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Bulk Guitar Strings

Bulk Guitar Strings: Why it makes sense to buy strings in bulk. Why Buy in Bulk? There is no doubt that the construction quality of the guitar plays an important role in the sound produced, but even the guitar strings impacts, to a certain extent, the sound produced. Besides, it plays a major role in […]

Guitar Intonation Explained

Learn what is Guitar Intonation and how to adjust it and fix it If you have any guitar friends, I am sure you would have heard them saying that they have to take their guitars to the music shop set the guitar intonation. So what exactly is this Guitar Intonation? Intonation on Guitar In simple […]

How to String a Guitar

Stringing a Guitar is one activity you need to know, if you own a guitar. Read here to learn how to correctly string an acoustic or electric guitar. There are times when you may have to change the strings of your guitar, especially if you have had the guitar for some time. Changing the strings […]

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review

seagull s6 guitar

The Seagull S6 is a high-quality acoustic dreadnought guitar, and one of the best entry-level/intermediate-level acoustic guitars. It features a solid Cedar top and Wild Cherry back and sides. In fact, it compares well even with guitars that cost several times its price and doesn’t really have much downside to it, considering its price. Seagull […]

Guitar Building Kits

Use Guitar Building Kits in case you want to do this on your own. Read more here. If you have been thinking of learning more on guitar building, you can check out some of the resources here. Though, there are several guitar schools that offer building and repairing courses, it could get expensive, unless you […]

Beginner Classical Guitar: Getting Started

Beginner Classical Guitar: Lessons & Reviews of various brands of classical guitars. What are the best classical guitars for beginners to get started. Getting Started with Classical Guitar The best thing about playing a classical guitar is the soothing sound that it generates. Even if you’re a beginner, and can play a few simple songs, […]

Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings

learn guitar

Guide to Buying D’ Addario Guitar Strings and review of the popular strings from this brand. Who Should Buy? D’Addario guitar strings are the all-time favorites for most guitar players (provides good balance between the warm low ends and bright highs). Most guitar players love playing on a fresh set of strings, and replace them […]

Epiphone Sheraton II Archtop Electric Guitar

Here’s a complete review of Epiphone Sheraton II Archtop Electric Guitar. Fantastic looks, classic semi-hollow body tone, pair of humbucking pickups, and has excellent looks/finish. Plays like a dream, with more resonance & sustain while still providing the warm tones required for jazz. PROS: Beautiful Guitar, good sound, massive sustain, long neck CONS: Pickup select […]

Guitar Tuners (Clip-on & Pedal): Buying Guide

Guitar Tuners

Best Guitar tuners reviews for alternate tunings, polyphonic performance, or for serious accuracy. There are many different guitar tuning tools out there ranging from chromatic tuners to self-tuning guitars. Here are some of the popular ones. Guitar Tuners Types Tuning the guitar is an essential maintenance task that every guitar player has to do. There […]

Guitar Pickups: How to Choose the Best

Guide to Buying Guitar Pickups… Pickups for Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Pauls, SGs, Basses, Acoustic and more! Whether you’re looking at improving your tone or just need a quick spare you can buy these at cheap prices with brands such as Fender, EMG, Lace and Seymour Duncan! For Electric Guitars you can choose from a big […]

Guitar Players: How to Record on Computer

music production

Guitar Players: How to Record on Computer. Here’s a complete guide for electric guitarists and acoustic guitar players on how to create music using their computer: PC or Mac. Most young music students feel that certain instrument players, such as keyboards, have an advantage when it comes to recording music. Though they may have a […]

Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

Yamaha gigmaker EG electric guitar package

The Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack provides you with everything you need to start learning the electric guitar, available for around two hundred fifty dollars. Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack: Pros & Cons Pros: Good feel, Good tone, Good pick up, Solid electronics, amp has two channels. nice add-ons (with instructional DVD), good […]

Digital Modeling Amp


Guide to Digital Modeling Amp Here is a simplified guide to buying a digital modeling amp for your Guitar. These are slowly but surely becoming popular as they are affordable and have several practical benefits. What is It? Modeling Amps are the more recent ones and are fast becoming popular because of their ability to […]

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Guitar stand

Here’s a complete review of the Ingles adjustable cello and bass stand, and see how it compares. PROS: Sturdy, Stable, Aesthetic CONS: Little bulkier (for travel) Not all the music stands are made to be used for holding sheet music, there are stands that are available so that you can comfortably rest the musical instrument […]

Wenger Music Stands

Guide to Wenger Music Stands: checkout their Musical Instrument Accessories. About the Brand Wenger is an American company that has been making music related accessories and audio equipment for several decades now. Their range of products varies from music stands to orchestra seating, conductor’s equipment, instrument storage, sheet music storage, choral risers and much more. […]

Best Concert Ukulele, Reviews

Concert Ukulele Reviews: Here’s a guide to the Concert Ukulele, one of the most popular type, and reviews of the best ones available for you. Concert Ukulele: Most Popular Type The concert Ukulele is known for its Hawaiian look and sound; almost every experienced player owns one of these. This one is also known as […]

Martin D-28 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


Martin D-28 dreadnought Acoustic Guitar: Classic guitar that you can enjoy for years, and then probably pass it on to some lucky kid. Look greats, sounds fabulous and is a pleasure to play. Solid Sitka spruce top, special East Indian rosewood (for back and sides), and genuine ebony fingerboard and bridge. Martin D-28 Acoustic Guitar: […]

Gibson Bass Guitars: Guide & Reviews

Review of Gibson Bass Guitars Way back in the 1950s, Gibson introduced their first bass pioneering the single-pickup bass design. The 60s saw an explosion of rock which saw the launch of newer Gibson bass models, turning thousands of enthusiastic players towards their new burgeoning line of products. Rock bassists were drawn towards the thunderous […]

Dean ML XM Electric Guitar

Here’s a complete review of the Dean ML XM Electric Guitar. PROS: Value Buy CONS: A bit buzzy If you want an affordable Dean guitar with that classic Dean ML style, and a classic Dean tone, you may consider this one. From the price, you can make out that its a beginners guitar and not […]

Snark Guitar, Bass, Ukulele Tuner Review

snark tuners

Snark Tuner Reviews: These are extremely popular gadgets and even schools are buying these in multiples for their students. Checkout the SN series of tuners & metronomes from this popular brand. Get your studio fully equipped with Snark Tuners & Metronomes. About Snark When you talk about tuning equipment, digital metronomes and tuners, one brand […]

Warehouse Guitar Speakers

Guide to Warehouse Guitar Speakers (WGS) and review of their line of products. WGS Overview For most musicians, buying the instrument is the first step, but then sooner or later they realize that accessories such as speakers and amps also are an important part of any music gear. So if you have been playing the […]

Cordoba Guitars: Buyers Guide

Cordoba produces some top quality nylon string classical guitars, are one of the most popular factory-made brands and going by the quality of their guitars, they surely deserve that kind of popularity. Cordoba guitars combine traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques to create beautiful acoustic instruments. Cordoba guitars are lightweight, very responsive, and apt for guitar […]

Guitar Repair School

Guitar Repair School: Learn the art of repairing guitars professionally. You can even choose to focus on smaller areas such as learn the basics of leveling and crowning frets. Why Repair School? A repair school gives you the flexibility to choose from a basic course to full-fledged repair courses. Most of their courses are designed […]

Boutique Guitar Amps

Guide to Boutique Guitar Amps: Perfect for you, inn case you don’t want the mass produced ones, and don’t have the time/inclination to build something from scratch suitable to your needs. What is a Boutique? A boutique is basically a small shop where you can buy unique stuff that is usually not mass produced. These […]

Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar: Best Sounding Entry Level Nylon String Guitar

cordoba c3m

Cordoba C3M classical guitar reviewed here. This is an affordable, full-sized & handcrafted nylon-string acoustic guitar that’s perfect for beginners as well as intermediate level players. Cordoba C3M is the entry-level model in the popular Iberia series from Cordoba. Though its affordable, its built with traditional Spanish fan bracing, a solid cedar top and mahogany […]

Guide to Dean Guitars

Guide to Dean Guitars: They have a wide range of products to choose from. There is a wide range of Dean guitars to choose from, with the electric & bass ones being more popular. With so many models available, it’s easy to find one that will match your requirements. They also have some of the […]

Epiphone Dot Studio Electric Guitar

Here’s a complete review of the Epiphone Dot Studio Electric Guitar. Suitable for the intermediate level player, the hollow-body of this guitar provides the resonance that will make your notes sing. The unique slim-taper neck makes it very comfortable to play fast runs. PROS: Value for money, looks stunning, fingers move smoothly up and down […]

Guitar Building Guide

All about Guitar Building: Why it makes sense to learn more about this art, and the various options available to learn. Why Guitar Building? If you have been playing the guitar for some time, or have been associated with music for some time, then you may have wondered at times if “It was possible to […]

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar (LL-TA, LS-TA): Get All the Effects Without An Amplifier

Yamaha logo

Yamaha TransAcoustic Guitar: An innovative design that lets you use a variety of effects without needing an external amplifier. Yamaha is always experimenting with newer technologies to come out with innovative musical instruments. The TransAcoustic Guitar is one such example. What’s Unique About the TransAcoustic Guitar? Yamaha’s TransAcoustic guitars are capable of playing notes with […]

Best Portable Guitar Amp, Reviews


A portable guitar amp is perfect for players who love to take their guitars on vacation, and for those who just want a small practice amp. These are versatile and lets you connect mics, instruments, and even audio players, so that you can jam along, with the built-in effects. Advantages So why should you use […]

Left Handed Classical Guitar

Left Handed Classical Guitar: Reviews of the best options that are available to the lefties. Though most people are right handed, most music manufacturers keep that in mind when making instruments. And that is why many find it difficult to get hold of good Left Handed Guitars. But the fact is that they do exist, […]

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