; that is definitely not the […]

Manhasset Mh5001 Orchestra Stand Review

Manhasset Mh5001 orchestra stand reviewed here. Excellent, sturdy music stand with double-lip shelf, built for the Concert orchestra musician. Manhasset Mh5001: Pros & Cons PROS: Sturdy, Stable, Aesthetic, Comes with double lip that provides convenient storage for accessories like bows, reeds, etc. CONS: Assembly directions could have been better Manhasset Mh5001 Music Stand: Review Serious […]

Guitar Building Guide


All about Guitar Building: Why it makes sense to learn more about this art, and the various options available to learn. Why Guitar Building? If you have been playing the guitar for some time, or have been associated with music for some time, then you may have wondered at times if “It was possible to […]

Classical Guitars: Buying Guide, Prices & Reviews

learn guitar

Classical Guitars: Buying Guide for students, enthusiasts and even performers. Reviews of the best guitars available for Beginners and Pros. Find useful tips to buy the best Classical Guitar. These guitars not just look beautiful, they sound beautiful as well. Overview Nothing can be as soothing as listening to some great classical guitar music. In […]

Top Guitar Headphones Reviewed

DJ Headphones

Guitar Headphones: Finding the best Amp Headphones for Your Guitar. Want to make your guitar sound like a much more expensive instrument? Want to practice at odd hours without anybody yelling at you? Use a pair of Guitar / Amp Headphones! The best thing about using quality headphones is that it will make your guitar […]

Electric Ukulele Reviews: Top electric ukes for 2017

ukulele reviews

Electric Ukulele Reviews: Know more about these types of Ukuleles that give you the best of both the worlds – acoustic as well as electric. Read reviews of the best ones that are used for practicing & for gigging. Cordoba 20TM-CE Acoustic Electric Tenor Ukulele Cordoba ukuleles are completely handmade and combine traditional Portuguese ornamentation […]

Snark Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuner Review

snark tuners

Snark Tuner Reviews: These are extremely popular gadgets and even schools are buying these in multiples for their students. Checkout the SN series of tuners & metronomes from this popular brand. Get your studio fully equipped with Snark Tuners & Metronomes. About Snark When you talk about tuning equipment, digital metronomes and tuners, one brand […]

Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 Acoustic Guitar


Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 Dreadnaught Acoustic Guitar reviewed here. With good quality craftsmanship, good finish and great sounds, the Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 is recommended for those looking for a reasonably priced, steel-string acoustic guitar. Perfect for beginners and intermediate level guitar players on a budget. Bristol by Blueridge BD-16 Acoustic Guitar: Pros & Cons […]

Fender Squier: Beginner Acoustic Guitar

fender logo

The Fender Starcaster Acoustic Guitar is a great guitar for those who are learning to play, it has a warm sound, practical features, and priced low. Pros – Warm sound, Natural Wood Finish, Inexpensive considering the brand Cons – Tuning pipes instead of electronic tuner. Review Who Is It For? This is perfect for the […]

Epiphone Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Epiphone guitars

Guide to Epiphone Guitars. Checkout their range of acoustic & electric guitars. Owned by Gibson, these are the more affordable look-alike’s of the more expensive Les Paul and other types of electric guitars made by Gibson. From being a small family repair shop, Epiphone has gone on to become a big name in the world […]

How to Find Electric Guitar For Sale

Here’s how to find a good electric Guitar for sale, and in general, the best places to get massive discounts on electric guitars. Times has changed a lot in the way people shop nowadays. There’s no need to go from one musical instrument retailer to another in search of an electric guitar. You can easily […]

Bass Guitar Parts

Bass Guitar Parts: Learn about the design of a bass guitar and Where to find parts in case you need replacement. Introduction As with most musical instruments, over a period of time your bass will also go through wear and tear, and it may not provide the same sound quality that it used to give […]

Ukulele for Sale

Ukulele for sale: Find best deals and the lowest prices on these instruments. You can choose from a wide range of brands. Your First Instrument Most beginners (even I have done that mistake) buy their first musical instrument in a hurry, without spending much time trying out various instruments. I guess it is because, when […]

Kala Ukulele Reviews: Quality ukes at a decent price.

ukulele reviews

Kala Ukulele Reviews. A popular brand that makes ukes for all kinds of budgets and scenarios – from entry-level to pro-quality ukuleles. It also makes U-BASS and guitarlele models. Checkout the range of instruments that this brand has to offer. Best Kala Ukuleles Kala produces some great ukuleles for the entry-intermediate level players. Here, we […]

12-String Guitar Guide

The Twelve String Guitar is usually a natural progression for most guitar players, who graduate from being a beginner to an intermediate or expert guitar player. This is because a twelve string guitar produce a much richer tone than your standard six-string guitar, and makes your guitar sounds a lot better (because there are two […]

Guitar Amps Buying Guide


How to Buy Guitar Amp – Guide to Guitar Amplifiers. This simplified guitar amp guide explains the various types of Guitar amplifiers and the various factors you need to consider before buying one. Also find Guitar Amp Reviews of the best models for beginners and experienced guitar players Best Guitar Amp Reviews To fully experience […]

Guitars for Sale

Guitars for Sale – Tips on How to Get the Most for Your Bucks Guitars for Sale: Guide to help you buy your first guitar or upgrade to a newer one. Here are some valuable tips on how to get the most bang for your bucks. Best deals on musical instruments, including guitars Various Guitars […]

Lanikai Ukulele Reviews

Lanikai Ukulele Reviews: Checkout the range of instruments that this brand has to offer. It is part of the Hohner music company. Top/Best Lanikai Ukuleles Here are the bestselling Lanikai Ukuleles, known for their excellent tonal qualities. Lanikai’s LU series is quite popular among experienced players looking to expand their tonal palette or for the […]

Gibson Bass Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Review of Gibson Bass Guitars Way back in the 1950s, Gibson introduced their first bass pioneering the single-pickup bass design. The 60s saw an explosion of rock which saw the launch of newer Gibson bass models, turning thousands of enthusiastic players towards their new burgeoning line of products. Rock bassists were drawn towards the thunderous […]

Gibson Electric Guitars

Reviews of popular Gibson Electric Guitars, especially the LES Paul variants, that are a favorite with punk, blues, grunge and garage rockers for decades. Gibson Les Paul guitars have been a no-nonsense favorite of rock ‘n’ rollers ever since the 1950s and 1960s. Most of these are now available with upgraded electronics and are available […]

Martin Guitars: Guide & Reviews

martin logo

Guide to Martin Guitars: Find Out What Makes Them so Popular… Another big name when it comes to guitars is “Martin”! There are many learners who desire to own this brand some day, and it is indeed a great feeling to walk out of the store with your first Martin guitar. Just like the big […]

Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar Reviews

Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitars reviewed here. Musicians like the sound of semi-hollow bodied guitars because they’re known for having their own type of resonance with good sustain. So what is the difference between a Hollow Body and a Semi-Hollow Body electric guitar? Though both are electric guitars, there are a few basic differences between the […]

Best Backpacker / Travel Guitar Reviews

travel guitar

Best Backpacker / Travel Guitar Reviews: Find the best-selling travel guitars: acoustic, electric and acoustic-electric. The best travel guitar is the one which you can take along with you wherever you want. A travel guitar is much easier to carry around (compared to a regular guitar), and a great choice while away from home for […]

Top Portable Guitar Mini Amps

mini guitar amplifier

Guide to Guitar Mini Amps and reviews of the best ones. Guitar mini amps are a great way to get great sound, but in a compact portable package. Most of these guitar mini amps weigh just a few pounds and they’re very easily transported. So take your guitar to the beach, on the road, or […]

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