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Classical Guitar Tuning Machines

Guide to Classical Guitar Tuning Machines, the different types and review of the various brands. Need for Better Guitar Tuners Here are some of the reasons why guitar players choose to go for this: The standard tuning machines are not smooth to operate They don’t work as desired and aren’t precise They don’t complement the […]

Best Acoustic Guitar Reviews, Reviews

acoustic guitar reviews

Acoustic Guitar: Reviews of the Best Acoustic Guitars for Various Brands and Prices. Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started on the guitar. Most of them are bundled package so you don’t have to worry about getting any accessories, at least to begin with. Top Acoustic Guitar Reviews (Steel String Acoustics) […]

Acoustic Guitar: Various Body Shapes

Guitar body shapes & styles

Various Acoustic Guitar body shapes and how the shape impacts the sound that is produced from the guitar. For someone who doesn’t play the guitar, s/he may not have realized that acoustic guitars are available in different shapes and sizes. And guitars with different body shapes can produce different sonic qualities. Guitars made by the […]

Guitars for Sale

blowouts discount guitars

Guitars for Sale – Tips on How to Get the Most for Your Bucks Guitars for Sale: Guide to help you buy your first guitar or upgrade to a newer one. Here are some valuable tips on how to get the most bang for your bucks. Best deals on musical instruments, including guitars Various Guitars […]

Bass Guitar: Buying Guide & Reviews

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar Reviews: Checkout Reviews of the Best Bass Guitars for Various Brands and Prices. Here’s a simplified guide on how to buy the best bass guitars. Find reviews and the bass accessories that you need to sound like a pro. Best Bass Guitars Here are some good value-for-money options to help you get started […]

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Review

seagull s6 guitar

The Seagull S6 is a high-quality acoustic dreadnought guitar, and one of the best entry-level/intermediate-level acoustic guitars. It features a solid Cedar top and Wild Cherry back and sides. In fact, it compares well even with guitars that cost several times its price and doesn’t really have much downside to it, considering its price. There […]

Small Guitars: Benefits

kids acoustic guitar

Guide to Small Guitars: A guitar with a smaller size and smaller neck doesn’t necessarily have to be a toy guitar. You get excellent sounding small guitars that are preferred by players with smaller hands. Such guitars also serve well as a travel guitar. These are also perfect for grown-up kids, who are not yet […]

Soprano Ukulele: Guide & Reviews

Soprano Ukulele Reviews: Here’s a guide to the Soprano Ukulele, and reviews of the best ones available for you. Recommended Soprano Ukuleles Soprano Ukuleles for beginners and professionals are available from a range of brands, including Tanglewood, Gear4music and Stagg. Here are some of the bestselling Soprano Ukuleles available on the market: Lanikai LU21 Nato […]

Guitar Repair School

Guitar Repair School: Learn the art of repairing guitars professionally. You can even choose to focus on smaller areas such as learn the basics of leveling and crowning frets. Why Repair School? A repair school gives you the flexibility to choose from a basic course to full-fledged repair courses. Most of their courses are designed […]

Squier by Fender SA-100 Acoustic Guitar Bundle


The popular Squier SA-100 Acoustic pack comes with a new Dreadnought that includes a laminated spruce top, die-cast machine heads, real rosewood bridge and fretboard, and nickel-plated frets. With all this improvements, this guitar plays and sounds better than ever. It also has an electronic tuner built-in so that you can tune up and start […]

Gibson Les Paul P90 Pickup

Gibson Les Paul P90 Pickup: Beautiful sounding guitars suitable for rock/blues. What is P-90? The P-90 is a single coil electric guitar pickup, which was first produced by Gibson in the 1950s. Since then, it has still been in production, with several companies making replacement versions. Checkout this video to see how it sounds: Suitable […]

Guitar Tops / Tonewood: Various Kinds

girl playing guitar

Guide to the various kinds of Guitar tops and tonewood, and how they impact the overall sound of the guitar. Though most musical instruments are made of wood, they all are not necessarily made of the same stuff. I’m sure you realize that wood is getting expensive, and the ones that are used on the […]

Fender DG-8S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Package

fender logo

Here’s a complete review of the Fender DG-8S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Package… PROS: Excellent value for money CONS: You May have to change the strings One of the most popular acoustic guitar packages, this one is a great beginner acoustic guitar, for a reasonable price, and comes with gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, instructional DVD, […]

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand

Here’s a complete review of the Ingles adjustable cello and bass stand. Its adjustable, comes with a locking stand with a bow holder. Box stands are turn-offs (hide the cellos body); guitar stands are usually unstable and unsuited for something as large and as delicate as a cello or bass. This stand however makes perfect […]

Boss Guitar Pedals


Guide to Boss Guitar Pedals & effects, and the best options that are available for your guitar. The first set of Boss effects pedal came out way back in the nineteen seventies and became an instant hit at that time. The model was CE-1 Chorus and it was considered the greatest effect of its time. […]

BC Rich Guitars: Buying Guide


BC Rich Guitars: Speaks the language of metal… Looking for a new BC rich warlock or probably the beast? You’ve come to the right place. No guitar sounds or looks more like heavy metal than B.C. Rich. From the outrageous Beast guitar to the infamous Bich and Mockingbird to the legendary Warlock models, B.C. Rich […]

Gibson vs Fender Guitars


“Gibson vs Fender” Guitars is a hot topic on most Guitar forums, and most users do seem to have clear favorites when it comes to Strat vs Les Paul Someone who is totally new to guitars might think what is this fuss all about? After all, both manufacture good guitars, and then you add nice […]

How to Take Care of Your Guitar

How to take care of your Guitar: Important tips and suggestions that will ensure that your guitar stays good for years to come. Most guitar players are usually quite possessive about their instrument; and even a small scratch to it is enough for them to lose sleep. After all, it does become a part of […]

Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar Review

yamaha-c40 classical guitar

The Yamaha C40 is an affordable, classical guitar perfectly suited to beginners and young learners, and from a brand that is quite popular & trusted in this price range. Whether you’re stepping up from a 3/4-size guitar or looking for your first classical guitar, you’ll be happy to own the C40. The Yamaha C40 is […]

ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar


ESP LTD AX50 Electric Guitar reviewed here. The ESP LTD AX50 features a body that resembles a battle axe (a metal tone to match), has bolt-on maple neck and ESP humbuckers for powerful sound. PROS: Nice action, good looks, great price CONS: Too light, long neck Here’s a well-made electric guitar that combines advanced body […]

Best Classical Guitar Strings, Reviews

classical guitar strings

All About Classical Guitar Strings The fingerboard on Classical guitars makes it possible for intricate finger picking, by providing sufficient room. In general, the longer the string (that runs from saddle to nut), the better is the bass response and sustain. String Tension Here are some important points to remember when it comes to Classical […]

Yamaha Gigmaker EG Electric Guitar Pack

Yamaha gigmaker EG electric guitar package

The Yamaha GigMaker EG Electric Guitar Pack provides you with everything you need to start learning the electric guitar, available for entry-level prices. The package includes the dependable Yamaha Pacifica 012 electric guitar, and accessories like amplifier, guitar bag, guitar picks, auto tuner, guitar strings, guitar cable, manual. These starter packs are inexpensive and great […]

Guitar Pickups: How to Choose the Best

guitar pickups

Guitar Pickups buying guide. Every musician/guitar player want their riffs, solos and strums to sound as clean, crisp and powerful as possible. An excellent guitar pickup helps you achieve that goal. Whether you play acoustic, electric, 12-string or bass, a guitar pickup will make your instrument sing. You can choose from several different types of […]

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